Mega Moolah Slots the Ultimate Guide

Logo of Mega MoolahI vividly remember when the original Mega Moolah slot was the only option.

While still popular, that original Mega Moolah slot looks dated these days.

Fortunately, MicroGaming have expanded this popular jackpot format to thirteen different games. The progressive is linked between these slots, and between different casinos. This format means more spins contribute to the total and let MicroGaming seed the biggest prize at €2 million immediately after it is won.

My guide covers the Mega Moolah jackpot in unprecedented detail.

You’ll find out how the progressive jackpot system works, how your bet level influences the probability of triggering it – and which are the best Mega Moolah slots to play.

If one thing is for certain, I would not want to win any big prize from a shady / unknown casino brand.

This is why I recommend only the biggest casino brands for any jackpot slots.

My go-to for Mega Moolah slots is Unibet Casino. Their reputation and size are unparalleled – with no late payment issues for any major jackpots.

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Mega Moolah Slots: How the Jackpot Mechanism Works – and Biggest Historical Wins

Mega Moolah slots all share the same jackpot pool.

When the big prize is won on any game title, it resets across all the games at all the hosting casinos.

The biggest Mega Moolah Jackpot (the Mega) starts at €2,000,000. It rises based on the number of spins on all Mega Moolah slots until it is won. This is one of four jackpots:

  • Mega: Seeded at €2,000,000
  • Major: Seeded at €10,000
  • Minor: Seeded at €1,000
  • Mini: Seeded at €100

Euros are used as the base, though online casinos work in GBP, CAD, AUD and many other currencies. You can spin in your normal currency on Mega Moolah, Euros are not required.

Each slot has a different way of triggering the jackpot game. On the original, this was a randomly triggered bonus wheel (shown below). When this appeared, you’d be sure of winning a jackpot – the question was which one?

Jackpot Wheel from the Original Mega Moolah Slot

The chances of triggering a jackpot for each spin are proportional to the amount bet. Jackpots have been won for small bets. As always, make sure you only bet with money you can afford to lose.

In order to grow the jackpot, Mega Moolah slots take a proportion of each bet and add it to the prize pool. This can be as high as 5.3%. While the overall RTP% (including those occasional huge jackpot payouts) may be reasonable, you’ll experience lower returns to player amounts unless you strike super-lucky. The RPT% of these slots combines the base game and jackpot take. The lowest is around 89%, with the best games hitting 93%.

Put another way, Mega Moolah jackpots make your slot play more volatile.

For millions of players, the added excitement of a potential jackpot more than makes up for the lower returns / RTP%.

Administering Mega Moolah Slot Wins

Mega Moolah has been paying out progressive jackpots since 2006.

This means multiple players have won the Mega prize. At one point, Mega Moolah held the record for the largest online jackpots. These days, many more pooled jackpots run – including the super-popular Dream Drop Jackpots.

The biggest prize at the time of writing was won in Belgium in 2021. This was more than 19 million Euros.

Mega Moolah is paid out in a single lump sum. You’ll need to go through Id checks and are paid out by the casino that you won it on (not direct from MicroGaming).

For this reason, you should only play at trusted casinos that you can be sure will send you the prize.

Unibet are my go-to, with more than 20 years online and all the big licences, I trust this brand completely.

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List of Mega Moolah Jackpot Slots

MicroGaming have massively expanded the number of slots which host the Mega Moolah Jackpot.

They cover some games which were designed with these progressives in mind. Add to this list some hugely popular titles which you can play with or without Mega Moolah. These include some of the biggest slot games of the last decade, including ThunderStruck II and Immortal Romance.

Let’s start with the complete list, after this you’ll find a mini review of each title:

  • Mega Moolah, the Original
  • Lucky Bells
  • Jungle Mega Moolah
  • Juicy Joker Mega Moolah
  • Paddy’s Pot
  • Fortunium Gold
  • Starlight Fruits
  • Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad
  • Immortal Romance Mega Moolah
  • Mega Moolah Goodess
  • ThunderStruck II
  • Atlantean Treasures
  • Gold Factory


Mega Moolah Slots: Mini Reviews

#1 – The Original Mega Moolah Slot

While a little dated graphics-wise, the original Mega Moolah is still a solid game, some 17 years after it was created.

The theme is African animals, or rather quirky cartoon versions of them. There is a free spins bonus round – which features 15 spins with win multipliers.

A jackpot wheel can be triggered at any point at random. This has coloured segments, showing paw-prints of the animals. There is a single white segment, which has the Lion’s paw print. Hit this, and you win the Mega. Yellow segments trigger the Major, while the orange and red segments trigger the Minor and Mini, respectively.

I recommend this game.

Sure, you don’t get the sharp animations or depth of gameplay that more recent titles provide. What you do get is a solid and entertaining slot which is fast becoming a classic.

Play Mega Moolah now over at

Reels view original Mega Moolah


#2 – Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad

No, that is not a typo – MicroGaming used Absolootly instead of Absolutely for this entertaining Alice in Wonderland slot.

Other than entertaining mad-hatter style graphics, the notable difference for this game is rolling reels. This means wins explode, with new symbols falling into their place. Each win sees a multiplier boost (up to 5x in the base game, and 15x in the free spins).

Mega Moolah jackpots are triggered randomly, with a coin going into a pot above the reels a visual cue. Again, if you trigger it, you spin a wheel to see which of the four jackpots is awarded.

I love the theme and graphics, and recommend you give this title a spin.

Check it out now at

Absolootly Mad MM Slot


#3 – Mega Moolah Lucky Bells

This Mega Moolah title reminds me of the Novomatic Joker style slots. It comes from Gold Coin studios, who worked with MicroGaming to integrate the jackpot system.

Symbols are fruits, along with bars. Wins from the main game come via an increasing multiplier for each spin when you trigger the free spins bonus. There are overlays on the lower paying symbols, which can combine to trigger the Mega Moolah Jackpot game.

While enjoyable, this is one for players that like clean and simple slots – without too much theming or special features.

#4 – The Witches Moon Mega Moolah

This title has the standard setup from the original, with a witch / Halloween design.

There are 25 win-lines, with a low RTP of 88.12%. Free spins are worth hitting, with 15 free spins each with a 3x multiplier compared to the base game. Add the wild multipliers (2x) and you get a potential 6x on all your wins.

As with the original, the jackpot wheel (sans paw-prints) is triggered at random. You’ll win one of the four jackpots when this is triggered.

The graphics are a cut above the original Mega Moolah for Witches Moon – though the gameplay is identical.

Check it out for yourself now – over at

Which's Moon MM Jackpots


#5 – Mega Moolah Jungle

Another clone of the original Mega Moolah slot. This one mixes some unusual jungle residents, including a bear, tree frog, sloth, and parrot.

Graphics are certainly new – specially compared to the original title. The clear reels give it an overall cleaner feel than the older versions. Wild multipliers, free spin (an additional 3x) and scatter prizes, along with line hits keep your bankroll rolling over in the main game.

As with the other ‘clones’ the jackpot wheel is triggered at random after any spin and at any bet level.

Check out Mega Moolah Jungle now!


#6 – Paddy’s Pot Mega Moolah

No line-up of slots is complete without at least one themed on the legendary luck of the Irish. And for the Mega Moolah range, that slot is Paddy’s Pot.

Four different wild symbols make the gameplay for this title interesting. Alongside the regular wilds, you get a respin wild, a persisting wild and Paddy’s wild – which will add extra wilds to the reels during the free spins bonus.

Instead of a random trigger, Paddy’s Pot Mega Moolah has jackpot symbols.

With a theme that is beautifully produced, this is an excellent addition to the Mega Moolah range.

Check it out now at


#7 – Juicy Joker: Mega Moolah

What stands out about Juicy Joker is that you have a shot at triggering the jackpot wheel for a tiny 10p bet (max bet = $10) in this game. That wheel has cash prizes of up to 3x your bet, as well as the usual progressives.

It is a fruit-based slot and keeps things interesting with special wild symbols that return, replicate (during free spins) and trigger respins. The free spins bonus has a twist on the 10th spin – when all the returning wilds reappear at once.

Low min bets, and varied gameplay make this a great addition to the Mega Moolah slots list – check it out now!

Juicy Joker Progressive Jackpot

#8 – Mega Moolah Fortunium Gold

Fortunium Gold breaks away from the clones of the original, adding a fresh cyberpunk look and some exciting new gameplay to the Mega Moolah slots range.

You play on a 5x5 grid, with stacked symbols. There is an optional booster than increases your wins (for an extra cost). Mystery symbols are revealed only after they land, always showing the same design. These become mystery reels when you hit the free spins. Trigger this bonus with five scatters, and you get three mystery reels on every spin.

The Mega Moolah jackpot wheel is triggered when mystery symbols turn into special jackpot wilds. This can happen at any bet level, though as always happens proportionally more as you increase your bets. You spin a wheel for one of the four jackpots.

An excellent slot, with the Mega Moolah progressives being the icing on the cake.

Mega Moolah Fortunium Gold


#9 – Starlight Fruits Mega Moolah

This game reminds me of the iconic Starburst – though is different enough to be unique.

You get 10 win-lines only, and stacked neon fruit symbols on the reels. Special wilds will expand to cover entire reels, and trigger respins. Add another wild (and a 3rd) for multi-line hits. There are special jackpot symbols which trigger the Mega Moolah wheel bonus.

Starlight Fruits is the perfect game for mobile casino play.

#10 – Immortal Romance Mega Moolah

This popular MicroGaming slot comes with or without the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot.

The dark, brooding theme includes multiple bonus features of its own. You unlock them as you spin, entering the ‘Chamber of Spins’ for special features associated with vampire characters. Those include different wilds and increasing numbers of free spins. Wild desire on-reel features add completely wild reels.

Mega Moolah does not change the gameplay. Instead, the wheel pops up at random after any spin. As usual the single white segment is the one you want to see, this wins the Mega jackpot.


Chamber of Spins Mega Moolah Immortal Romance

#11 – ThunderStruck II Mega Moolah

I had mixed feelings about adding the Mega Moolah jackpots mechanism to ThunderStruck 2.

This is one of my favourite MicroGaming slots, making me wary of messing with it. Based on Norse Myths, you get bonuses linked to Valkyrie, Loki, Odin, and Thor. To unlock more bonuses, you need to visit the ‘Great Hall of Spins’ multiple times. Once they are all unlocked, you can choose your favourite bonuses.

Play ThunderStruck 2 alongside Immortal Romance, and you’ll quickly notice they are different designs covering the same slot setup.

The Mega Moolah jackpot wheel is triggered at random after any spin at any bet level.

#12 – Mega Moolah Goddess

This was the first addition to the Mega Moolah range, after the original became popular.

It takes the classic gameplay and adds an Ancient Egypt theme. The graphics look super-dated these days. There are blocky playing card letters and plain eye, tomb, and lotus flower symbols. You can retrigger the free spins – or hit the random jackpot wheel.

Mega Moolah jackpots are awarded on an almost identical wheel to the original slot above. The difference is no paw prints.

Jackpot Wheel Mega Moolah Goddess


#13 – Mega Moolah Atlantean Treasures

MicroGaming and partners frequently reskin their slots – and Atlantean Treasures is another example.

The lost city of Atlantis theme has the same gameplay as Starlight Fruits Mega Moolah. This involves stacked symbols combined with wild respins (involving expanding reels). This makes for a simple and solid mobile slot game.

You need jackpot symbols to trigger the wheel bonus, with all four levels of the progressive awarded depending on which coloured segment you get.

Atlantean Treasures MicroGaming


#14 – Gold Factory Jackpots Mega Moolah

Back to the game setup of the original for Gold Factory Jackpots Mega Moolah.

I like the cartoon steampunk theme, which worked well with the familiar gameplay. You get wilds that double your wins. Hit three bonus symbols for fifteen free spins, where your prizes are tripled. Wins with wilds during those free spins are 6x the pay table.

You’ll see a brightly coloured wheel behind the reels while you spin. This is the jackpot wheel, which as usual is trigged at random after any spin.

Mega Moolah Slots FAQ


Can I Win Mega Moolah Mega Jackpots at any Bet Level?

Yes, the Mega Moolah jackpot can be triggered with any bet level. Bets start at just 10c on titles including Juicy Joker and Starlight Fruits. Your chances of triggering the jackpot wheel increase alongside your bet amount.

Which Is the Best Mega Moolah Slot?

My pick for the best Mega Moolah slot is Paddy’s Pot. This game combines the familiar jackpot wheel with four different wild symbols and an exciting free spins bonus where one of those wilds features. Add the humorous luck of the Irish theme, excellent graphics, and plenty of ways to win when you don’t trigger the jackpot, and Paddy’s Pot becomes an enjoyable slot.

Mega Moolah Ultimate GuideWhat is the Biggest Mega Moolah Jackpot Ever Won?

The largest jackpot won so far on Mega Moolah slots is EUR 19,430,723.60c. This prize was won on Mega Moolah Absolooty Mad on the 27th of April 2021 by a player in Belgium. The winner received their prize as a lump sum.

What Happens if a Casino Refuses to Pay my Mega Moolah Jackpot Prize?

If a casino refuses to pay your Mega Moolah prize, you will need to get in touch with the casino licensing body in your country. Each jurisdiction will have processes for dispute resolution. The risk of a large sum not being paid emphasises why it is so important to only play jackpot slots at casinos with licenses and a solid reputation for fair play and fast payouts.

This is why Unibet are my go-to.

Find out more in this super-detailed Unibet Casino review, or check them out for yourself at

Can I Play Mega Moolah Slots from the USA?

No, regulated online casinos in a small number of states do not share jackpot pools internationally. Offshore casinos don’t host MicroGaming slots – meaning these progressive prizes are not available to casino fans in the USA.

On a positive note, there are larger jackpot prizes available to US players – you’ll find them at my favourite offshore casino

Which is the Best Casino to Play Mega Moolah Slots?

No question for me here, I choose Unibet Casino every time. They currently have 13 Mega Moolah variations to pick from. On top of that you get Dream Drop Jackpots, Mega Riches, Age of the Gods Jackpots, and many more stand-alone prizes.

Best of all, Unibet is a huge brand, with a great track-record of fast payouts.

If you did win a big prize, you can trust Unibet to pay.

Check out their 3,050 (and growing) games list now at

Are Mega Moolah Slots Available in Canada?

Yes, Canadian players are welcome to enjoy Mega Moolah. As before, I’m recommending Unibet!

What Other Progressive Jackpot Work Like Mega Moolah?

There are now multiple jackpots which work like Mega Moolah. They include Mega Fortune (NetEnt), and Dream Drop Jackpots.

What these systems have in common is that they are linked between different slots and at different casinos. Each time anyone hits spin, a small part of their bet is taken to be added to the jackpots. By covering so many casinos, MicroGaming and others are able to seed their jackpots at high levels.

Which Slot Studio Created the Mega Moolah Jackpots?

MicroGaming created Mega Moolah Jackpot slots. This is the oldest and still one of the biggest slot studios. They create online slots for casinos around the world, with many of the best titles online part of their portfolio.

Can I Clear Slots Bonuses on Mega Moolah Slots?

This will depend on the terms and conditions of individual casinos. While most will allow you to clear your welcome bonus on any slot, some do restrict jackpot slots from bonus clearance.

Wrapping Up: Is Mega Moolah the Best Slot Jackpot System?

Mega Moolah is the original when it comes to shared slot jackpots. For me, it is still the best.

It is the choice of games, from classics to new titles, plus the fact that the bonus feature with the jackpots can be triggered at any bet level that seals the deal.

My pick? I find myself opening Paddy’s Pot more than any other. Your favourite might be different!

Make sure you stick to long-running, reputable casinos for Mega Moolah. If you do get lucky, you need to ensure you’ll get paid.

My go-to is Unibet Casino – nobody else comes close to the number of slots, jackpots and (of course) Mega Moolah options.

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