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Overall Softest Poker Games

Cool European Alternative

888 are proof that focusing on amateurs and recreational players works. This site is now the 2nd largest, and still growing. You can reach the super-soft tables on many different devices. If you line up the cash games, SNGs or MTTs next to PokerStars, you’ll immediately notice the difference. Claim your free $88!

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Non-US Based Players

Part of the loose and wild iPoker Network, Titan games are filled with recreational and fun-type players splashing money around. You will not believe how profitable poker can be until you try the games here. 200% bonus + free $20 cash on first deposit with our bonus code = SNGPLANET.

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Titan Soft As Anything

An Old Favorite Site

This site is still the one that non-players have heard of. This means that many of the players here are first-time, keeping the games easy compared to other sites. You will also find new ‘missions’ and ‘challenges’ to win tournament entries and other prizes here. A great solid choice for new players.

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Fishiest Poker Games And The Softest Poker Tournaments – Room-By-Room Details.

The section below contains regularly updated information on the fishiest games at each of the leading poker sites. Whether you enjoy easy cash games, soft SNGs or profitable tournaments there is a great poker site out there waiting for you!!

As soon as you compare the different poker rooms, you will find a huge difference in skill levels of average opponents.

There are several reasons for this.

First, poker sites which are run by big sports-betting brands have a lot of new players crossing over from betting to poker. It only takes a couple of novices at a table to really loosen up the game, making it more profitable for you.

Second, some sites are more 'grinder friendly' than others. Sites which allow or even encourage multi-tabling are always going to have a bigger ratio of winners (or at least break even players) to the new guys, who just play 1 or 2 tables. These grinders can and do kill off games, making them tight and boring.

Finally, some sites are known by non-players and first timers due to their brand names. While other sites are really only known by experienced poker players. What happens is the first-timers start at once site and when they get good and know about the different places to play, then they move to PokerStars or Full Tilt, making these places relatively harder to make a profit.

Combine all these factors with my own experience in different games – and you have the basis for my overall Fish-o-Meter ratings below!


Fishiest US Poker Sites


BetOnline Poker -Fishy US Poker Games

BetOnline Poker

This site are a recent entry into the Fish-O-Meter. Since joining the Chico Network, BetOnline now offer a wide range of tournaments, cash games and Sit n Goes - which I believe are the softest of any US friendly site. Key is the cross over traffic from the sportsbook, which means you'll find recreational players in the games (rather than pro grinders). The ever-changing list of generous player promotions will keep you engaged (and your bankroll topped up) too. New players get a 200% matched welcome bonus. Check out the excellent BetOnline Poker now, and discover some seriously 'Fishy' tables.

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Intertops Poker


There is no doubt that Intertops (part of the popular Revolution Network) is super-easy when it comes to poker games. The big sports betting side of this site keeps new casual and recreational players coming to the tables all the time... making the games very soft! Don't forget qualifiers to events which include the World Poker Tour. If you want easy deposits and super-soft games, is the place to play.

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ACR Poker most fish of any online poker site

America's Cardroom

America's Cardroom is soft, though there are some grinders at the tables here. The reason is their mix of rakeback (27%) and progressive leader boards in the form of Sit N Crush and 'The Beast'. Compared with bigger international sites, the games are still rated as very soft here. Tournaments are a particularly profitable area, and ACR Poker pioneered the first $1 million guaranteed prize pool for US players since Black Friday. This site is also known for their regular promos, check out for yourself.

Americas Cardroom Fishy


Fishiest Global Poker Sites


Titan Poker most fish of any online poker site

Titan Poker

If you play somewhere like PokerStars, and then head over to Titan – you are in for a shock. All those things you thought nobody did anymore (limping aces, paying off with top-pair, all-in with missed draws) are happening every minute on the huge iPoker Network. Cross-over traffic is the key. The iPoker Network has a huge number of betting sites as members. Add to this promos like Titan Treasures which keep everyone’s bankroll topped up and you have a great combination. There are plenty of easy games to choose from, this is the 2nd largest poker site online. You can claim an extra $20 free on top of your 200% first deposit match to check out those super-soft poker games. Register with bonus code SNGPLANET and I’ll ensure that the extra is paid direct to your player account within 48 hours of depositing. Prepare to be amazed when you check out those Titan Poker tables for yourself at Titan Poker

The Fishiest Poker Room: Titan
Pacific Poker - soft poker games Poker

While many poker sites have been standing still, 888 have been growing – at one point overtaking Full Tilt Poker for 3rd. They encourage recreational players via their deals and promos, which include sports event tickets, localized tournament events and gadget give-away deals. What I like best about 888 is that you can grab $88 free upfront without depositing to try out the games. If you like what you find then you can still get the first deposit bonus later. Check out the cool 888 Poker for more.

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RedKings - Fishy Waters!

RedKings Poker

Part of the OnGame Network, Red Kings also benefit from cross-over betting traffic – though not to the same extent as iPoker. This site host a regular ‘Fishmarket’ tournament for new players, which all new depositors get a $11 entry ticket into. This has to be one of the softest tournaments around, and includes a $10 000 total prize pool. Generally a soft and friendly place to play. Check out the extra $300 bonus the first time you get dealt the two red kings in a real money game and the opportunity to grab a free copy of Holdem Manager 2 Pro! Check out Red Kings Poker for the latest cool deals.!

Fishy OnGame Tables at Red Kings Poker
Party Poker - Fishy Waters!

Party Poker

The original fishtank is still one of the loosest online poker sites around. The big brand name continues to attract new players even after their pull-out from the US market. Fish can be found at all tables at any time of day – the standard of SNG and tournament play is terrible.Regular reload bonuses keep their players coming back for more, the 100% to $500 sign-up bonus (with bonus code SNGPLANET) is very fast to clear too – s clear choice for those seeking the weakest online poker opponents. Check out the great new software client at Party Poker now!

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Poker Stars -fish only at micro-stakes

Pokerstars / Full Tilt

I’m covering these two sites together, since they are now owned by the same company (Rational Group) and attract a very similar crowd of players. I love PokerStars. Having said that, this is the place where the majority of experienced players end up. There are more multi-tabling pro-grinders here than anywhere else online, and you genuinely need to be careful that you do not sit in a table surrounded by sharks. Yet, this is still a site where you can make a profit, thanks to the huge marketing reach. It is also the place for the biggest choice of games, best promotions, biggest events and a largest selection of satellite qualifiers. Oh, and did I mention the best software and the 2nd best software too (at Full Tilt). One day you’ll end up checking out PokerStars. My recommendation is to check out the fishier sites first, and head here when you have the skills and experience to know a great table from a merely good one. You can claim up to 3 welcome bonuses at PokerStars – use Marketing Code PSP3108 when you register, then bonus code STARS600 when you deposit. They are the biggest and best site for a good reason, check out Pokerstars now and see why for yourself!

Poker Stars - The No1 Poker Site Worldwide!

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