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Best Vegas Vloggers Spring 2022

Every week there is a new Las Vegas Vlog appearing on YouTube.

These are made by regular Las Vegas fans, taking the time and considerable effort to create original content. For those of us that would like to be there more often, Vegas vlogs are a brilliant way of filling the gaps. Quality varies hugely, and with only so many hours in the day and all those vlogs to choose from, it is difficult to zoom in on the best ones.

I created this post to highlight three that have made my ‘must view’ list recently.

The excellent vlogs from Matt Bridger, Hog and 2 Cent, Furmage, Pompsey, Ben Heath, Coin Show, Travel Ruby, and other mainstays are already well known. This post is for those looking for even more Las Vegas video content – the improving channels and newer ones.

Quality, Likability and Content: Which Las Vegas Vlogs Have all Three?

This is not a scientific comparison of vloggers, it’s my humble opinion.

That said, I got to thinking about what makes one vlog great and another mediocre? Back in my corporate life, the interaction between time, quality and budget popped up in project after project. For Las Vegas vlogs there are also interacting factors. Here is what I propose:

  • Likeability: A charismatic, funny, or generally likeable host makes a huge difference. For couples, this includes their interactions / dynamics. Great editing or effects can’t make up for a vlogger that lacks charm.
  • Varied Content: Everyone has their own take here. Cocktails and food, gambling and shows, strip walks and excursions, shopping, pool time, room reviews and more. For me, many vlogs suffer by focusing on one or two things. Think hour-long slot sessions, or too much talking with a static scene. 
  • Editing Quality: A select few vlogs crush the others in terms of quality of the shooting, editing and effects. This makes a difference, though for me is the icing on the cake. With some likeability and great content, a vlog can be good – add in edit quality – and it becomes great.


#1 – Matrix2021 Las Vegas Vlog

No hesitation with my first pick, the chaotic travels of Kevin, Ste and (for the most recent trip) Jasper are laugh out loud funny.

Compared to the polished performances of established vloggers, this one is raw. Emotions are worn on their sleeves. Expect bickering, sulking and tired outbursts - mixed together with moments of pure laughter and joy.

‘Acted’ sequences are the highlights, with costumes and effects often included. These vlogs are long, though varied enough to keep your interest. Slot play does feature, though it does not dominate. In the latest series, the pride that Kevin took in his in-room kettle was worthy of an Oscar all on its own.

There are so many moments from the latest series that were spit your coffee laugh worthy. The late-night slot play with the Eurovision cap rant was wonderful (I won’t spoil it). Somehow, Kevin manages to be thoroughly disagreeable and thoroughly likeable all at once.

Here is the first of the latest series:


#2 – Em and Dean Vlog

It turned out that Planet Erika and I were in Mandalay Bay at Xmas 2021 at the same time as Em and Dean – for a couple of days at least. It is a huge shame we did not run into them (or even know they were there until we got back).

There are two things I love about these Las Vegas vlogs. First, with only a little gambling and not too much drinking, you get a different view of Vegas than on other vlogs. Plenty of highlights, food, shopping and sightseeing etc. Second, the quick-fire banter. Both are funny in different ways. I have zero idea how Em puts up with Dean (you’ll instantly see what I mean when you watch), and strongly suspect this works both ways…

As a side note – this couple recently hit Miami. Dean’s joke regarding his swimming shorts was so epic it deserves a comedy award. Again, you’ll have to watch to find out.

Here is the first video of their latest Las Vegas series:


#3 – Begas Vaby Vlog

Another couple that are not new to vlogging, though just get better with each series. The latest series was up there with the higher-traffic vlogs for me.

What I like about Lynsey and Michael’s vlog is that you can see how close they are, even through their sometimes mock-abrasive banter – it all comes across as warm and genuine. These vlogs are varied, a big plus compared to the slot-heavy competition (though do expect some extended slot sequences).

I love their recent description of the money envelope system for gambling. I’m predicting Warren Buffet will announce he uses the ‘try not to touchies’ and ‘do not touchies’ system in his next annual letter.

Things get better as the booze flows too. Que parrot hunting, Timmy the stinky monk and wordy-balls. Oh, and who knew there were that many blue coloured drinks available for free in casinos? Begas Vaby recently posted a London casino vlog, which was a lot of fun.

Here is the first vlog in the most recent Las Vegas series.



To wrap up… these people all spend a lot of time creating content. The very least you can do is like, subscribe, hit the bell icon, and leave a comment below…

With the summer season approaching, the World Series of Poker here soon and a bunch of new vlogs getting started, I look forward to updating this list in a few months time.

Me? My face is better suited to Microsoft Word ;)

GL at the Tables, Mark

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