Unibet Poker Review 2024


  • Long running brand who recently moved from MPN
  • Poker pros actively discouraged (no HUD tools)
  • Amazing 3D graphics & unique avatars

Bonus Info

  • €10 No-Deposit Bonus
  • 100% Match if you do decide to make a deposit
  • Plenty of promotions and give-aways
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  • Unibet Poker review 2017
  • Unibet Poker bonus

Detailed Review of the Stand-Alone Unibet Poker

Planet Mark’s Summary: What if I told you I’d found a poker site which focuses solely on recreational players? A site where heads up displays are banned and tables which are almost filled by regular people having fun? You’ll find all of this at Unibet poker. The site promises a poker experience which is both fun and will see a solid poker player watch that all-important bankroll grow and grow.

Bonuses and promotions are generous, while these fast playing games can be played on all popular devices – check out Bansai poker for one of the speediest games online, and the unique graphics and interface which is way ahead of anything else out there.

See www.unibet.com for more.


Unibet Poker Review 2024 – In Detail


Below is my detailed 2024 review for Unibet poker. Unibet began way back in 1998 as a telephone betting sportsbook before diversifying to include poker, casino gaming and bingo. However, the poker at Unibet was always part of a wider network (MPN) until they launched their own standalone poker site a couple of years ago. The review starts with a look at the different games offered at Unibet, before moving onto the software and playability, finishing with a look at those all-important bonuses and promotions. You’ll find a summary and my ‘Planet Mark’s’ verdict at the end.

Unibet are considered specialists at various forms of gambling, with perhaps more focus on the sportsbook and the casino. This is good news for poker players, as you’ll find many recreational players coming across and having a game of poker after a win on the slots or if their favorite team has won them a tidy sum. Unibet poker is designed for fun, with a number of pleasing table themes and avatars available, while you won’t have to worry about grinders using heads up displays as they are banned. No, it’s not the biggest site out there today, but if you want a game with a weak player base, it just might be ideal.

Unibet Poker Review 2024

Unibet Poker Review 2024 - Spotlight on Cash Games

It’s the cash games where the money can really be made at Unibet Poker. Head to a specialized poker site and you might find that a large proportion of players are serious grinders, usually making use of software to ensure a profit. Unibet is very different. A much larger proportion of the player base is recreational, meaning that even a somewhat solid game can ensure a profit, as the chips will be splashing around much more. At Unibet you can opt to have five different identities, each with its own alias, meaning if there are any grinders, they’ll have a much harder time finding a read!

The cash tables available are no limit hold’em, Omaha and Banzai. The no limit hold’em options start as low as €0.02/€0.04, rising all the way through to €2/€4. You won’t find table selection at Unibet, as you’ll simply be added to a player pool when joining and added to a random table. Pot limit Omaha is available at exactly the same stakes as the hold’em, although as is the case at any poker site, you’ll find much less traffic at these tables. The final option, Banzai, is a fast play game where you’ll start with only 10 big blinds, promising fast action packed poker. These are available at stakes of €0.05/€0.10, €0.25/€0.50 and €1/€2.

Unibet Poker Review 2024 - Spotlight on Poker Tournaments

Unibet Open

The number of tournament players at Unibet is relatively low in comparison to other poker sites, but this can certainly have its advantages, as you’ll not be spending hours to make a final table as you might at some other sites. The formats are a mix of normal, deep and turbo games, the turbo no-limit tournaments being the most popular of all at Unibet.

In general, the buy-ins are mostly designed for recreational players, with many tournaments with a buy-in of just €1 or €2, while you’ll also find many freerolls frequenting the tournament schedule. The largest buy-in of the week is for the Sunday Final at €250, while a €4,000 guaranteed event also takes place on a Sunday with a €90 buy-in. Unibet also host their own UK poker tour and satellites to these events run around the clock too.

Unibet Poker Review 2024 - Spotlight on Sit N Goes

I have created a separate review which focuses on SNGs as part of my series looking at all the major poker sites. Unibet offers a smaller selection of games than rival sites perhaps, these once again aimed at the recreational player, where both 5 max and heads up are the order of the day.

Unibet Poker Review 2024 - Software and Playability

Unibet certainly like to keep their poker straightforward. Within just a couple of clicks you’ll be at your table of choice as you’ll have no worries when it comes to table selection – this all done for you after you hit the ‘join’ button. The games themselves play fast and are big on design. There are a number of brilliant looking themes available, so if you want to play poker on a table hockey table, on a railway or on a magic carpet you can, while those who like to keep it simple have that option too. You’ll also choose from any number of fun avatars when at the table, so if you want to be a cowboy, a werewolf or even a court jester, the choice is yours. This all adds further to the recreational nature of the site, which will only be beneficial for those with some poker talent.

Unibet Poker Review 2024 - Bonuses and Promotions

Unibet Poker have a nice range of promotions that will be attractive to both new users and existing players.

When first joining the site you can enjoy an instant £10 bonus without even making a deposit, while a €200 progressive bonus will be yours too when making that first deposit. You’ll also enjoy entry to four €500 free rolls as well as a free €4 ticket to a UK Poker Tour qualifier.

Existing players will find a nice variety of offers too. The high hand bonus is perhaps one of the most interesting you’ll find online, where the biggest hand on the site every 20 minutes will grab 100 big blinds. You’ll have missions to complete, where you can earn tickets to tournaments and satellites, while losing players over a week can gain entry to additional free rolls to win the money back! Finish in the money in a Sit N Go and you’ll find yourself with a ticket to one of two ‘Sit N Go Flips’ with prize pools of €400 and €600.

Unibet Poker Review 2024 - Summary and My Verdict

When you join Unibet poker you are guaranteed a very different, almost unique poker experience. With heads up displays banned and random table assignment, this isn’t a site that will appeal to those grinders, making it easier for those with some poker know how to make a solid profit. The games are fun too, which will certainly help to attract those all-important recreational players. The traffic at the site is relatively low, but you’ll have no trouble finding a table at those lower stakes and with those soft players, there is no doubt that we’d recommend Unibet Poker as a fine option.

Unibet has put the fun back into poker – check out the unique look and feel over at www.unibet.com now!

Unibet Poker Review 2024

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