Age of the Gods Slots Special

All the Age of the Gods Slots, Jackpots and My Picks!

Age of the Gods slots are some of the best titles in the PlayTech range. They have a huge linked progressive jackpot – this is shared between all the slots, plus branded table game.

What I like best about these games is that the jackpot pool is shared between both the slots and different casino brands. That means the 4 prizes go up fast, producing a regular stream of 6-figure ($100,000+) winners.

This page gives you a complete overview of the Age of the Gods slots range, including my picks – plus the best places to play them (for rewards / bonuses and trust). Here is what you will find below:

  • How the Age of the Gods Linked Jackpot Works (and how to win it)
  • Summaries of the 7 Different Age of the Gods Slots
  • Planet Mark’s Pick: My Personal Favourite (plus a backup!)
  • Age of the Gods Table Games: Win the Big Prize with Cards or Roulette
  • Best Place to Play: Two Trusted Brands Offering the Full Range of Games
  • Other PlayTech Slots: There are Plenty More Games to Check Out!

PlayTech Age of the Gods Slots Special

Age of the Gods Linked Jackpots: How They Work

A big appeal of this slots range is the linked jackpots. These replaced the Superhero movie jackpots when a certain big movie producer ended their PlayTech deal. These are known as the ‘Power’ jackpots. They are named ‘Poker’, ‘Super Power’ XXX Power and ‘Ultimate Power’

The biggest one (Ultimate Power) is seeded at $100,000 – and goes up to $500,000 or so before it is won.

What I like about these jackpots is that you can win them while playing at any bet level. They are random, and you’ll have a bigger chance of triggering the random picks game the more you bet. Who does not like the idea of scooping a few hundred thousand from a 40c per spin stake?!

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The Power Jackpots Picks Game

Jackpot Picks GameAt any point while you spin, the reels can disappear. These will be replaced by the screen you see below. This is a grid of gold coins, with the jackpot prizes listed on one side. The idea of this game is simple. You pick coins until you match three – and that is the jackpot you win. There are more coins with the smaller prizes behind than the big one – though you have a genuine shot at the mega prize.

Since this jackpot is shared between all casinos which offer PlayTech slots, it moves up quickly. The same jackpot is shared between all the Age of the Gods slots, and the table games too. If it is won on Medusa and Monsters (for example) it resets on God of Storms and all the other games too.

Summaries of the 8 Different Age of the Gods Slots

There are currently 8 slots in the Age of the Gods range. With more undoubtedly in the pipeline, this section is expected to grow. I’ll add them in as soon as they are released – so remember to bookmark this page and pop back for updates!

What the games have in common (other than Greek God themes) is bonus games with wilds added to the free spins in different ways. As you will see below, some are more complex and others the regular base game + bonus round setup. Remember, you can win the big Ultimate Power Jackpot on any of these games.

#1 - The Original Age of the Gods Slot

PlayTech started this range of slots strongly. The original Age of the Gods has 4 different bonus rounds – each featuring an individual god. What I like about this bonus is that it can easily repeat. When your free spins conclude, you go to a picks game – where you either return to the reels, or start spinning again for even more prize.

This bonus game variation keeps this slot fresh while you wait for the jackpots game to kick in. Here are the different bonus rounds:

  • Athena Spins: 9 Free spins with Athena sending glowing orbs over the reels, giving you win multipliers of up to 5x.
  • Hercules Spins: This time you get a wild reel (reel 3) throughout your 9 free games, this combines well with the regular wilds for some mega-wins at times.
  • Zeus Spins: Only one wild symbol (a cloud in the middle of reel 3), in addition Zeus appears and raises your win multiplier every 3 spins.
  • Poseidon Spins: The famous trident of the god of the sea shoots up to 5 wilds onto the reels at random on each of 9 free spins.

With a solid base game including a 10,000-coin top line-prize, this is a great place to start your Age of the Gods spinning.

Age of the Gods Special: Original Game Reels

#2 – Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters Slot

Three mythical sisters who literally control your fate are the theme of this lively slot. Their names might not be as familiar as the gods featured in the original – though the different free spins for each are certainly enjoyable. In addition to having a choice of the three bonus games, you’ll sometimes trigger a ‘gift from the sisters’ on-reel bonus. This involves locking reels (the sisters) and those symbols paying as scatters with 2 or more triggering a prize. This ‘gift’ can be very generous at times.

When you get the free spins, you have a choice of sister – here are the options:

  • Atropos’s Spins: You get 15 free spins with a random win multiplier applied to many of them. If you get Atropos covering reel 3, you win 3 extra spins.
  • Lachesis’s Spins: Only 10 free spins this time, though the sticky wilds make a big difference. These last for 3 spins each. Again, you can win 3 extra spins with stacked Lachesis symbols on reel 3.
  • Clotho’s Spins: The lowest number of spins, though the best in terms of wilds. These are added to the reels randomly with each spin. Again, this is extendable.

I like the depth of Fate Sisters, though the graphics are not as sharp as some of the other titles. The base game is solid enough, and things do spring to life with animations and sound effects when you trigger the bonus games.

Fate Sisters Reels - Age of the Gods Special

#3 – Age of the Gods: Furious 4 Slots

This title is a little more polished (in terms of graphics) than some of the others in the range. It follows a broadly similar concept to the original – with 4 gods each having their own version of the bonus games. I should note that not all the games follow this format (the first 3 here do!). You do have some potential in the base game. Furious 4 give you a chance at a 10,000-coin top line prize, plus that random chance of winning the big one with the Power Jackpots.

Here are the different free spins which kick-off with 3 of the golden throne symbols. You start with a single free spins feature, and when you get a stacked god on the middle reel, you get extra spins with enhanced features. Each one is linked to an ‘age’:

  • Age of Light: 4 Extra spins added, the golden god with a bow becomes an expanding wild which fills any reel where it hits.
  • Age of Curiosity: Whenever Pandora hits the reels, you get an increasing multiplier added to your wins (again, 4 extra spins).
  • Age of Fire: Reel 1 gets locked, showing the fire god. Every other god on the reels will turn into this fire god too.
  • Age of Endurance: Atlas runs this game, where any of his symbol turn into locking wilds. You only get 3 spins this time – though the locked wilds can be very profitable.

Unusually, this game only has 20 win-lines. Often that means an older slot, though Furious 4 is very much up to date in terms of the vivid graphics an animation.

Furious 4 Reels - Age of the Gods PlayTech Special

#4 – Age of the Gods: God of Storms

You’ll immediately notice that the reels are smaller than on the other games. This is to make room for the God of Storms in the unique feature. There are no free spins this time, instead you get respins. Adding to the mix are two types of stacked wilds, which will cover entire reels at times. These can lead to some mega-wins over all 25 win-lines. I found this game an enjoyable change from the multiple bonus-round ones above.

The action kicks off when you get a stacked wild showing ships covering any one of the reels. You get (free) respins here. You will see the head of a god appear on the left. He will blow the reels with a nice effect – moving the wild ship wilds one reel to the left each time. At the same time, your win multiplier goes up.

If you are lucky enough to get another stacked ship wild (preferably on the right) before the initial one moves off-screen, the respins keep going – and your win multiplier keeps growing.

I like the original concept in this game. This will suit you if you prefer solid slots to fancy ones as there are no additional features (other than the random Jackpots).

God of Storms PlayTech

#5 – Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom

Owls are the key symbol for this game. They trigger a free spins bonus where you get a choice of how volatile you like things to be. There are some nice animations on this game – with a basic 20-line setup as the base. Look out for those owls. When you trigger the bonus, they fly towards you, unfurling a scroll at the end. This Goddess of Wisdom might be wise, though her golden suit of armour shows that she is more than prepared to back up that wisdom with force!

Here are the options for the free spins bonus:

  • Golden Medusa Mask: 10 free games featuring expanding wilds, which cover whichever reels they land on.
  • Golden Helmet: This time you only get 7 free spins, each one comes with a 4x win multiplier.
  • Golden Armour: 14 free spins this time (the least volatile option), you get a 2x multiplier on any win you hit.

Add in big line and scatter prizes, those random jackpots and solid game-play – and this slot could be a wise choice!

Goddess of Wisdom PlayTech


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#6 – Age of the Gods: King of Olympus Slots

This title features Zeus, the main god in Greek myth. Compared to some of the other titles, this is a simple game – though it has plenty of big win potential. The design is excellent, right up to date with the best PlayTech titles.

The stand out feature is a bonus game with 10 free spins. You do get a sticky wild (in the middle of the 3rd reel) to increase your winning chances. Every 2nd spin sees a lightning bolt, which increases the win multiplier. For your final two spins, this is 5x on anything you hit. That bumps the top prize up to a cool 15,000 coins.

Of course, the Power Jackpots and great-looking base game add two more reasons to play King of Olympus. With only a single bonus game, players in search of depth might move on fairly quickly – though I found this title enjoyable.

King of Olympus PlayTech Slot

#7 – Age of the Gods: Medusa and Monsters

A completely different reel setup this time, and fresh game-play too. Instead of the usual playing card base symbols, this game features stacked gems. There are 164 win-lines, which go in strips across the reels (no zig-zag type line hits, the symbols need to line-up). You get an expanding wild showing Medusa, which covers any reel she lands on during the base game.

When the free spins start, you get to pick an unfortunate symbol. This is unfortunate because whichever one you pick gets turned to stone!

That symbol sticks on the reels during the bonus – you can accumulate quite a lot of them sometimes. You also see a Medusa wild reel, which moves to the left after each spin. It is the combination of sticky symbols and wilds which can create some big wins.

I recommend Medusa and Monsters as a refreshing change from the regular Age of the Gods titles. Once you get used to the new win-line system, it is very enjoyable.

Medusa and Monsters PlayTech Slots

#8 – Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus

Hercules is featured this time. Instead of a single bonus game with different variations, here you get 3 separate bonus features. Prince of Olympus is another of the better-looking Age of the Gods titles – with sharp graphics and some excellent animations.

Here are the 3 bonus games:

  • Free Spins: This is a 10 free spins bonus, with wins tripled for every spin. You can trigger the other 2 bonus features from these, as well as directly in the base-game.
  • Herculean Strength Respins: Hit Hercules in the middle of reel 3, and that reel goes wild. You get 2 respins to grab some big wins. If you get 3 god symbols on the middle 3 reels, you get a much better version. Here all 3 middle reels go wild, again for two respins.
  • Hydra Battle Bonus: An entertaining picks game, where you shoot or slice the heads of a hydra. If you are lucky, Hercules goes into a rage, and you kill all the heads at once!

This is an entertaining game, and of all of the Age of the Gods titles, the one I enjoyed the most. after the blockbuster original.

Prince of Olympus Reels


Planet Mark's PlayTech Rec: The best PlayTech titles, from a solid licensed brand. Unibet are my go-to for all the biggest slot brands. Enjoy MegaWays, MicroGaming jackpot titles, NetEnt, BetSoft and more all in one giant casino.

Unibet look after their regulars brilliantly, with jackpot cash-back deals, weekly live casino cash and £10k lucky spin tournaments. You get £40 in bonuses to start you off, for a tiny £10 deposit. See now for the latest specials!

Age of the Gods Table Games: Roulette

There are two roulette games where you can win the same jackpots that you access via slots. These work with a special bonus bet. This takes up the segment on the wheel where the double zero would have been. If the ball lands here, you play a mini 3-reel slot, which pops up over the wheel. This can give you a cash prize, or it can trigger access to the same jackpot picks game randomly triggered on the slots.

For the live dealer version, this is played out on a TV screen in the live-dealer studio instead. Not only does this offer table game players a shot at the big prize – it keeps the prize pools ticking up faster too.

I have kept this section short, as the focus here is on the slots!

What Other PlayTech Slots are Worth Checking Out?

PlayTech are well known for their huge list of slots. While the Age of the Gods titles and progressive jackpot prizes are a big draw – these are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to enjoyable games.

With (literally) too many good games to mention, I have covered the categories instead – this will give you a flavour of what to expect!

  • Game Shows: Lots of TV tie-ins like X-Factor, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Britain’s Got Talent. I recommend an entertaining title called ‘Time for a Deal’, the nonsense talking host is very funny – and that game has some great bonus rounds too.
  • Movie Themes: PlayTech produce the excellent ‘Matrix’ slot, you can also play the Aliens titles and Monte Python slots (which happen to have huge progressive jackpots of their own).
  • Fairy Tales: These provide rich pickings for slot designers. My pick is ‘The Glass Slipper’, which is an animated Cinderella themed game. You can also play Jekyll and Hyde and the feature-rich ‘Winnings of Oz’

You’ll also find Norse myths, Ancient Egypt, pirates, wildlife and more featured.

If you have not yet discovered the depth of enjoyable slots in the PlayTech range, well, what are you waiting for!

Wrap Up: Age of the Gods Slot Special

I’ll wrap this page up with a reminder than new titles are coming out frequently – so don’t forget to bookmark this page. I recommend the original Age of the Gods as your best starting point. Once you have played them all I’m sure you’ll find a favourite among them.

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