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Where to Win the Biggest Online Slot Jackpots

Becoming an instant millionaire is a dream for many people and alongside the lottery, playing slots is another way of achieving that dream. Like the lottery, the chances of you actually achieving that seven figure win are pretty slim, but one of the cool aspects of slot play is that the gameplay is much more entertaining than seeing a series of numbered balls rise up a tube!

Online, you’ll find a large number of Jackpot slots that eclipse the magical million dollars and you’ll find that they can be won in a variety of ways. In this article we take a look at three of the largest Jackpots you’ll find online, detailing exactly how the Jackpot amount is accumulated, which slots offer these huge amounts and how you’ll go about actually landing the life changing amount! The article ends with a brief summary of some of the other huge Jackpots you can also find online. While online jackpots are huge, they have not yet managed to beat those in Las Vegas - see this article for a run-down of the 9 biggest prizes (almost $40 million for the biggest!). 

Biggest and best online slot jackpots

Mega Moolah Mega Jackpot by MicroGaming

Biggest jackpots mega moolahYou might think the word ‘Mega’ is slightly overused in the title of this Jackpot, but this is due to the fact that that there are actually four Mega Moolah Jackpots, the ‘Mega’ one being the largest of these four. This Jackpot is seeded at £1 million and has an average win amount just short of £2.5 million. The biggest win ever achieved for this Jackpot is £5.88 million, although this is sure to go much, much higher as at time of writing the Jackpot amount sits at almost £12.5 million.

This Jackpot is a pooled one and can be won at a number of online slots, including Mega Moolah, Mega Moolah Summertime, Mega Moolah Isis, Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive and the Dark Knight (can you spot the odd one out?). To actually win this Jackpot, you’ll need to gain entry to the Jackpot round, where you’ll be met by a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ style game. On the wheel you’ll find one white segment and if the wheel stops here, you can open up the bubbly and ring your boss with the news that they won’t be seeing you again!

You will find this game at MicroGaming casinos including the popular casino.

Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot by Netent

Once again we find some flagrant overuse of the word Mega, but when the slot developers are offering such amazing sums, they can be forgiven! This Jackpot starts with a seed amount of ‘just’ €250,000 but you won’t be too concerned that you might not quite make the magic million when we tell you that this Jackpot has the world record payout of €17.8 million back in January 2013. The average size of the Jackpot win is just over €4 million and at time of writing this Jackpot was approaching the average amount.

This Jackpot can be won when playing the Mega Fortune slot, where you’ll also find two other lesser Jackpot amounts. To win the Jackpot amount you’ll need to land three or more bonus symbols on one of the 25 pay lines and once again you’ll head to a wheel of fortune style game, although here you’ll find 3 concentric reels. You’ll start on the outside reel and try and hit the arrows to move to the next wheel – fail and you’ll win a cash amount, but make it all the way to the third wheel and you’ll be dreaming of hitting the arrow that points to the Mega Jackpot!

You'll find Mega Fortune at the Unibet Casino

Mega Fortune at Unibet Casino

Hall of Gods Mega Jackpot by Netent

Hall of Gods Mega Jackpot by NetentFinally a Jackpot where the word ‘Mega’ is used just once! Of the three Jackpots listed, this one offers the highest average payout at just over €5.5 million, with a seed amount of half a million Euros. The biggest ever win playing Hall of Gods sits at €7.8 million and at time of writing the progressive amount was just shy of €5 million.

To win the Mega Jackpot you’ll need to play the maximum 20 win lines and hit the three bonus scatter symbols anywhere across the reels. You’ll then be taken to a screen showing 15 different shields. Thor’s hammer will shatter each shield in turn to reveal either a win amount or one of the three Jackpots (there are Midi and Mini Jackpots alongside the Mega). When the same win amount or Jackpot is revealed three times, that win amount is yours!

Other Jackpot Amounts

The Arabian Knights jackpot is another one offered by Netent, but there is a key difference here, as the amount will vary from casino to casino, so if you do decide to play it, you should certainly shop around to see where the Jackpot is currently the highest. The biggest win of this Jackpot was for in excess of €8.5 million, while the average win amount is just over €4 million. To win this Jackpot you’ll need to play the maximum amount of win lines and see 5 wild symbols appear on one of these lines.

Beach Life by PlayTech offers an average win amount of just over £2 million, with a biggest win amount of £5.2 million. To win this Jackpot you’ll need to land five wild symbols in a row on the 20th win line, these five on any other win line giving you a win of 100,000 coins.

The Big One is a Jackpot offered by Party Casino when playing either Snow Business or Melon Madness.This Jackpot has a starting seed amount of $1.5 million with the average win in excess of $3 million. The biggest win at this slot is just over $7.5 million.

Millionaires Club I, II and III all offer the chance of winning the premier Jackpot from Cryptologic.This Jackpot starts at £175,000 and has an average win amount of £1.5 million. The biggest win so far is just short of €6 million. This Jackpot can also be won on other games, depending on which casino is hosting.

Biggest Jackpots Online  - Party Casino

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