PayPal Poker Sites - Poker Rooms Accepting PayPal Deposits In 2024

Deposit with PayPal at the Best Online Poker Sites

PayPal Poker Sites 2024PayPal have the biggest market share of any eWallet payment service. What makes them different is the fee structure, which kicks in when you receive payments. Many of the biggest and best online poker sites accept PayPal for deposits, though not all of them. Offshore, unlicensed and 'grey market' operators are not able to accept PayPal. This gives you double protection. Not only do you get the security of this wallet - you know you are dealing with a licensed operator.

This page covers the best poker rooms welcoming PayPal - and how to get exclusive extra bonuses and incentives when you sign up at them.

Whether you can use PayPal for depositing at online poker sites depends on hitting the right combination of your country of residence and the particular site. 'Western' countries are the ones which are allowed, with the exception of the USA. For Eastern Europe, Russia and much of the 'developing world', PayPal is not available. I have created a section at the bottom of this page which suggests some alternatives for when PayPal is not available.

What I like best about PayPal poker sites, is that having this payment option is a trust signal all of its own. Since only the biggest and most reputable companies are allowed to use this service, you can be sure that those that do are among the top sites. Offshore sites and smaller or new poker rooms do not accept PayPal as a rule.

Planet Mark's PayPal Poker Pick! When it comes to picking the best PayPal poker site, it is not even close. Unibet have the reputation, the selection of games - and the softest opponents of any of the bigger sites (thanks to people crossing over to poker from their giant sports betting site). Promos include play-through bonuses and tournament tokens. 

New players get $20 matched, then an easy $/£500 play-through bonus.

Add the security of PayPal + easy games and you have a must-see site - check out for yourself now!

PayPal Poker Sites 2024 - How to Use this Page

Once you have narrowed down your options to 2 or 3 PayPal poker rooms. It will be decision time! What I strongly recommend here is that you find a balance between easy games, solid reputation and bonuses. If you choose a site full of sharks (for example PokerStars) then your PayPal account might be in use again to top up your account a little sooner than you expected. Each of my picks below has an explanation of what to expect in terms of your average opponents - with Unibet a clear winner when it comes to super-easy games. 

US players are out of luck with PayPal for the moment – check out this article instead for the latest on US deposit methods, the good news is that deposits are getting through at the moment, you just need to be a little creative with your options.

PayPal Poker Sites 2024 – Mark's Easy Top Pick – GGPoker (Update)

Mark's Update: I'm holding off with recommending GG Poker after recent cheating allegations. While not proven, my experience with online poker shows that these things have a habit of morphing into bigger issues. Besides, the games at Unibet (see below) are much softer!

GGPoker recently overtook iPoker into 2nd place in the traffic rankings. Not bad for a site who were hovering around the top 10 only a couple of years ago.

Their success is due shifting focus to amateur players - rather than multi-tabling 'grinders'. The software is fresh, with animated emojis and colourful avatars. Add the innovative games (covering cash, fast-fold and tournaments) and jam packed tournament schedule, and you start to see the appeal. Instead of grumpy pros, this site feels more 'fun', the games are social - and with a little skill can be profitable too. 

PayPal deposit bonuses start with a choice. You can pick $100 in tokens, or take a matched deal instead. I strongly recommend taking advantage of the 'Honeymoon' promo. You complete tasks to get rewards of up to $350 during your first 30 days. The loyalty rewards, and long list of fresh promotions will keep your bankroll topped up after that. 

Tournament events are worth checking out. You get regular big money games, along with specials covering different poker formats - many with eye-watering guaranteed prize pools. 

Find out for yourself why GGPoker is getting so popular - and check out those super-easy games for yourself now!

PayPal Poker Site Deposits 2024 – Unibet Poker (My New Top Pick!)

Unibet welcome PayPal from multiple countries. They require that you have an active bank card attached to your PayPal account to deposit.

This is a smaller poker room, with some big benefits. 

If you enjoy sports betting, poker and casino games (slots and / or live dealer), then Unibet combines all of them seamlessly. The betting and gambling leads to a lot of cross-over traffic, which keeps the poker games soft - especially on match-days. Make sure you check the bonus terms and conditions, which do exclude e-wallets from time to time. 

The software is unlike anything you will have seen. Many sites use avatars, none come close to the detail-level and quirky style of Unibet Poker. There are tournament events, and you can even win tickets to the live 'Unibet Open' events.

Check out the big brand benefits and unique poker room for yourself over at now!

PayPal Poker Unibet Rec


PayPal Poker Site Deposits – Mentions For Other Sites

You will find other sites accepting PayPal too. Sky Poker is a very small site linked with the TV company. Titan Poker are the biggest single poker site on the iPoker Network, though only accept PayPal from the UK at the moment. You will also find other sites on iPoker accepting this method, be careful that you get to play on the iPoker 2 network with Betfair / Titan and the other big sites, the iPoker 1 network is full of grinders!

PayPal Poker Sites Blocked for your CountryAlternatives To PayPal – For Countries Where PayPal Poker Deposits are Blocked

PayPal might have been the pioneer in this area, there are plenty of new and many better electronic wallet services around nowadays though.

My personal choice is Skrill– super-low fees and accepted at far more poker sites, you get to withdraw without losing a chunk in fees too. You will also find special deals come via e-mail once you join (you can switch these off). Check out my Skrill Poker Sites guide for more. This is available throughout the world, though is currently blocked in Canada and Russia (where I recommend WebMoney as the top alternative).

An old favorite in this category is Neteller. This is almost universally accepted by gambling sites of all types, and was a US favorite before the government clampdown over there. Again I have created a separate article focusing on this poker deposit method – check it here. Other eWallet alternatives are EcoCard and UKash.

If you are in one of the many countries where gambling is legal and regulated - including the UK - then your debit or credit card is the easiest and fastest option. Make sure you are dealing with a trusted site (a well known brand like Unibet will certainly fit the bill). Local bank transfers can be arranged online in many countries too. 

US based players have to move their money offshore (unless you live in New Jersey, Delaware or Nevada). Deposit options here include Bitcoin - which is becoming more mainstream every day. You can also use credit cards (making international purchases) or money transfer options from local branch offices of well known international brands like Western Union. 

PayPal Poker Sites FAQ

Is Depositing with PayPal Legal?

Absolutely, PayPal only allow deposits in regulated / licensed jurisdictions where the laws governing online poker are clear. In fact, there are places where poker is legal where banking rules mean PayPal does not work (Canada is the main example). With only the large well-known brands allowed to accept payments using this eWallet, you can be sure that you are playing within the law.

Does Using PayPal for Poker Site Deposits Breach PayPal Terms and Conditions?

Once again, the selective nature of PayPal themselves answers this question. This system is only available at big and well-known brands (and not even all of those!). If sites which do not meet the strict criteria of PayPal try to use this method, it would immediately be removed.

Can I Use PayPal for Withdrawing My Winnings?

Yes, the rule enforced by the majority of the poker sites is that you will need to have made a deposit with your account before you can withdraw. You will also be asked for documentation by your site as part of their standard ‘KYC’ (Know Your Customer) rules. These rules protect players as well as the sites from money laundering. While nobody enjoys scanning / sending docs – remember that this is for your benefit.

Is There a Limit on How Much I Can Deposit with PayPal?

This will depend on the individual sites. There is usually a minimum deposit of $10 to $25 in place, with a maximum of $1000. 

Countries Accepting PayPal Poker DepositsWhat Countries Can Make PayPal Poker Payments?

This depends on the individual sites, though there is a considerable overlap. You’ll find almost exclusively ‘Western European’ countries are covered. My view is that the consumer protection in PayPal (easy chargebacks) make this unsuitable for Eastern Europe, and that legal issues keep North America out of the picture.

888 Poker offer PayPal Deposits for Germany, Spain, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Sweden. Note that Spanish players will only be able to play at the localized 888 Poker ES.

Do I Get a Bonus When Using PayPal?

You certainly do! Using this eWallet entitles you to a full bonus, to get the most from this, make sure you check out the terms and conditions before you play. For a list of the best poker bonuses and promos, updated each month. Check out my Best Poker Bonus page!

What Are the Steps to Make My Deposit?

Before you make a deposit, you will need to register a player account. I will use 888 as the example. Depending on your country, you’ll get some tokens simply for signing up to check out the real money tables.

When you resister, keep in mind that you’ll need backup documents at some point down the line – usually when you withdraw. Don’t add random address / date of birth details, or you might just create more work for yourself later on!

After registration, you’ll be directed to the cashier. This button is always available from the right hand side of the 888 poker client. Click on this, and you’ll see a row of deposit method icons which apply to your country. Click on PayPal, and you will get to the following screen.

Simple here, you simply enter the amount to deposit, any bonus code (check for a live chat agent window each time you deposit, they can offer extras (hint: politely reject the first offer!)). When you hit the Submit button, you will be taken to a secure window where you log on to your PayPal account.

I always recommend that you double check that this is a secure window. Depending on your browser there will be a padlock and / or a green start to the URL.

You will be logging on separately from the poker site, and when you do log on you will see an invoice which was created by the poker site. This will show you the recipient, and the amount you typed in for your deposit. Double check everything is correct, and then click ‘Pay’. If you have a balance in your account, it will come from there. If not then it will come from a linked bank account – providing a secure connection for this.

The final step is a redirect back to 888. There is a message to tell you this is happening, and a link to click in case the redirect does not work. When you return you will see your new balance, and will be ready to play!

What Are the Steps to Withdraw?

You’ll need to have made a PayPal deposit to withdraw. There is an extra step in this part of the process, where the team at your poker room will manually verify the transaction. You start at the cashier, choose Withdrawals, and then PayPal. All you then need to do is add your PayPal e-mail and the amount to withdraw. This disappears from your account right away.

After 24 to 48 hours, your request will have been reviewed. If this is your first withdrawal, then the site will ask for backup documents (photo Id + proof of address). This is to protect you, as well as them, from any dodgy use of your accounts!

Once the withdrawal is processed, it will be in your PayPal account within an hour.

What PayPal Poker Site Has the Softest Games?

There is a good reason for highlighting Unibet Poker on this page. Not only are they the number one site welcoming PayPal deposits, they are also the softest major poker site online. While rivals like PokerStars attract a lot of online pros, Unibet focus their games, promotions and apps on the more recreational crowd. This means more ‘hobby’ players in the games, and more profits to be made!

I recommend you check out the tables side-by-side with those at PokerStars, you’ll see the difference as soon as you do!

Check out the best poker site for PayPal, soft games and innovations – check out Unibet Poker for yourself now!

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