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Festival Mini-Review + A Week Of Writing Ahead

Happy to be back in the office after a break for an excellent Sziget Festival this past weekend. As much as I love live music, being away from the Planet HQ does cause me a little in the way of separation anxiety these days... well, let me just say I'm happy to be back and have some big plans for this week. First up though, it looks like today will be the day to hit the 1000 member mark for the '$16 / Hour SNG Blueprint Course"...

Do Not Forget That Poker Is Supposed To Be Fun!

I'm winding down today for a long-weekend off, and in a mighty fine mood too. This post is about something which I see far too often, people who get into online poker because they love the game - and then take a wrong turn which results in poker becoming a 'grind' (in a negative sense) rather than a pleasure. Let me explain....

$16 Per Hour Blueprint – Course Member Questions – Part #1

When I launched the SNG Blueprint course I promised to address any questions here on my blog – since answering e-mails individually was not really practical. Here is a selection of the questions received so far. If anyone has any more then you are welcome to shoot me a mail and I’ll do my best to answer as many as possible.

SNG Planet New Version Ready

** Quick Edit - Issues with non-US version signup for the new course at the moment, bear with us! ** Our new look is here, warts n all. After a lot of hard work we are finally ready with the new-look SNG Planet. Here is quick run-down of the big changes... while we try and work out exactly why that mystery black square is sitting behind the header on the homepage!