Best Poker Bonus for May 2018

Best Online Poker Bonuses for May 2018

Online poker bonuses change fast! Before you know it your bonus code gets you nowhere, or worse still, you find you have missed out on the latest offer or extra!

This page will put things right throughout the year. Each month I will speak with the biggest poker rooms and collect updated deals, signup codes and extras – at the moment you will find the best bonus deals for May 2018 below.

The table below shows the best Spring Poker Bonuses for your location (either US or non-US)


Outside of my featured listing in the table above there are many other poker sites which you might be interested in checking out. These include big name giants like Party Poker and PokerStars. Here are the best deals from them:

PokerStars May 2018:

Before I link out to the specific promotions, here is how you can split your welcome bonus over up to 3 ‘first’ deposits (or just claim the $20 instantly if you prefer).

First Step: Register your account, choosing Affiliate Marketing Code from the drop down menu, and then using code PSP3108 in the new box which appears.

PokerStars Marketing Code PSP3108

Second Step: When you deposit you can use one of these bonus codes this May:

  • STARS600 – this is good for up to 3 deposits for a total of up to $600 which will be matched at 100%
  • FREE20 – You’ll get $20 to use right away at the tables (though points collection is required before you can withdraw it!). Minimum deposit = $20 for this offer.
  • THIRTY - This is the newest code, it will get you $30 worth of tokens including Spin N Go tickets, tournament entries and cash game buy-ins ($20 min deposit once again)

To claim this top rated offer and see that huge list of promotions and special offers, visit now!

Party Poker May 2018

I really like what Party Poker are doing. They have kept their games focused on recreational players and beginners, while incorporating entertaining ‘missions’ into the system (some of them with great rewards!).

The latest offer is for $20 free to play when you deposit only $10. This 200% welcome bonus is bigger percentage wise than anything I have seen so far from Party. There are also extra rewards for playing on your mobile phone, daily cash prizes and even qualifiers for World Poker Tour events or the World Series event for free.

Claiming this package is simple – create your account at and use bonus code SNGPLANET – you’ll get the best possible package!

Unibet Poker Bonus May 2018

Unibet offer a unique interface for their poker games, which is very colorful and cartoon-like. You’ll find them on good form with their first bonus package of 2018 too. This includes a €200 bonus, entry to 4x €500 tournaments and a free €2 to enter the Unibet Open qualifier tournaments too.

No bonus code is needed for this offer, every new player gets the best deal automatically. Check out those soft games at now!

May 2018 is Important – Though it Pays to Think Longer Term!

For as long as I have been running this site (more than 8 years!), I have been advising readers that the welcome bonuses are only a small part of the picture when it comes to getting the best deals from the poker sites.

Sure, choosing a good one is important.

What you will find is that after 60 or so days, your welcome bonus is completed. If you enjoy a site then you might well be playing there for one or more years.

This makes the ongoing rewards and promotions for existing players more important than the welcome bonuses in the long run. What you’ll find is that the biggest and most successful sites know this (this is the reason why they are so successful in many cases!). These are the sites which offer points schemes, missions, free tournament entries and other give-away promos. Many of them also offer cross-over bonuses for other gambling types within their brand.

Remember to check the list of ongoing promotions when you check out a new site, you’ll be glad that you did so.

Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing and Clearing Your Poker Bonus

Though on the surface many poker bonuses look the same, there are some big differences between them when it comes to the small print. Here are some questions to answer before you commit to a particular poker bonus:

#1 How Long Does It Last?

Some bonuses expire after 30 days, while others give you 60, 90 or even more days to complete the points requirement / play through. If you are playing at small stakes, it can sometimes be hard to make sure you have enough time to clear your bonus. In these cases, look for offers which give you a chunk of cash right away instead.

#2 Increments, or Lump Sum?

Some bonuses will clear in set amounts, for example $10 or $20 at a time. While others require you to collect enough points to clear the full amount of your deposit in one go. If you are new to the game, then I recommend incremental bonuses… these make sure you’ll get some benefit, even if you are unable to clear the whole amount.

#3 Extras: Tournament Entries and Loyalty Schemes

Most bonuses come with entry into tournaments – though the value of these can vary a lot. On some of the bigger sites, for example PokerStars, you’ll be fighting with 1000’s of other players – with the prize pool spread so thin that the winner barely gets into 3 figures on some occasions. Bigger monthly events are worth looking out for. Mid-sizes sites which have $5k or $10k tournaments for new depositors hit the sweet spot for me. Loyalty schemes are also important. It pays to find one which fits with your own poker goals. For example, if you only play occasionally there is little point joining a ‘top-heavy’ rewards system that pays money to multi-tabling grinders. 888 Poker has an excellent new player focused rewards systems.

Recap – Picks for the Best Poker Bonuses for May 2018

Here is the table with my picks for this month. Remember to bookmark this page and come back next month for a refreshed list of the best poker bonus deals.

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