The $16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint

► Easy to follow 4-part course.

► Beat Sit N Goes for a solid hourly profit.

► Free for Sit and Go Planet readers.

  • • Quickly build your bankroll playing Sit N Goes
  • • Develop your poker skills over 4 linked modules
  • • This acclaimed course is free to SNG Planet readers

Update 2018: I have now added some 'Resource Pages' these are linked from each part of the course and include links to the more detailed articles on specific chapters.This means those who want to go into more depth (for example on ICM) can now do so!

How The Sit and Go Blueprint Works

Anyone with basic poker knowledge, a little motivation and the right knowledge can make good money from 1-table Sit N Go poker tournaments online. My course, will quickly build the skills and strategy you need over 4 parts – after which you will be in a position to beat the games.

This course was created for SNG Planet readers, and is free of charge. I only ask that you spread the word to your friends or colleagues once you start making regular money from the tables. You will also get my monthly newsletter, which highlights new strategy articles and updates, you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

Here is a breakdown of what each part of the blueprint course contains:

Part #1 ►The SNG Blueprint You'll get a fresh perspective on the 'how' of making money from SNGs in this part of the course, which is the foundation on which the rest is built. I'll introduce key strategy points and give you an overview of the games which will chance your approach for the better. This part of the course will be with you within minutes of verifying your e-mail address.

Part #2 ►Becoming A Bubble Ninja Get yourself into prime position to take full advantage of the mistakes your opponents will make over and over again at the bubble of a SNG tournament. This section not only describes the math behind profitable bubble play, it gives you a step-by-step guide to exploiting the different mistakes you'll see in the games.

Part #3 ►Turn Up The Volume Once you have a winning strategy, it is time to make the most of it. The 3rd part of the Blueprint course shows you how to add more tables while at the same time increasing your overall profits. It also covers some important strategy adjustments you'll need to make to become a successful multi-tabler.

Part #4 ►The SNG Profit Booster This is the most important part of the course. By the time you get here you will already have the knowledge required to win big at the tables, once you add in some smart moves and insights into how to overcome different types of opponent – the sky is the limit. After reading this section you will be an accomplished SNG player who can beat the games for $16+ per hour whenever you want.

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