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Best Site For Sit N Goes - How The Poker Sites Match Up To Your Needs

Best Poker Site for Sit N Goes 2018Big Update Time Start of 2018: I have given this article a big update to reflect the recent changes at the major poker sites. This includes the new table below, which should make it clearer that the ‘best site’ depends a lot on where *you* are in your development as a player – and of course where you are located. 

One thing I would like to be clearer on this time around is that the best site does not mean the biggest. 

Only a tiny minority of players want to multi-table 8+ Sit and Goes for 6 hours+ a day (and I genuinely wish every single reader who does do this the best!). Most players want to win money, and also enjoy poker recreationally. I strongly believe it makes no sense at all for average players to sit in games with 5+ grinders - those are not as profitable, even if you can beat the 'regs' they do not give much away, and can be downright nitty / dull.

The good news is that there are some excellent sites which are taking their focus away from the 'grinders' and rewarding the recreational players better than ever. This is the main reason for the latest update - I'm always happy to debate things if you do not agree!

Best Sit And Go Tournaments - Mark's Introduction

If you thought that Sit n Go tournaments were the same everywhere online then it is time to think again! There are huge differences in the average ability of your opponents (some sites have a lot of ‘grinders’ compared to others), the fees charged per game + extra rewards you can earn – and the software platforms on which the games run.

If you are learning the game or playing recreationally, then it does not make sense to sit with all the ‘small stakes pros’. If you are multi-tabling to grind a bankroll, then you need to combine reasonable volume with fair fees. If you enjoy a niche variation of SNG tournaments then the ‘best site’ changes once again.

The table below shows my key picks for 2018 for US Players, Aspiring Pros and players who are new to the game and want to learn while making a profit.

Best Site Sit And Go Tournaments In 2018
US Players
US Sit N Go Tournaments Online
  • Popular Chico Network Site, Growing SNG Traffic
  • 200% Match + Long List of Player Promos
  • Betting Traffic Keeps Games Soft
BetOnline Poker for Sit and Goes
Softest SNGs
Fishy Sit & Goes at Titan in 2017
  • Soft Games Due To Huge Betting X-Over Traffic
  • 200% Matched Bonus + $20 Extra (Bonus Code = SNGPLANET)
  • Easiest SNGs Anywhere, Crazy Games!
Titan Poker Best Site SNGs
New Players
Best Site Sit N Goes 2017
  • 2nd Biggest Poker Site, Really Solid Software
  • $88 Free Play Bonus for all New Players (no deposit needed)
  • Great Selection Of SNGs + New Loyalty Rewards Scheme
888 Visit Best SNGs Article

2018 Top Sit N Go Picks – A Little More Detail Behind My Choices

#1 US Player’s Top SNG Pick – BetOnline Poker

best us sit n go siteJust when things looked like a 2 way fight between Ignition (formerly Bovada) and the Winning Poker Network - along came sports betting giant BetOnline to stake their claim. This site is part of the Chico Network, and is now in the mix for the 2nd / 3rd place fight to be the biggest US offshore network. If you enjoy Sit N Goes, then there is plenty of action at the lower buy-ins there, and some mid-stakes games kick off during weekday evenings and at weekends. 

The biggest reason that BetOnline are my number one pick for US based Sit N Go fans is that the games are very easy to beat. Many of the players cross over from the sportsbook and casino parts of the site. These are recreational gamblers and not the math-geeks you might find (particularly on some of the international sites). Check out the tables, you will see the difference during the early stages - and particularly at the bubble (where notions like ICM are still unknown by more than half of the fields)

BetOnline back up their soft games with generous player promotions. You'll get 200% matched to your first deposit, and then a long list of promos after that. These change all the time, so I will not list them here. I do recommend you keep an eye on their website though - some of the short-term deals are super-generous compared to other sites. Check out the very  beatable Sit N Goes at BetOnline Poker for yourself now!

#2 Recreational Players And Those New To The Game – Titan Poker

Best SNGs for recreational players TitanNot everyone aspires to be a grinder, in fact the majority of people who play online poker do so for fun – and of course a little profit! If you do not want to grind and put in the hours of study required to be a pro, it makes sense that you should try and avoid the games full of people who do this.

You’ll find very soft Sit N Goes at Titan Poker – thanks to the unique dynamic of the iPoker Network, which is the poker back-end of some of the world’s leading betting sites. Brands like William Hill, Paddy Power and Betfair pool together their poker players on this network. This allows them a huge choice of games, and means they do not have to maintain their own software. What you will find is that there are 1000’s of first-time players crossing over from the betting sites every day – creating the softest tables anywhere for online poker games.

Choices include all the main variations of turbo, 6-max, double-or-nothing, satellites and steps SNGs. In addition you will find Jackpot Sit N Goes – which award between €2000 and €35,000 for winning 6 in a row (depends on the buy-in), there are now also Lottery Sit N Goes, which are 3 handed games with prizes of between 2x and 1000x your buy-in.

Titan offer you rewards you will not get at the betting site brands, including the entertaining ‘Titan Treasures’ system where you are awarded gold coins for completing different poker challenges which you can then turn into extra bonuses.

You can grab $20 extra free cash to check out the games at Titan, simply by using bonus code SNGPLANET. I will ensure that the extra $20 is paid directly into your player account within 48 hours of your first deposit (usually sooner). If you can find softer games anywhere else online then I would love to hear about it, for me Titan is the easiest place for new and recreational player to make a profit in 2018, check out Titan Poker for yourself now.

#3 Grinders + Aspiring Pros Top Pick –

Stars SNG VolumeIf you are serious about making it in online poker, then one site stands far above the rest in terms of your potential to make it big. PokerStars are huge, 3x bigger than their closest rivals, and the massive choice of Sit n Goes mean you can multi-table around the clock. I recommend this site only for aspiring pros and grinders, recreational players and first timers will find themselves targeted by regulars with software tools and will often lose their bankroll before getting a chance to properly learn the ropes. 

You’ll need to work on your skills to succeed at PokerStars. The popularity for multi-tabling ‘small stakes pros’ means that the standard of play is better than you will find elsewhere. The games can certainly be beaten, it is just that you need to stay ahead of the other pros, by learning the ranges better, making moves at the right times and – where possible – identifying and avoiding the big winners. The choice of games is amazing, with the large amount of players meaning niche games run all the time in addition to the regular variations.

If you do make it at PokerStars you will be rewarded for your efforts. Their loyalty program is second to none online, and grinding SNGs is a fantastic way to move up quickly. You will also be able to move up those buy-in levels as your bankroll and experience grows – meaning you’ll hit the highest rewards levels (Supernova and up) even faster. The software at this site is fantastic too – compare how smooth and fast things are side by side with any other site and you will see just how far ahead Stars have got.

How to Get 3 'First' Deposit Bonuses: 

Benefits include: You’ll get up to 3 welcome bonuses (100% match up to a total of $600) at PokerStars + a massive ever-changing list of promotions. You should also check out the generous ‘Battle Of The Planets’ leader board system, which runs in addition to the regular ‘VIP Club’ rewards.

There is a 2 step process to get set up and take up to 3 welcome bonuses up to $600 total. First you register a player account; choose Marketing Code PSP3108 (marketing code is a choice in the crop down list, after registration on mobile devices) when you register your account. Then deposit with bonus code STARS600 to grab up to 3 deposit bonuses. If you have not yet checked out the biggest and best Sit N Go site then what are you waiting for? Check out for yourself now!

Different Types of SNG Poker Tournaments

Best Site For Sit N Goes – Specific Variations + Links To More Articles

Aside from the big picture view of the best Sit n Goes, I have specific recommendations which cover many of the variations + unique reviews of each site which focus on sit and go tournaments too. Below you will find a summary and link to some of the key articles:

Double-Or-Nothing Sit N Goes: You’ll now find a table comparing the fees charged at different sites for the double-up format. Since these are fast games, these can add up fast. I also outlined my picks in the same format as this article (spoiler: 2 sites the same, 1 different!). Check out my Best Site For Double Or Nothing Sit N Goes here.

Steps Sit And Go Tournaments: These have been around for a long time, and allow you to win seats in progressively bigger buy-in games from a small start. Key to these games are the ‘exit points’ where you can exchange your entry for a big tournament entry or cash prize. You will find big differences across the sites in Steps games – my intro to Steps Sit And Goes article explains all.

Hyper / Super Turbo SNGs: Things just keep getting faster in online poker, and 1-table tournaments are no exception. Short starting stacks and super-fast blind levels mean you need to understand the unique dynamic of these games in order to win. The up-side is that those who crack them can make a lot of money very quickly. 2 links here, first check Hyper-Turbo Strategy for the tips, and then Best Super / Hyper Turbo Sit N Goes for a comparison of the different sites.

Multi-Table Sit N Goes: If you prefer the 2, 5 or 10 table variations then I have an article for you. These rely on a decent volume of players to avoid waiting a long time for them to start – so make sure you do not get caught out by reading this article!

Heads-Up Sit N Goes: Last one for this list – heads-up games are a specialism all of their own. What you will find at some sites are a lot of ‘bumhunters. These are heads-up specialists who refuse to play against other specialists, and so sit at a long list of tables waiting for someone who is not familiar with these games to turn up… Avoiding the bumhunters is essential, unless you have studied this format in a lot of detail. Find out more in my best site for heads-up Sit N Goes articles.

Lottery Sit N Goes: It is amazing how fast a new format spreads around the sites these days. Lottery Sit n Goes are 3 handed games with randomly assigned prize pools of between 2x (thats most of them) and 1000x your buy-in. The prize is sometimes awarded via a wheel-of-fortune type spinning wheel at the start of the game. Many big sites now have these including Titan Poker (the idea started on the iPoker Network), PokerStars - and for US players America's Cardoom. 

Best Site For Sit N Goes – My Summary And Final Thoughts

Even though I love Sit N Go tournaments, I understand that most people just use these to build up their bankroll – then usually move on to other forms of poker. Key to this ‘quick-win’ scenario is to find the softest games possible, hit them hard, then move on when the profits dry up. I'll repeat one more time (since it is important!), that if you are not planning on 8+ tabling to grind out a profit, then there is no reason to sit in the tougher games at PokerStars - especially when so many other sites have games which are very easy to beat in comparison!

For the rest of us, Titan Poker is the sweet spot, due to the huge number of sports betting fans who play on this network. Add to this the $20 extra free cash on top of your first deposit with my bonus code SNGPLANET – and you have a very profitable combination! Check out Titan Poker for yourself right now!

top sit n go pick 2018 - titan bottom banner

To Finish Up - Here Is A List Of My Unique Sit N Go Specific Site Reviews, Great For Comparing The Games!

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