Biggest Slot Jackpots Online

Where to Win the Biggest Online Slot Jackpots – and How the Big Progressive Jackpot Pools Work

Biggest Slot Jackpots OnlineSlot makers and casinos are competing fiercely to offer you the biggest slot jackpots online.

I remember when Mega Moolah and Mega Riches were the main large progressive jackpots. These days, they are joined by WowPot jackpots, Dream Drop progressives and many more. The biggest online slot jackpots work by linking casino brands together – often with multiple slot titles in the same pool. This means that spins at multiple casinos contribute to the progressive prize pool.

Jackpots add excitement to your gambling sessions. This must be balanced with the higher house edge of slots with progressives for regular play. That money paid out as jackpots is accumulated on every spin.

This page covers the biggest jackpots for online slots in depth.

My focus here is on regulated markets in the UK, CA and elsewhere. For US readers, there is a separate guide to the big jackpots at offshore RTG casinos here. 

For the biggest choice of slots (and jackpots) of any online casino, Unibet is the place to head. They have 3,050 titles (and counting) and include Dream Drop, WowPot and Mega Moolah progressives in their selection. See for the newest games now!



The Contenders: Biggest Online Progressive Jackpot Systems

Here are the biggest progressive pools for online slots - I have covered each in turn below:

  • Dream Drop Jackpots: Seeded at €500,000, this progressive was created by Relax Gaming. Popular game titles include Temple Tumble 2, Banana Town and 5k Gold Mine.
  • WowPot Jackpots: MicroGaming created this jackpot pool, which drops at random. The biggest prize is seeded at €2,000,000. Popular game titles include Book of Atem, Sisters of Oz, and WowPot Immortal Romance.
  • Mega Moolah: One of the original jackpots from MicroGaming. Seeded at €2 million, this pool now covers Mega Moolah variations and classics including Immortal Romance.
  • Mega Riches: Another original, this time from the studios of NetEnt. In addition to the original Mega Riches, there is a 'Dream’' variation to enjoy.
  • Age of the Gods: PlayTech have multiple jackpot pools, with their myths-based Age of the Gods combining excellent gameplay with the progressive pools. I cover all the PlayTech jackpots below.
  • MegaPays from BGT: From the studio behind MegaWays, these jackpots cover famous games including Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Dream Drops Giant Online Slot Jackpot Pools

Dream Drop Jackpots: The Newest Linked Progressive Prize Pool

It feels like I have been enjoying Dream Drop Jackpot slots for ages – though this progressive setup only got started in 2022.

There are now 20 (and counting) titles which share the pool. This slot jackpot was created by Relax Gaming. Their game titles are used, alongside others from Fantasma Games and 4thePlayers.

The Mega jackpot is seeded at €500,000 – and climbs and climbs from there. Each time it is won, it resets back to half a million Euros. You’ll see the latest level at Unibet Casino, hit the Slots view – then choose ‘Jackpots.’

There are four smaller progressive jackpots covering Dream Drop slots. They are the major (seeded at €25k), maxi, midi and the rapid.

5k Gold Mine Dream Drop Jackpot SlotEach slot triggers the bonus differently. Most use a random bonus game, though some need special symbols to line up. My picks of the Dream Drop Jackpot games are:

  • Temple Tumble 2: This will remind you of Indiana Jones and has elements of gems style mobile gaming. It uses a big reel set with cascading wins. The jackpot game involves picking tiles, it is triggered at random.
  • Banana Town: If you follow NFT’s, then the pixelated apes used in this game will be instantly familiar. Cascading wins and the ability to buy a bonus make this slot entertaining – even before the Dream Drop jackpot is added.
  • 5k Gold Mine: There is a board game bonus around the reels of this gold-rush era online slot. When you hit special symbols, a minecart moves over the different jackpots. You are hoping you get the payout when your cart is on the Mega square.

Check the latest Dream Drop Jackpots level – and enjoy the Relax Gaming slots now – at

Wowpot Jackpot Slots MicroGaming

WowPot Jackpot Slots from MicroGaming: The Biggest Prize Pool of All?

WowPot slots from MicroGaming get up to some crazy high levels.

At the time of writing the largest prize won was €17 million (in April of 2021) on the Book of Atem title. MicroGaming regularly license slots from independent studios, which adds to the variety of games sharing the WowPot prize pool.

This jackpot is reseeded at €2,000,000 whenever it is won. In addition to the big prize (which is simply called ‘WowPot!,’ there is a major (starts at €50k), a minor and a mini.

You can win this jackpot at any bet amount on a participating slot. The statistical probability of triggering the jackpot is proportional to the size of your bet.

Here are my three top picks to enjoy the WowPot slots (they are all available at Unibet Casino).

  • Sisters of Oz: This striking design has oversized symbols and a Wizard of Oz theme. You’ll see the WowPot wheel and latest prizes alongside the reels. Trigger free spins, and you get a jumbo block on every spin.
  • Book of Atem: Slots with ‘Book of X’ titles are popular live, and this Egyptian game from All41 keeps the gameplay of the original. Free spins see one symbol chosen from a book, which then pays as a scatter.
  • Immortal Romance WowPot: This classic slot has a vampire theme (think Twilight) and a system where you get better bonus games the more you play. MicroGaming added WowPot jackpots for some extra excitement.

Check out the latest level of the WowPots – and enjoy these exciting games now – over at


Mega Moolah Jackpot by MicroGaming: Current Record Holder

Mega Moolah Slots RangeI remember the excitement when Mega Moolah was new.

The original game features cartoon African animals, and the progressives are won via a randomly triggered bonus wheel that shows paw prints.

These days, the Mega Moolah jackpot covers 20+ games, covering both classics and innovative titles. The biggest progressive (the mega) is seeded at €2,000,000 when it is won. Multiple €10 million+ prizes have been won over the years.

The original is still worth a spin – even though the graphics look dated, it is a solid and entertaining game. Here are my three picks:

  • Mega Moolah (original): The grinning lion, zebra and elephant are icons of slot history these days. You get free spins with 3x win multipliers, and a shot at triggering the Mega Moolah jackpot wheel on any spin.
  • Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad: Another Alice in Wonderland theme, and cascading wins which come with a multiplier (up to 5x or 15x in the free spins bonus). Graphics and animations for this game are excellent.
  • Juicy Joker Mega Moolah: Fruit symbols dominate the reels of this game, which gives you a shot at the big progressive for as little as 10p per spin. The jackpots are displayed in a bright panel to the left of the reels.

Check out the latest prize level of the Mega Moolah jackpot now – over at the one and only


Mega Fortune Jackpot Slots: The Biggest Prize Pool at NetEnt

Mega Fortune Jackpot ScreenshotAnother classic jackpot slot – this time from the studios of NetEnt.

Mega Fortune was once the only serious rival to Mega Moolah – though the landscape of the biggest progressive slot jackpots has changed massively since those days.

Unlike the other progressive pools, which have expanded to cover multiple games. Mega Riches has stuck with the original games. The first one was themed on the super-rich, with smooth lounge music and enjoyable base game action. NetEnt then introduced Mega Fortune; Dreams with an updated design (though with identical game play).

There have been some giant prizes over the years – with €17,8 million won back in ’13. To win you need to navigate nested wheels through the bonus game. Arrows point inwards (though most segments get you a lower prize or smaller jackpot).

Mega Fortune is worth a spin to experience a little part of slot history.

That said, NetEnt have been creating amazing games for years that are way better than this old classic. A notable (smaller) jackpot slot which is one of their most popular games is Divine Fortune.

See the latest level of the Mega Fortune jackpot and take the original for a spin now – over at Unibet!


Age of the Gods and Other PlayTech Jackpot Slots

Age of the Gods Jackpots from PlayTechThere are bigger progressive jackpots in the PlayTech range than the Age of the Gods series – but for me, the Age of the Gods slots are simply better.

Based on ancient gods, each Age of the Gods jackpot slot is unique. What they share is a jackpot prize pool. While not the biggest (compared to those listed above), this is large – regularly over €250,000 and seeded at €100,000 when it is won.

As well as the biggest ‘Ultimate Power’ prize, there three smaller progressive prizes to be won. A picks game is triggered, showing gold coins. Keep picking until you match three to see which jackpot you win.

Medusa and Monsters is a great starting point, along with God of Storms or the original Age of the Gods.

Here are some other notable PlayTech jackpots:

  • Beach Life: This is among the biggest progressive prize pools, though the slot is ugly, dated and a little weird. When the prize gets over €2 million, I’ll give it another try.
  • Frankie Dettori Slots: These include ‘Magic 7’ which is themed on the day he won all the horse races on a card. Big jackpots and unique themes keep these PlayTech slots popular.
  • Gladiator: This atmospheric slot has a big jackpot to go with the movie tie-in theme. Multiplier free spins also feature with extra wilds and scatters.

Check out the prize levels of the latest PlayTech Jackpot slots now – over at the one and only

MegaPays Jackpots: From MegaWays Creator BGT

MegaPays Jackpot SlotsBig jackpots make for exciting slot play – and so do the MegaWays format slots.

BGT has combined these with their own shared jackpot pool, called MegaPays. It is seeded at €500,000 – big enough to add some interest to your spins. MegaWays sees random numbers of symbols per reel, combined with an all-ways winning system. These games can be high variance, though the huge popularity of the format shows that it works.

Slot studios are now lining up to give their titles the MegaWays treatment. This includes live slot classics like 88 Fortunes – as well as the biggest and best online slots.

Here are my picks for games that combine MegaWays and MegaPays jackpots:

  • Who Wants To be a Millionaire: Licensed from the TV show, this up-tempo game has multiple bonus rounds and the MegaPays progressive. Don’t worry, you won’t have to answer any multiple-choice quiz questions.
  • Bonanza: Themed on a mine, where colourful gems appear in random numbers (both on regular reels and on top via a minecart). Dynamite wilds add excitement to the base game – and help create cascading reels.

Check the excellent combination of MegaWays and MegaPays for yourself now – at


Playing the Biggest Progressive Slot Jackpots Online: Pros and Cons

I love jackpot slots, though let’s be serious about the downsides for a moment.

With big prize pools, there is a temptation to chase… which you must never do. Any gambling should be with money you can afford to lose, taking wins as a bonus. You also need to keep in mind that the returns from jackpot slots when you don’t win progressives are smaller than for non-jackpot games.

This is simple maths. The prize pools accumulate by taking a few pence / cents per spin. That money is not paid out in regular gameplay. Even if the RTP% is similar to other slots, the variance will be naturally much higher. Unless you do win the big one, you won’t come close to the long-term average returns.

On the positives side, those jackpots add excitement. Simply knowing that you have a shot (however mathematically miniscule) is fun. Again, it can only be fun when gambling money you can afford to lose.


Biggest Online Slot Jackpots FAQs

Big Jackpots Online FAQ#1 – What is the Best Strategy for Playing a Jackpot Slot?

No strategy or trick will improve your chances of winning an online slot jackpot. Games are controlled by RNG (random number generator) software, and every spin is a statistically independent event. Some jackpot slots have a minimum bet level for winning the big jackpot, while others do not. Make sure you check the rules, and only ever bet money you can afford to lose while gambling in any form.

#2 – What is the Biggest Slot Jackpot Ever Won?

At the time of writing the biggest progressive jackpot won online is EUR 19.4 million. This prize was won on Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad (the Alice in Wonderland themed game) by a player in Belgium.

#3 – Are Online Jackpot Wins Subject to Tax?

This depends on where you live. In the UK, gambling wins are not taxed – as long as gambling is not your main source of income. Canada has a similar rule.

#4 – How Can I Be Sure My Online Slot Jackpot Win Will Be Paid?

I only play slots with large progressive jackpots at big, well-known casino brands. If you choose a new or unknown casino, there will always be a nagging doubt when it comes to making a withdrawal. By sticking to the big international brands, you won’t need these doubts. If you can find a brand listed on the London (or other) stock exchange – then you have an extra layer of protection. I personally pick Unibet Casino for this reason.

#5 – Can I Win a Mega Jackpot at Any Bet Level?

This depends on which game you choose. Most jackpot slots will randomly trigger jackpot games at any bet level. Your chances of winning are proportional to the amount you spin for. Some games, notably the RTG jackpots at offshore casinos and some of the PlayTech games – require a minimum bet of several dollars to be in with a chance of winning the largest jackpot.

#6 – What is the Smallest Bet Amount that is Eligible for Progressive Jackpot Prizes Online?

The smallest bets which have a shot at winning a big jackpot are found on Mega Moolah slots. For example, you can bet 10c a spin on Juicy Joker Mega Moolah. For other jackpots, 25c to 50c per spin are frequent.

Wrapping Up – The Best Online Casino for the Biggest Online Slot Jackpots:

Best Casino for Big Slot Jackpots is UnibetNo doubt for me, Unibet is the place to head.

With 3,050 games (and counting) you’ll find all the biggest online slot jackpots from all the major studios in one place. It is impossible to get bored at Unibet, with new games, exclusives and even table games with jackpot side bets.

Bonuses vary depending on your country, and the promos are both generous and regular.

Check out the latest jackpot levels for yourself now, at


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