Americas Cardroom Poker Bonus Code June 2024

Get the Best 200% Bonus at America’s Cardroom with Bonus Code: SNGPLANET

ACR Poker Bonus Code 2024America’s Cardroom has a long and star-studded history. They are the recreation of ‘Doyle’s Room’ a site promoted by poker legend Doyle Brunson.

These days America’s Cardroom (known as ACR Poker) are part of the Winning Poker Network. You will find the biggest tournaments of any US-friendly poker site – including the ‘Venom’ tournaments, which have a staggering $7 million guaranteed prize pool.

A big $2000 matched deposit bonus is available.

To claim this, use ACR Poker bonus code SNGPLANET when you register.

  • Deposit with fiat currency (cards, electronic wallets and so on) this is a 100% bonus
  • Deposit with any of 60 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more, you get a boosted 200% bonus.

Promotions change all the time, you can check out the latest (and claim that giant bonus!) over at now!

This page has you covered for more than just getting the best possible bonus. There is a lot more to come in terms of bonuses, promotions and rewards. First, here is a little more detail on how this generous welcome offer works.

Best Welcome Bonus at America’s Cardroom June 2024

Your bonus will be paid into your account in increments of $1. This is a big plus, it means that if you don’t have time to play the required amount to clear the whole thing, you at least get a big part of it.

Clearance is based on Action Points. These points are only for clearing deposit bonuses, though you will also collect Rankings points at the same time. The Ranking points are used to calculate your level in the ‘Elite Benefits’ program (see below). You need 27.5 APPs for every $1 of bonus. They are collected playing any real money poker games. Rake is counted for cash games, with tournament entry fees also contributing.

You have 60 days from making your deposit to clear as much of this bonus as possible. If you collected APPs before depositing (for example, via the ‘Freerolls on Demand’ promo), these will not count towards clearing your welcome bonus.

200% vs 100%: One of Many Reasons to Switch to Cryptocurrency Deposits

A boosted bonus is always a plus. If you are still hesitating to jump into crypto for your poker, casino and sports betting site transactions, here are a couple of significant things to keep in mind:

  • You only need to set up an account at a Crypto exchange once. It can then be used for deposits and withdrawals at all the leading sites.
  • You do not need to hold Crypto for long. If you are concerned at all by the volatility, you only need to keep this for minutes. ACR will exchange crypto to dollars immediately, which is what is held in your account.
  • You can keep your poker site profits completely separate from your regular bank account too.

June 2024: What is New at ACR Poker

Look out for the next ‘OSS Cubed’. This is 3 linked poker tournament events, with a massive $15 million in prizes between them. There is a mini, regular and ‘bigger’ event, covering all the buy-in levels. Qualifiers are running now for the bigger games. The single biggest tournament is a $7 million guaranteed ‘Venom’.

Check out the schedule at – you might find that a small satellite qualifier entry leads to a life-changing final table! Remember ACR Poker Bonus Code SNGPLANET for the best available welcome bonus offer.

There are also tables featuring bomb pots available. This entertaining idea comes from live poker games. Everyone puts in chips, then the hands and flop are dealt… action then commences!

Regular Promotions at ACR

There are 3 different promotions which make Americas Cardroom stand out from the crowd. Two of these involve progressive leaderboards. After that some of the more ‘standard’ promotions used by the offshore poker rooms are covered.

#1 – Sit N Crush: Aimed at Sit and Go Players, this is a weekly leaderboard contest with a difference. The prize pool is progressive. That means the more Sit N Goes are played, the bigger the overall pool gets. It is then distributed to 100 players, with bigger prizes at the top. There are two levels, covering smaller and bigger buy-in games. If you enjoy this format, Sit N Crush is an excellent way to get your bankroll regularly boosted.

#2 – The Beast: Cash game fans get a progressive leaderboard too. This works in a similar way to the SNG promo above. The more hands get played by opted in players, the bigger the prize pool gets. It then gets regularly distributed to the highest volume / value players (based on points). These prizes are on top of elite benefits / bonus clearing – the icing on the cake.

#3 – Freerolls on Demand: This is aimed at recreational players who would like to grow a real money poker bankroll from scratch. You will find one in the tournament lobby at all times. You join, and when there are 270 players in total, the tournament begins. Prize pools of $50 in total are on the smaller side, though you never know… you might turn it into a big win via the regular real money tournaments.

The ‘business as usual’ promotions I mentioned above include reload bonuses. They work in the same way your initial welcome bonus does, with APPs required to clear them into your real money account.

Elite Benefits: The America’s Cardroom Loyalty Program

ACR have a generous – though complicated – loyalty rewards program. This is loosely based on Military ranks, as you climb, the benefits get better and better. Some players prefer to opt for a flat 27% ‘rakeback’. You can do this at any point by sending an e-mail request to ACR support. These days, most players stick with the regular bonuses and rewards, which offer a better long-term benefit.

The basics of the Elite Benefits scheme is that you collect points from the real money poker games – which you can swap for bonuses.

There are ranks, plus point targets where you get ‘Medals of Achievement’. Medals come with increasing cash awards, starting at $10 and going up to $200.

Here are the ranks and benefits as of June 2024:

  • Lieutenant: Base level, access to medals rewards.
  • Captain: 750RPs / Month 1.5 combat points per ranking point, $50 bonus to buy for points
  • Major: Earn 2 points for each RP, $300 cash bonus to buy for points
  • Colonel: 2.5 CPs for every RP, $600 bonus available
  • General Level: 100k yearly points needed. 3.5 / 1 points multiplier, $1500 + $4000 cash bonus to buy, option to buy distinction medals.
  • 5-Star General: Top level, 5CP / 1 RP, VIP benefits and personal host

There are many other benefits as you climb the levels. You will get access to increasingly valuable reward freerolls. You can use your points for tournament entries too. At the very top, you can swap CPs for $10,000 in cash.

For me, the best way of thinking about this is ‘complicated but valuable’.

The fact that most pro players acknowledge that this scheme beats 27% rakeback should send you a strong message.

Head over to America's Cardroom Poker now and see for yourself what soft / easy to beat poker games look like in 2024. Remember bonus code SNGPLANET to get the best possible 200% welcome bonus.

Check out now!

Poker Games at ACR Poker: Key Variations

Instead of listing the buy-ins for the same old poker formats, I have covered the games differently here. You can scan to find out what is different / distinctive about the games… not what is the same as everywhere else.

If you want to full run-down of the different poker formats, ways to access and how the software looks and works, you will find it in my detailed America’s Cardroom Poker review.

  • Tournaments: ACR have made this their area for both USA and worldwide players. Off all the ‘offshore’ sites, they have the busiest regular schedule and biggest events. America’s Cardroom were the first of the offshore sites to beat the $1 million guaranteed mark. The biggest tournaments (called the ‘Venom’) are now $7 million gtd. Check out the regular ‘Online Super Series’ events, and the qualifier games to both live (the Cage) and online games too.
  • Cash Games: Nothing drastically different in the cash games, most are NL Hold’em, with a big list of lower and mid buy-in games thinning out as things get to the higher buy-ins. Bomb pots make an entertaining difference. There are also cap games, where you can only bet up to a certain limit. Short stacked games have plenty of action too. There are enough PLO games to choose from – though not much else.
  • Sit and Goes: The Sit N Crush leaderboard gives a boost to these, though not enough to make a meaningful difference. Above the $11 level, it gets hard to multi-table. If you are flexible on the formats (6-max, turbo and so on), you could get several games going. Then again, the beauty of this format is that they are easy to multi-table because you can stay tight early and still be profitable…
  • Jackpots: Every site has a lottery SNG format these days. ACR call theirs ‘Jackpots’. They are almost the same as everyone else’s games. You find out the prize pool (up to 10,000x your buy-in) after the game starts. A little slower action than some, though still short stacked / fast blinds.
  • Blitz Poker: This is the fast-fold variation at ACR. It needs more players before the pooled format really works, though is still entertaining. Expect the action at the lower buy-ins. You move to a new hand the moment you fold in Blitz. It does work on the ACR mobile web client, which is a big plus.


Check out the schedule for those super-soft ‘Online Super Series’ games over at now – remember referral code SNGPLANET for your huge 200% to $1000 welcome bonus.


Getting the Best Bonus at ACR Poker: Deposit Options

How to deposit to get the best bonus at ACR PokerIf deposit with cryptocurrency, you get the best of both worlds at ACR poker. First, you get a bigger and better bonus than everyone else – 200% to $1000 with bonus code SNGPLANET.

Second, you set up accounts with a crypto exchange which you can use over and over. Once you are in the system, deposits and withdrawals will no longer be under the control of your bank. You don’t need to be a crypto-freak to appreciate that this gives you a ton of freedom.

There are mainstream ways to deposit at ACR Poker. You can use cards, electronic wallets and person-to-person style transfers. If you are outside the USA / Canada, cards including Visa and MasterCard are super-easy. You make your deposit just like making any online purchase. Cards can work from North America. Keep in mind that the offshore poker sites are playing a cat-and-mouse game with the financial networks. They keep blocking, ACR keep switching payment processors to get the transactions though.

Withdrawals will not be possible for cards. If you deposited this way, then the default is a paper check. I have created a detailed guide to deposit and withdrawal methods at America’s Cardroom – and so will not repeat it here.

When it comes to Crypto, there is a ton of choice. If you are new to these coins, then sticking with one of the big ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin is your best bet. The steps are easy. You set up an account at an exchange, buy Bitcoin (or other currency), then use it to deposit. When you withdraw, you can swap your Bitcoin to dollars the moment you receive it if you like. This can shield you from any volatility. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from keeping / trading those coins too.

America’s Cardroom Bonus / Code / General FAQ

How Can I Get the Best Possible Welcome Bonus from America’s Cardroom?

There are two levels of bonus, 100% matched and 200% matched on your first deposit.

Which one you get depends on how you deposit. If you deposit with Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or any of the 60+ listed), you get a 200% bonus to $1000. Otherwise, you get a 100% bonus.

For both bonuses, you should use referral code SNGPLANET.

Is America’s Cardroom Safe?

I believe this site is extremely safe. Yes, they are based offshore. What you need know is their track record. This site goes back 20 years to 2001. They have navigated the ever-changing legal status of online gambling for two decades, while maintaining a great reputation for service, fast payouts and looking after their players professionally. There are many major ‘household’ name brands which have treated players a lot worse over the years.

ACR have their games regularly audited. This involves testing the RNG software which controls the deal.

Can I Access ACR Poker on a Smartphone / iPhone?

This is a ‘yes, but’ from me as things stand. There is a web browser mobile client, which will adjust to your device’s screen size. It only allows for limited gaming (Blitz, cash), and only one table at a time. For the best experience I recommend the full software download. It might not look like the slickest client ever – but it will get the job done smoothly and reliably.

When is the Next Online Super Series?

These events happen every 2-3 months. They get bigger and better each time they run, with more than $15 million in prizes being awarded in the latest edition. You should keep an eye on for this and the long list of other player promotions.

Can I Get ACR Poker Bonuses for Sports Betting and Casino Games?

Yes, cross over promotions and special offers are available to poker players. You will not be able to clear your poker bonus by playing casino games (or your casino bonus playing poker games). You will find separate tabs sports betting and casino gaming via the download client.

Wrapping Up: ACR Poker Bonus Code – June 2024 – Next Steps

America’s Cardroom Poker bonus code SNGPLANET will get you the best available bonus.

If you deposit with regular cards or wallets, it is a 100% matched bonus (min $25 / max $1000). If you deposit with cryptocurrency, it is a 200% bonus instead.

This is cleared in $1 increments, which means if you run out of time, you still get most of your bonus money.

With progressive leaderboards, reloads, tournament events, elite benefits (loyalty), freerolls on demand and many one-off player promos – you will be well looked after by ACR.

Check out the games now at and see for yourself just how far ahead of the other offshore poker rooms ACR has gone.

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