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A Novelty Game from PlayTech Involving a Lady with a Head of Snakes

PlayTech Medusa's Gaze Slot ReviewBefore going any further, I need to let you know that this PlayTech game is nothing like a traditional slot. It has an entertaining gambling layout, and big win potential. Those are the only real similarities. It is a fun game for a spin to break up a session, and does have some interesting game-play, which is based on a circular grid, with many interlocking coloured tiles.

Medusa was a fearsome creature in Greek Myths. She looks fairly angry here, in the middle of the circular setup. Her snake hair is animated, and she occasionally hisses too. Under the reels is a stone circle, this shows a multiplier for each consecutive cascading win. With a few wins in sequence, your bankroll could suddenly jump with this game.

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How Medusa’s Gaze Works

There is only one task before you hit the ‘play’ button – decide how much you want to bet per game. To say there is a wide range of bet sizes possible would be an understatement. You can bet as little as 20c or as much as $500 per game.

Next, you simply click the green play button on the bottom left.

Around Medusa are 4 concentric circles of coloured tiles. This is divided. Almost half is lit up, with the remaining 60-odd percent in darkness behind.

Each circle moves in the opposite direction to the one next to it. Giving a slightly disconcerting effect when they move. Medusa gazes onto the results, often looking displeased even when there is a win!

When you do hit a group of 4 or more symbols, joined side-to-side in any direction, you win a prize. Note that blocks which touch corner to corner don’t count for wins. The big wins come when you hit 8 blocks together. This is very hard to do, mostly you’ll be hitting 3 or 4’s.

How the Medusa's Gaze Slot Works

Cascading Wins and Multipliers

When a win is triggered, the blocks will disappear (under the gaze of Medusa). This allows the wheels to close around the missing blocks. New wins can appear when this happens, as separated colours are moved together.

Each time there is a cascade, a multiplier, attached to a stone wheel beneath the reels, will move up. This goes up by 1x each time, with the current multiplier attached to any wins. This resets at the start of each new game.

An ideal situation is to hit a few small wins to up the multiplier, then a big one when this is already high.

Wild blocks do not have prizes of their own. They will replace any other block to create bigger wins – helpful for moving up the pay table whenever one is involved.

Which Colours Pay Most on the Medusa’s Gaze Slot?

It is not too easy to spot all the wins, since the grid is complex and wide. Luckily, the game sorts all this for you – and displays your wins each time.

Orange blocks are the best of all, 8 of them pays 10,000 coins. Most wins will be in the smaller end, with 3 paying 4x and 4 paying 40x. Next on the list come purple blocks, yellow then pink ones – going all the way down to a dull brown. That brown one is the most common, though does not pay very well – only worth 0.1 of your bet for 3x.

Remember, that these wins are subject to multipliers, depending on how many cascades you get before hitting them.

Design of the Medusa’s Gaze Slot

For me, the outside of the reels is more attractive than the Medusa avatar in the middle. This shows a stone lair, and include a warrior turned to stone in each of the bottom corners. The circle of the reels is linked by chains, which separate the in-play area from the rest of the blocks.

Medusa wears a jewelled golden crown and has a few different facial expressions (none of them very friendly) There are a lot of snakes in her hair, all moving around. Stone grinding and hissing noises can be heard while you spin – creating an atmospheric game.

If Medusa’s Gaze Worth the Risk for a Big Win?

I’m really not sure this is a game many people will return to over and over. For a quick spin on something that looks and plays differently from a regular slot, it does fill a role.

Only one game, with no bonus rounds or notable features. You’ll find your bigger wins come in those times you get several cascades in a row, triggering bigger multipliers for the wins that follow.

For something a little different, why not see what Medusa’s Gaze can do for you!

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