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A Full-Intensity Game Show Themed Slot with Comical Host!

There are a lot of game show themed slots. Some are based on real games like Wheel of Fortune or Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Others – like Time for a Deal – are made up. Despite all the big name and big budget slots out there, Time for a Deal from Ash Gaming is currently a clear number #1 pick for Time for a Deal Slot review - Ash Gamingme in this niche.

The reason might surprise you. It is because of the host.

This host is an avatar of a middle-aged guy in a suit. Nothing unusual there in a game show setting. What makes this host different is that he speaks absolute nonsense throughout the game. Total gibberish! In case you really want to know, there are speech bubbles. Those are not important, as is usually doing simple things like congratulating you on a win.

While the host makes this slot a must-see, there are also some enjoyable elements to the game play. You can also hit a progressive jackpot. I’ll start with the two interactive bonus games.

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Time for a Deal Slot ‘Big Deal’ Bonus

Your nonsense talking host will be joined for the Big Deal Bonus by a hostess with impossible length legs. You will see 3 doors, which look a little like giant fridges. Behind each is a coin, one coin is gold and the other two are silver. In comes the host, gibbers a little, and the doors close. The coins are then mixed up, as in the infamous shell game. You choose a door, and hope to get the gold coin.

Before your door opens, you have a decision to make.

The host now opens one door, revealing a silver coin. You are offered the chance to switch, or to stay with your selection. If things were truly random, the maths would say always switch. If you have ever watched the Blackjack 21 movie, which covered the MIT blackjack team, then you’ll recognise this as the ‘goat / car’ problem. I am not sure whether this slot follows that logic, or whether it is simply random. Since there is a chance the math is correct, I always switch!

Which coin you end up with is an important factor in the next part of the game – a slot within a slot. This is operated by the hostess, and shows either 3 reels (silver coin) or 5 reels (gold). On this slot are stars and numbers with X’s next to them. These add up as each reel stops, giving you a total as a big multiple of your starting bet. If you line up 5 symbols across the middle with stars on them, then the progressive jackpot prize will be heading your way.

At the end of the game, your win is displayed, and the host walks back to the other side of the TV studio to resume his spot next to the regular reels.

Time for a Deal - Online Slot Bonuses

Time for a Deal: Free Spins Bonus Game

Symbols showing the host trigger the 2nd bonus game. This is a free spins round, which is preceeded by a 3 round picks game. What you are picking for is the number of spins you get, the win-multiplier attached to them, and a symbol that will act as an additional wild.

You will make these picks on the reels, which change into 3 rows of symbols (red arrows, yellow crosses and green stars). Under the TV spotlights, you pick one of each row.

After the free spins, your host, Roger, will offer to make a deal.

Here you can choose to keep the amount you won, or gamble. That gamble is to run the same number of free spins, same multiplier and same extra wild again. You only get one shot at this, so choose wisely!

Regular Game-Play

While the bonuses are intensive, there are some plusses to the regular game-play too.

Wild symbols appear, showing the slot logo. These replace any regular symbol (though not the free spins or bonus symbols). These wilds also have the single biggest prize. This is 2,000 coins for 5 of a kind.

The higher paying regular symbols are prizes you might win in a TV gameshow. They are also in approximate order of value. The smallest prize comes via a humble toaster. Next is a camera, then a holiday (represented by a beach scene with a palm tree), then a diamond ring and finally a red open-topped car. Smaller wins use the regular playing card symbols, these are the standard bold colours, though have been given a fresh design.

Reels View - Time for a Deal Slot

Impressive 3D TV Studio Design

There is a lot to like about how Ash Gaming have designed this slot. Your focus will naturally be on Roger, the host. His movements are as crazy as the nonsense he speaks. I would not bother with the speech bubbles too much, they don’t add anything useful until the first time you play each of the bonus games.

You will see realistic TV lights, and a lot of effects like those lights switching on to follow those special bonus symbols. The animation for the Big Deal bonus game is impressive, both the special slot and the impossible anatomy of the hostess are sure to raise a smile. There is lively (almost jarring) TV show style music playing while you spin.

Should You Make Time for Time for a Deal?

I love this slot, which is currently in my regular rotation. There is a lot of competition for those spots! What makes it is that this slot does not take itself too seriously. Instead it is all about the entertainment, as I am sure that you will agree once you get to meet Roger, the crazy nonsense-talking host!

There are some serious reasons to play. The Big Deal game can bring big prizes, or even a progressive jackpot. The free spins can also result in some bigger wins – especially if you get a decent multiplier from that middle row.

Make some time for Time for a Deal – You won’t regret it!

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