Dream Drop Jackpots – The Ultimate Guide

How Dream Drop Jackpots Work, How to Win Them and Which are the Best Dream Drop Jackpot Slots to Play

Mark's Ultimate Guide to Dream Drop JackpotsIt only took me three spins to trigger my first Dream Drop Jackpot picks-game.

The reels disappeared, and I picked cards to reveal one of five progressive prizes. While I wish I could bring you news of a big win, it was only a small one first time round. That said, this started me on a journey though the different Dream Drop Jackpot slot games which is still going to this day!

This page covers Dream Drop Jackpots in depth.

Here is what you'll find:

  • How Dream Drop Jackpots Work and How to Win One.
  • Which Online Slots have These Progressives.
  • Comparing Dream Drop Jackpots with Other Options.

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How do Dream Drop Jackpots Work?

This new jackpot system was introduced in March 2022. Just over a year later, it is one of the most popular progressives.

Instead of being linked to a single game, Dream Drops cover multiple titles (19 at the time of writing). You can win them at any stake, on any of the linked games. This system is created by Relax Gaming. The slots include Relax Gaming titles, and others from 4thePlayers and Fantasma Games. As you’ll see below, this studio are creating innovative and entertaining slots which have features and bonus rounds in addition to the jackpot games.

There are five levels of Dream Drop Jackpot:

  • Mega: Start Value €500,000
  • Major: Start Value €25,000
  • Maxi: Start Value €100
  • Midi: Start Value €5
  • Rapid: Start Value €1

The biggest is seeded at €500,000. This means that whenever it is won, the next prizes starts at half a million euros. It keeps climbing until €1,000,000 where the first ‘must win by’ level is reached. As you will see from the slot listings at Unibet Casino – it regularly goes higher than that.

Major jackpot prizes are seeded at €25,000 and must be won by €50,000. With smaller seeds for the more frequent smaller prizes.

Dream Drop Jackpots Strategy

Picking Cards, Spinning Wheels or Collection Games:

Instead of a single jackpot game, Relax Gaming adapts the jackpot mechanism to the game-play of each linked slot. This can include wheel spins, picks bonuses (where you select cards until you match three), or more novel ideas which depend on the theme of the slot. 

This screenshot shows what you will see when the jackpot game is triggered. You spin as usual, with special effects kicking in when you do trigger the picks game. Your spin still takes place. While this jackpot game can be triggered at any bet level, your chance of getting is are proportional to your stake. That means players with bigger bets will trigger (on average) more of these picks games.

example of Dream Drops picks game

There are 20 cards to choose from. Each time you pick one, it reveals one of the five jackpot prizes. You keep picking until you match three – and that is the prize that you win.

While not a new system, it certainly gets the anticipation levels going – especially if you pick two of a larger prize. Of course, most times you win a smaller one! When this picks game appears, you are guaranteed to win one of the jackpot prizes.

Some games (for example 5k Gold Mine) use game-play elements from the slot to award the jackpot instead of the picks game. In this case, you need a mine cart outside of the reels to be on one of the jackpots when the ‘collect’ option is hit.

Which Slots Have Dream Drop Jackpots? (and which are the best games!)

Below is a list of my picks for Dream Drop Jackpot slots. I have described these ones in depth, with a shorter description of the others. Remember that new games are being added all the time, and that the individual slots are stand-alone with quirky themes and game-play options.

#1 – Temple Tumble 2 – Dream Drop Jackpots

Temple Tumble Dream Drop PicksThis is an Indiana-Jones / gems game hybrid that is easily good enough to enjoy with or without the Dream Drop Jackpot.

It has a cascading reels system and oversized 6x6 reels. Winning combinations explode, with new symbols dropping in from above. You will see runs of wins this way. Wilds help, as do special tiles which appear in the free spins bonus.

Dream Drops can be triggered on any spin. You’ll see the familiar tiles with the ‘D’ logo on it, and keep on picking until you win one of the five progressives.

Temple Tumble 2 is a brilliant introduction to the quality games Relax Gaming are creating. There is also a (non-DD jackpot) MegaWays variation to enjoy.

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#2 – Hypernova Infinity Reels – Dream Drop Slot

Hold and Spin bonuses are everywhere, but nobody has come close to Relax Gaming in taking this feature to an extreme.

The ‘infinity’ bit of this Dream Drop Jackpot-enabled slot involves extra reels appearing each time you win. As the name suggests, if you keep adding wins, reels keep being added. In theory, this could go on infinitely – though in practice a 888x your bet win or 1024x would keep most players super-happy.

Symbols are standard playing cards and gems. Pay outs for smaller reel sets are tiny, with the big wins coming when you get a huge set of reels.

Add the randomly triggered Dream Drop jackpots picks game – and you’ll see why Hypernova Infinity Reels is so hugely popular.

#3 – Banana Town Slots – Dream Drop Jackpots

Banana Town Dream Drop ProgressiveGraphics for this entertaining Relax Gaming slot are deliberately pixelated.

It references recent NFT trends – with the Bored Apes Yacht Club seemingly the main thing. There is plenty of entertaining game play. Like the Temple Tumble slots, Banana Town uses cascading wins. The different monkey designs explode when they form winning combinations from the left. Only to be replaced by more monkeys or boldly coloured bananas. You can get sequences of wins this way.

For anyone that does not want to wait for a bonus, you can use the ‘instant bonus’ option. You set a bet level, and the price for buying a bonus will pop up.

Banana Town is unique enough to stand out (even among the fresh catalogue of Relax Gaming). For me this is more of an occasional change of pace – not a go-to.

Adding the Dream Drop mechanism is an excellent idea, it adds that extra anticipation to an already entertaining game.


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#4 – Volatile Egypt Slot – Dream Drops

This game is from Fantasma Games (in conjunction with Relax Gaming, who added the Dream Drop Jackpots mechanism to it). It is much closer to a classic slot setup than the ones I have covered above, with a 5x3 reel set.

There are some cool features to go with the excellent Ancient Egypt themed graphics. First are multiplier wilds. They appear in the middle three reels and will give any wins they help create a significant boost. Second, you choose your volatility in the free spins bonus – this unlocks multipliers of up to 336x (if you choose 6 spins, the highest volatility option).

Add the random Dream Drops – and this one is worth a spin. I look forward to seeing more from Fantasma Games, based on Volatile Egypt, this studio has a ton of potential.

#5 – 5k Gold Mine Slots – Dream Drop

5k Gold Mine DreamDropI love the combination of a regular slot and board game for 5k Gold Mine.

This game comes from developer 4thePlayers, and has been given the Dream Drop treatment by Relax Gaming. The reels are 5x4, with a gold mining / gold rush era theme. Special cart symbols are oversized and play a critical role in this game.

Each time you land one the cart moves, stopping on cash prize, move, collect or Dream Drop Jackpot. You move around a board which surrounds the reels. Free spins and cash prizes are available. In the base game you need a cart symbol to show ‘collect’ to win the prize. In the free spins, you collect whatever you land on. Dream Drops work using a special board (spin until you hit collect), instead of the usual card picks game.

This unique slot is entertaining and feels fresh compared to the other Dream Drop slots.

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Full List: Other Dream Drop Slots:

Here is a list of the other titles worth exploring that are linked to this progressive system:

  • Fly Cat$ 2
  • Dream Drop Diamonds
  • Bellionaires
  • Templar Tumble 2
  • Money Mansion 2
  • Hellcatraz Dream Drop
  • Pine of Plinko
  • Grim the Splitter
  • TNT Tumble
  • Wild Chapo
  • Volatile Vikings
  • Reel Star
  • Tsai Shen 10k Ways
  • Santa’s Stack
  • Duelling Jokers
  • Neko Night
  • Snake Arena


What Other Types of Casino Jackpots Compare to Dream Drops?

Dream Drop Jackpots are one of many progressive systems that cover multiple different slot titles.

The first were the Mega Moolah Progressives (MicroGaming) and the Mega Riches Progressives (NetEnt). Those are still popular, though these days there is more competition. Here are my picks for progressive jackpot systems, along with some of the slots which are linked to them:

  • WowPot Jackpots: The biggest progressives from MicroGaming. This one covers Sherlock and Moriarty, Cash N Riches MegaWays, Sisters of Oz and more. The biggest prize is reseeded at €2 million when won.
  • Mega Moolah Jackpots: The OG progressive from MicroGaming. There are now multiple Mega Moolah themed games. Absolootly Mad is an entertaining one based on Alice in Wonderland and Fontunium Gold has a steampunk theme. The biggest prize is reseeded at €2,000,000.
  • MegaPays: This progressive covers slots from Big Time Gaming. They include Danger High Voltage MegaPays and Bonanza MegaPays. With BTG behind this jackpot, there are plenty of MegaWays slots included. Age of the Gods: The ancient gods themed slots from PlayTech share a progressive jackpot system which can be won on any of their linked titles. The original Age of the Gods slot is a great starting point. I also enjoy God of Storms 2 and King of Olympus.

Some notable additions would be the Diamond Link jackpots, the stand-alone for Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven and the Gladiator Jackpot.

Alternatives to Dream Drops

The perfect place to enjoy them all is at Unibet. See the ‘Jackpots’ section, where they have split the games with matched prizes for you.

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Dream Drop Jackpots = Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Win Dream Drop Jackpots Betting Small?

Yes, Dream Drop progressive jackpots are triggered at any bet level. You can win any of the five prizes regardless of your stakes. Remember to bet within your bankroll, and never raise your bets simply to chase a jackpot.

What is the Biggest Prize Awarded by Dream Drop Jackpots?

In March of 2023, Relax Gaming reported their 7th 7-figure winner from Dream Drop Jackpots. This was €2,408,389 from a €1,27c bet on Temple Tumble 2. The win happened at Unibet Casino.

What Level Does the Mega Dream Drop Jackpot Start at After it is Won?

After winning the Mega Jackpot is re-seeded at €500,000. This means you can enjoy the linked progressive at any time – no need to wait until the prize has grown.

Do Dream Drop Jackpots Cover Multiple Casinos?

You will find the same Dream Drop prizes at multiple online casinos. These linked progressives grow by taking part of each bet to add to the prize pool. As they are linked between multiple slot titles and multiple casinos, there are many more people playing. This means the jackpots grow, creating a positive feedback loop as the big prizes attract new players. Other linked progressives that work the same way include WowPot slots and Mega Moolah slots.

What is the Best Strategy to Win Dream Drop Jackpots?

Dream Drop jackpots are not linked to any betting strategy or gambling system. Instead, they are randomly triggered, based on a RNG (random number generator software). Remember, you should never bet more than you can afford to lose, or chase any jackpot by spinning on slots when you would not otherwise have done this. The only strategy for winning Dream Drops is to chose a game which has this progressive jackpot feature, and hope to get lucky!


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