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PayPal Casino Deposits 2016PayPal is an American company operating an online payments system worldwide. Perhaps best known for their links with eBay, PayPal perform payment processing for online vendors and other commercial users. The company was established in 1998 and moves in excess of $200 billion dollars on an annual basis, making them one of the world’s largest internet payment companies.

Making a payment using PayPal is very straightforward and as such has become a popular deposit method for casino users. A large number of casino sites accept PayPal as a deposit option and this number is growing year on year as new casinos continue to emerge worldwide. Due to legal legislation however, PayPal is not offered as a deposit option to casino users from either the USA or Canada - see the main casino deposit methods page for some great options in those countries. 

In this article I start by looking at the actual PayPal deposit process, detailing each step. I then move on to look at the advantages of using this deposit method. I finish by recommending a particular casino where you’ll be able to make a PayPal deposit.

depositing with PayPal at online casinos in 2016The PayPal Deposit Process

A great number of people will already have a PayPal account set up, especially if like me, you’re a regular user of eBay. However, should you not have an account, visit the PayPal website and register an account. This is a quick and easy process and during the sign up you’ll also link a bank account or payment card to your account. With your account set up, you’ll be ready to make that casino deposit.

If you are not sure if a site actually offers PayPal as a deposit option, you’ll find that many sites will list all deposit options across the bottom of their home page, or failing that on the financial/deposit/payment pages.

To make the deposit, go to the payment page of your chosen online casino (if you are not registered at the site, you’ll have to complete the registration process first) and click on the PayPal link. You’ll now fill out a form where you’ll have to supply both the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account and the amount you’d like to deposit. You will now be taken away from the casino site and onto the PayPal site itself, where you’ll confirm the transaction. Having confirmed the payment, you’ll be directed back to the casino where you’ll find the funds in your account.

When depositing with PayPal, the funds will be either be taken from any existing funds on your PayPal account first, then directly from your linked bank account.

The Advantages of Using PayPal as a deposit option

One of the key advantages to a PayPal deposit is the speed of the transaction. You can complete the whole deposit process in a matter of seconds, so there’ll be no waiting around at all for the site to process your payment or for funds to clear.

Another advantage is safety when it comes to your finances. PayPal acts just like a middleman between your bank account and the casino site, meaning that you’re not supplying a number of online sites with your banking details, which is never a bad thing.

Another advantage is when it comes to levels of customer service. With PayPal being one of the largest payment companies on the planet, you know that any problems you may encounter will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Many casino users will use their PayPal account as their ‘gambling bankroll’. The ease of deposits and withdrawals using PayPal makes it particularly easy to move money from casino to casino. With all the bonuses, promotions and offers when making deposits to online casinos, this can certainly give your bankroll a boost.

PayPal Deposits at Unibet

A recommended site which accepts PayPal as a deposit option is the Unibet casino. When signing up, you can enjoy a 100% deposit bonus on any amount up to £200, while other promotions come your way thick and fast, including free spins, random cash drops and additional bonus offers. At Unibet you’ll enjoy one of the best ranges of games you’ll find at any online casino, with top quality, feature rich slots, amazing Jackpot amounts to be won and a range of excellent classic casino games. Check out now!

PayPal deposits at Unibet Casino

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