Casino Deposit Methods

The Best Way to Deposit at Online Casinos for US and Worldwide Players in 2024

Casino Deposit Methods 2024Depositing and withdrawing from online casinos is getting easier as we go into 2024 – even for players based in the US.

This page focused on how to get your money on and off casinos safely and efficiently.

There is a lot of info here. It covers the individual casino deposit methods, and the key casinos and the different deposit rules for each. The emphasis is very much on staying safe. At the same time, getting the most from casino bonuses and promos should not be forgotten.

Here is what you will find on this page:

  • First up, the table below gives you the best options for US and Worldwide players. In terms of withdrawal speed, reputation and the number of deposit options available.
  • After that you’ll find a section on the best US casino payment options. Bitcoin and credit cards take center stage.
  • Worldwide readers have a lot more options. The next section covers ‘Electronic Wallets’ and several other ways of keeping your bank and the casinos separate.
  • Casino withdrawal methods are covered next.
  • After that, the articles covering individual casinos are linked to.
  • Finally, some words of caution for readers who want to step outside of the big recognized brands… how to spot a dodgy casino!

US Casino Deposit Methods in 2024

Casinos are pushing Bitcoin hard these days. This is still not the number #1 way for US players to deposit at the offshore casinos – that is the humble credit card. Other options include prepaid Visa cards, and money transfers (wires).

Bitcoin becoming the main US casino deposit methodBitcoin: Using Bitcoin is a lot easier than it was a few years ago. With some small differences, the process is not far from setting up a PayPal account and funding that. Here is a quick overview of the steps.

  • You need a Bitcoin wallet. The simplest ones are online accounts at places like CoinBase or Unless you are a high-roller, there is no need to have a downloadable one. Setting up a wallet is a 5-minute task.
  • The next step is to get hold of some Bitcoin. Here you use an exchange, all the main wallet providers can do this. You send money from your bank, and receive Bitcoin. This is simple, fast and safe. The exchanges ensure you get your Bitcoin (and vice-versa).
  • You are now ready to deposit. This is the simplest part of all. This works using a system of ‘Receiver Ids’. You log on to your casino, tell them how much you want to deposit, and get a unique string of letters and numbers from them. You then go to your wallet, click ‘send Bitcoin’ and copy this string into the box.
  • Your coins will be switched to US dollars as soon as they hit the casino. This protects you from the volatility of Bitcoins. When you are ready to withdraw, they are exchanged back into Bitcoin at the current rate.

Almost all the mainstream casinos now welcome Bitcoin. Some of them, including the biggest US friendly casino – – are offering extra bonuses for players using BTC.

Bovada offer a quick to clear 100% bonus to all players, if you deposit with Bitcoin you’ll get an extra 25%, plus a bonus with each new deposit too.

Number #1 for easy Bitcoin deposits (including an explainer video!). You’ll find a mobile casino, slots from the best software houses like RealTime Gaming, BetSoft and Rival Gaming – plus table games, poker and sports betting all under one roof at Bovada. This casino has a 10+ year reputation of fast and free withdrawals too. Check out for yourself now.

Credit Card Deposits at Offshore US CasinosAlternative US Casino Deposit Options

Credit cards still work fine in many cases, despite the best efforts of the US banking system to block the transactions. An important thing to point out is that you will not lose money if your credit card gets declined. The transaction simply does not happen.

Visa is the single most commonly accepted brand, with MasterCard second. You will find other credit cards welcomed at online casinos. These include Amex and Discover brands. These are less common.

Your credit card needs to be capable of making payments outside of the US in order to work for casino deposits. Using them is the same as making any online purchase. Most online casinos do not have a fee for this (though do check the terms and conditions for smaller / less well-known casinos).

I have covered this topic in much more detail in this guide to US Casino MasterCard Deposits

Prepaid Credit Cards: If your card(s) do get declined by the banks, prepaid cards are a solid option. You pay a fee when you purchase (think $5 for a $100 card) on top of the denomination. After that, you can use them as a regular credit card to make your gambling deposits.

An important factor is that you need to check with your casino before buying a prepaid credit card. Some brands work well, others will not work at all. It is easy to check. First get an account (so they know you are a customer), then call up via the toll-free number and discuss the prepaid options.

Money Transfer: This is sometimes called ‘person to person transfer’. It involves a work around. There are global companies like Western Union and MoneyGram, who will (for a fee) send money around the world. These companies will not knowingly send cash to gambling sites from the US. This is due to the same restrictions that the banks are under.

To get around this, you wire money to an individual – who collects in on behalf of the casino.

This sounds kind of dodgy! What you’ll find is that (as long as you stick to reputable casinos), it is an established and tested deposit method. Money Transfers can also be used for larger withdrawals.

Bank Wires: These are difficult for the US casinos, though can sometimes be arranged. There are relatively high fixed fees for wires, making it a bad choice for small amounts. If you are a high-roller (depositing $5k or more at a time into an offshore casino), then you should speak to the support staff about this option.

Best Casino for US Deposits

Choosing a casino with all the deposit options available, plus fast and free withdrawals, makes life a lot simpler. If that casino also has more games, a better reputation and some amazing promos…. Well, it becomes an easy top pick. Check out the latest deals over at for yourself now!

Casino Deposits Main Bovada Rec

Worldwide Casino Deposit Options in 2024

This section builds on the list of payment methods above. All the options for US players can also be used around the world… plus a lot more! While there are no restrictions on credit / debit card deposits - many people choose alternatives. This is for security. People are nervous typing their card info into the cashier of a casino (however big the brand). If you prefer not to use your MasterCard, Visa or Electron, there are plenty of other options.

Canada needs a special mention. Many of the US depositing restrictions do affect Canadians. Gambling online is fully legal for Canadians, though the banks also work in the US – causing complications.

There are several additional work-arounds to the credit card / e-wallet restrictions. These include Interac, InstaDebit and PaySafeCard. I have covered these in a lot more detail in this separate page on Canada Poker Deposit Options 2024.

International Casino Deposit Methods in 2024

Worldwide Casino Deposits – Electronic Wallets

This category includes some big brands like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill.

The idea is simple. They are online ‘virtual account’, you keep money in them, and can spend it online (or via a linked Debit card). The reason eWallets are popular is that they provide a secure gap between your bank account and the casinos. While most people around the world can use bank cards directly, adding an eWallet gives more security and more control. There is a downside, you’ll need to pay a small fee for each transaction.

Electronic Wallet Casino Payments - PayPalHere are the main electronic wallet brands:

PayPal: This is the best know product in the category by a long way. PayPal are very restrictive when it comes to which casinos they allow. Only the mega-brands, the types which are listed on the stock exchange, are able to use it. This means if you see PayPal listed, you know that that casino is very reputable! Examples include 888 Casino. You can find out more about making casino deposits with PayPal in this article.

Skrill / Neteller: I’m covering these brands together, as they are now owned by the same company and operate in very similar ways. The difference from PayPal is that you pay a small fee when you send money, and not when you receive it. You upload money from your bank account into Skrill or Neteller, then deposit direct from there. You will never need to give your account information to the casino. As part of the deposit you will log on separately in a secure window to your eWallet account. This linked article has more on Skrill Casino Deposits.

EcoPayz / EntroPay: There are several hybrid products out there. These are eWallets crossed with virtual visa cards. You upload funds to an account in the same way you would for PayPal. Instead of incorporating a check out process, you will make your deposit using a virtual credit card.

Vouchers / Prepaid Options: UKash and PaySafeCard are the main players in the prepaid space. There are others which focus on specific countries or geos.

Country Specific Services: Examples here include Webmoney, which is an electronic wallet that includes the ability to pay bills at stores via terminals. This is popular in Russia and Eastern Europe. Moneta and Yandex Money are also used in this area. The list of local options includes Poli, PostePay and many more.

New Generation Casino Payments: Wait, there are more! New innovations have not stopped... options like Trustly, Apple Pay and other cryptocurrencies (in particular Litecoin) are becoming common payment options - you can bet there will be online casinos welcoming them somewhere!

Withdrawing from Online Casinos

Again, this section is split for US players and those worldwide.

It is important to choose casinos with player-friendly withdrawal policies before you make your initial deposit. These include how withdrawing affects your bonus offers, fees / charges, withdrawal method specific fees and minimum / maximum withdrawal amounts.

It is normal that withdrawing forfeits any current bonus offers. Check the bonus terms before you withdraw to make sure of the rules for your site. You can also speak with the cashier support staff if you are unsure of what bonuses are completed and which are ongoing.

Fees vary widely between casinos. Internationally, there are rarely any charges. The US friendly offshore casinos will have charges. The best casinos (Bovada, for example) allow one free withdrawal per month via a check. If you require additional withdrawals, you’ll need to pay an admin fee.

Where you withdraw via money transfer, the cost to the casino will usually be passed on to you.

If you are a smaller bankroll player, then checking the minimum cash out amount is a smart move. Some casinos (again, mostly the offshore operators) will have a $50 or even $100 minimum. This can mean smaller bankrolls get stuck at the casino. The minimum cash out amount can vary by the method used. For example, wires might have very high minimums, checks mid-range and a low or no minimum withdrawal amount for Bitcoin.

Maximums can be set monthly. If you play games with jackpot potential, it is important to check on these. It would not be much fun to win a million, only to find out you can only get $2k a month!

Know Your Customer Rules

If you have not been asked for backup docs by your casino before this point, withdrawing money will usually trigger this. You’ll be asked for proof of Id and address, and sometimes a picture of your bank card too.

This is frustrating (especially if you need to arrange paper documents to be sent, delaying your withdrawal). I look at it as a net positive. Without these checks, casinos would be rife with money launderers and scammers. It would not be possible for legitimate casinos to run the games.

A good solution is to plan for this in advance, scanning or snapping with your phone those key documents before they are requested. If you want the quickest possible casino withdrawals, then this type of planning is a must!

Withdrawals from Casinos for US PlayersUS Casino Withdrawal Options

For many years, the only viable withdrawal method for US players was a paper check. These are delivered via courier to your home. Banks do accept them, though it can take a while for the money to clear into your current account. Many casinos provide one paper check each month for free, with charges for any extras.

Bitcoin is becoming popular for withdrawals as well as deposits. There are no fees involved, and this gets the money to you very quickly. You will need to go via an exchange if you want to get dollars, though this is also fast nowadays.

Money transfers (person to person, via Western Union) are possible. You’ll need to cover the fees that the casino incurs here. For large amounts, you might also be able to arrange a wire direct to a US bank. This does depend on the casino, and on your value to them!

Bovada has always been super-reliable when it comes to cash outs – they do Bitcoin or Paper Checks… check out their latest player offers now at

Casino Withdrawal Methods for Worldwide Players

Without the US banking restrictions in place, a lot more casino withdrawal options open up. One thing to note is that credit card withdrawals are not the norm. In the case of MasterCard, this is not possible. With other credit cards, it is very rare.

If you did deposit with a credit (or debit) card, then the usual solution is a local bank transfer (wire). This will be in your bank within 3 days of processing.

Electronic Wallets solve any security concerns of handing credit card or bank account information to the casinos. These are also quick and easy solutions for withdrawing. One thing to keep in mind here is that you can keep a small ‘float’ in your wallet account. This can be moved quickly between casinos to take advantage of any free spins or special offers – before being safely returned once the offer is completed.

Checks, Bitcoin and money transfers are all available at global casinos. You will also find a lot of local solutions, even some where you can collect the cash in person from a retailer or post office. Examples include WebMoney or Italy’s Postepay.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at Specific Casinos

I have created guides to the best way to get your money onto and off from the best known online casinos. This covers both the US offshore brands, and the globally recognized ones. You can find these below, with the most popular casinos at the top of the list.

US Individual Casino Payment Articles:

International Individual Casino Payment Articles

Staying Safe While Making Casino DepositsDepositing at Less Well-Known Casinos – What to Check for?

New and unknown casino brands are springing up all the time. Most are legitimate, though some are decidedly not so. This section is for readers who want to step outside the established brands and casinos run by companies with solid reputations. It is a check list for making sure that your money will be safe at the new or unknown casino.

There are three things I look for right away. If any of these are missing, I need a very good reason to continue!

  • Operating License: For the US offshore casinos, licensing jurisdictions include Caribbean nations like Curacao, Antigua or Panama. You will also find casinos licensed by the Canada-based Kahnawake tribal lands. No license is a huge red flag. If you find a casino without one, I strongly recommend that you play elsewhere.
  • Tested Games and Trusted Software: Legitimate casinos have their game fairness / deal / spins checked by trusted independent operators. These include Technical Systems Testing (TST) and eCogra. Look for a certification link in the footer of your casino’s homepage. I also like to see software from known creators, not some simple flash games!
  • Reputation: This is more a perception than a concrete thing. Casinos with a track record of 5+ years, prompt withdrawals and great service are ideal. If you Google for feedback from players, you’ll always find some people who are bad at math, swearing their money disappeared in an unlikely run. Instead focus on the pay outs, especially casinos who deny withdrawals consistently for no good reason.

If your casino passes these steps, then check the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts. You should also double-check how withdrawing will affect any ongoing casino bonuses, and whether there are fees associated with specific withdrawal methods.

Casino Deposit Methods 2024 – Wrap Up

A long page which has covered all the different aspects of getting your money safely into and off of online casinos. I’ll wrap up with a repeat of the table from the top of this page. This has my personal picks for US and Worldwide players – based on easy deposits, solid bonus deals and the ability to get your money out fast and trouble-free.

Good luck at the tables!