Neteller Poker Sites - Where To Deposit Using The Neteller eWallet

Neteller Poker Sites List and Overview of How to Use Neteller for Online Poker Deposits Quickly and Easily

Neteller online poker deposits at Neteller Poker SitesNeteller was the first major electronic wallet used for poker site deposits, and I still rate it up there with the best. While there was some fall out when this service left the US (everyone got paid, it just took a while!), they are still a top choice for poker deposits around the world – having some distinct advantages over other ways of getting your money into and between poker accounts - especially for those players who do not want poker transcations appearing on their regular bank statements.

Neteller does not work for US or Canadian players - check out my specific articles covering US Poker Deposits and Canada Poker Deposits for some easy alternatives. 

This article is in 2 parts, first you'll can see how Neteller works and why it is a great idea to use electronic wallets. Next I will give my top choices for poker sites accepting payments with this service and list the other majors accepting it below those. If you already have an account and know about eWallets then you can skip down to part #2 now, The final section gives some ideas for alternatives to Neteller, and specific reasons / situations where you might choose those. First... my easy top pick for Neteller users:

Planet Mark's Top Pick for Neteller Users: This is a very easy pick - 888 Poker not only welcome Neteller - they offer you up to $88 (in tokens and cash game buy-ins) to try out their real money games before you even need to make a deposit. You can take the 100% welcome bonus at any point if you like what you see (and if you appreciate soft games and smart software, then you will!). 888 Poker are the fastest growing major poker site, and for a good reason. If you want to deposit with Neteller (and many other options) check out and claim your free play now!

Neteller Poker Site Deposits – How Does This Service Work And Why Choose To Use It?

neteller deposit page pound graphicWhat Neteller gives you is a virtual wallet which sits between your bank accounts and online retailers – including the poker sites. You fund your account via a simple bank transfer, and then ‘pay’ with Neteller when you transact online.

This gives you 3 key advantages over using your bank card:

  1. Security: You are adding an extra layer of security between online retailers (including the poker sites) and your bank. You never have to give your bank details to any 3rd party, instead paying via your Neteller eWallet.
  2. Speed / Flexibility: By keeping your bankroll in Neteller rather than on a poker site you are free to move it around between sites – for example to take advantage of a good reload bonus. No need to wait for a cash out, or to mingle your poker money with your daily finances.
  3. Discretion: Your poker transactions do not have to appear on your bank statement!

Now, there is a cost of course – though this is just a small percentage of each transaction. After your account is set up you are free to move the money around as you wish… for me this is well worth the small fees!!

Find out more about Neteller here. You can also read my article on Rival eWallet Skrill / Moneybookers here.

Neteller Poker Sites – Exclusive Extras For SNG Planet Readers At Leading Neteller Sites

#1 – Titan Poker Deposits Using Neteller - Grab Yourself $20 Extra Cash

You can grab $20 extra free cash on top of your 200% welcome bonus at Titan Poker when depositing via eWallets including Neteller. All you need to do is register your account with bonus code SNGPLANET, and I'll ensure that the extra is paid direct to your player account within 48 hours of your first deposit. (usually sooner!)

You'll also get tournament tokens and can get cracking with the most entertaining loyalty program on the web right away via the entertaining 'Titan Treasures' scheme.

neteller deposits best site Titan Poker square

There are plenty of great reasons to hit Titan and the iPoker Network which they are the biggest single site on. I love this site for the easy games, thanks to the big cross-over traffic from sports-betting brands who share the iPoker Network. They are collectively the 3rd biggest poker site, so the choice of games is staggering, from the cash games in pennies to the high stakes action - and with plenty of tournaments to try too.

I also recommend you check out their infamous Jackpot Sit N Go tournaments, you can win up to €35,000 for winning 6 in a row!

Neteller deposits and withdrawals are fast and easy at Titan Poker – and with a 200% matched bonus (Max $2k) + $20 free, your bankroll will be off to a flying start - Check out the awesome for yourself now!!

#2 – PokerStars Neteller Deposits - Cool Trick To Claim Up To 3 'First' Deposit Bonuses!

PokerStars are the giant of online poker and are extremely generous when it comes to player benefits.What many players miss out on is that you can grab up to 3 first deposit welcome bonuses - and Neteller deposits work just fine for this.

Here is what you need to do:

- First you'll need to download the software and register your account. You'll be asked where you heard about PokerStars, here you choose 'Affiliate Marketing Code' from the list and enter PSP3108  in the new box which appears.

- Confirm your e-mail address to complete the registration process.

- You now go to the Cashier (big red button, so you can not miss it!). Choose Neteller and fill in your Id. You will see a box for a Bonus Code, here you use STARS600 for your first 3 deposits, up to a total of $600 combined, this gets you 3x 100% matches instead of one.

Once you see the smooth software and incredible game selection from micro-stakes through to the Sunday Million weekly tournaments, you will genuinely wonder why you played anywhere else. Check out for yourself and see why this is the most popular site by such a long way.

#3 - 888 Neteller Deposits - Grab Up To $88 (£20 UK) Before You Make Any Deposit At All!

888 Poker have shot up the rankings recently, and are now he 2nd largest poker site around. They focus on recreational players, and their promos and games are a lot of fun compared to other sites. This site have become my top pick for non-US readers recently, beating out my old choice of Titan Poker. 

You can get up to $88 in tournament tokens and cash game buy-ins to try out the games before you make that Neteller Deposit - and then claim your 100% welcome matched bonus any time you choose on top. Here is how it works:

- When you register you get $8 immediately, no deposit or card information needed.

- As you collect points while playing in the real money games you get 10 further increments of $8.

This offer is open to players from most countries, though if you are in Eastern Europe or South America you should check the website to make sure your country if on the list. 888 are still growing and I would not bet against this site getting into a fight with iPoker for the number 2 spot at some point soon.

Check out the cool now and try out those real money games for free!

888 poker for neteller deposits article end banner

Alternatives to Neteller for Poker Site Deposits

If your site does not accept Neteller, or you would prefer to use a different system for deposits, then there are several alternatives available. Each has its own pros and cons. I certainly stand behind my statement that eWallets are worth the money when it comes to adding that layer of security between your bank and the poker sites. Having said that there are a lot of ways you can safely make poker deposits these days. Here are some highlights.

#1 - PayPal: This is the best known (and original) eWallet. You pay fees when you receive money rather than when you send it. PayPal have a very simple system for customer protection, which allows you to dispute charges where you did not receive the goods or service paid for. The drawback with PayPal is that only a handful of the biggest and best known brands accept it... the bar is set high for acceptance by PayPal themselves. These do include 888. Find out more in my dedicated PayPal Poker Deposits page.

#2 - Skrill: Not long ago, this was the cheapest of the major eWallet systems to use. Prices have gone up, and Skrill and Neteller are bow both owned by the same company. This wallet is widely accepted (again, not in the US or Canada), and is very quick and easy to use. Find out more in my Skrill Poker Deposits article

#3 - EcoPayz: This is a hybrid system. Like Neteller and PayPal it has elements of an eWallet, though the best reason for setting it up is the prepaid MasterCard. This is a 'virtual card', which allows you to make online purchases - and not only poker deposits - with the safety of only being able to spend up to the prepaid amount. You can fund your account in retail outlets, or via your bank. More on EcoPayz Poker deposits here.

Neteller Poker Sites FAQ

Is Depositing with Neteller Legal?

Yes, outside of the regulated States, Neteller is not available in the US, which has legal restrictions on certain deposit methods. Canada is affected by the US laws, though there are no specific Canadian legal restrictions on depositing or playing online poker. Elsewhere, as long as the poker room you are playing at is licensed in your jurisdiction, you will have no problem making a Neteller deposit.

Can I Withdraw Winnings Back to Neteller?

Yes, one of the big advantages of this electronic wallet compared to quicker payment options like credit cards is that you can use it for withdrawals. In fact, I recommend you do just that. By holding part of your balance in Neteller, you will be in the perfect position to take advantage of new bonuses or promos – at whichever poker site they appear on.

Keep in mind that most sites will ask for an id check when you make your first withdrawal.

How Can I Spend My Money Once Returned to Neteller?

Two ways. You can send the money back to your own bank account, or you can apply for a debit card linked to your Neteller balance. This card can be used at ATMs or retailers just like a bank debit card.

What Was the Neteller Scandal of 2006 / 2007?

When the UIGEA was passed in the US, Neteller pulled out of that country very quickly. They blocked access to US based users – creating a storm of protest when people were unable to get their balances out. After some negotiations with the US authorities, the accounts were opened and everyone got all of their money back. The months without access were worrying, so I am happy to report that everything was resolved. Neteller may no longer serve US players, though the huge action at the offshore poker sites shows that there are plenty if US deposit methods still working just fine!

Is Neteller Safe to Use Today?

Absolutely, this is one of the best known and most reputable electronic wallets out there – and has been closely tied with gambling since the beginning. Today, this brand is owned by PaySafe Group. The same company owns the Skrill eWallet and the popular PaySafeCard prepaid vouchers.

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