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Detailed Review Of partypoker – Still The Easiest Games In 2019?

Planet Mark’s Summary: Profitable games + generous bonuses have kept partypoker in the top 5 sites for many years - you will discover the games are just as juicy as ever as we get into 2019 - thanks to a renewed focus on providing the best setup for recreational and amateur players. Add to this the new cashback system; between 20% and 40% (depending on your volume) paid automatically every Monday - and you'll find this is a great place to build your bankroll.


There is a good reason why you'll be able to take advantage of so many novice players at Party Poker - their big brand. This is the only one well known among non-poker players, and is still the first site they choose when giving online poker a try. 


Bonuses at Party Poker are relentless, you'll just be finishing one offer and the next will be waiting for you! When you use bonus code SNGPLANET to claim your bonus you'll get $30 in Spins tokens, plus up to 40% cashback paid automatically into your account every Monday. Party also reward players with tournament entries for achieving missions, these range from easy challenges to get you started - through to some more difficult ones, as you progress the rewards get bigger.


partypoker's easy games are alive and kicking in 2019, and with exceptional rewards, there really is no reason to stay with your current site any longer - check out partypoker now!



partypoker 2019 Review - In Detail


partypoker are set to continue their long run as one of the top online poker sites in 2019. As you will see from my detailed Party review below - this is still the number one place to go for easy games, whether you are new to online poker or an experienced player looking to increase your profits.

No other site is as well known by non-players as Partypoker, even my Mum has heard of them! This ensures a constant stream of new players checking out the online games for the first time. When you see for yourself how easy some of the cash games, tournaments and SNGs at this site are then you will immediately understand why I rate Party Poker as one of the best online poker sites. Add to this the sports-betting fans who came over to Party via their Bwin merger, and you will see how they manage to host such constantly 'fishy' games. Party have innovative games (including the new Fast Forward Poker and the SNG Hero games) and some very generous bonuses - particularly focused on keeping their current players happy - you will find this site as much fun as it was back in 2001 when online poker was brand new!

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partypoker Review 2019 - Spotlight On Cash Games

You will have a huge choice of the famous easy Party Poker cash games to choose from as soon as you log on - I'll break down the different options and combos starting with the most popular tables of all, No-Limit Holdem. One important factor to keep in mind is that Party ban the types of tools favored by small stakes pros and grinders. Without having opponents using 'HUD' software, everyone has to rely on their own notes, reads and strategy - making the games more of a level playing field for the new players. If you do not multi-table more than a couple of games, then I recommend the 'Casual Cash Games' which are made especially for recreational players.

Stakes start at the tiny 1c / 2c blind games at Party, with 2c / 4c, 5c / 10c and 10c / 25c blinds taking us from the crazy-busy micro limits into the lower stakes games. You will find a long list of tables up to around $3 / $6 - with a choice of $5 / $10 games and the occasional higher stakes tables. You can choose from 2, 6 and 9 player tables. One extra to note is that Party now have anonymous tables including heads-up games! Instead of a list of tables, you will see the stakes + table sizes listed in the lobby. You click on a 'Play Now' button and go direct to a table with an open seat. This might seem like a small change. What it does is keep the pros / grinders from targeting tables with amateurs / fish. That keeps the games easier for everyone.

Fixed limit holdem is popular at Party, and pot-limit betting is also offered. Omaha has a big following at Party Poker. With PLO and PLO8 variations running. Stud (including Hi-Lo) completes the line up.

Soft games and a huge selection to choose from make this one of the best sites for both beginners and experienced players looking to build their bankroll. Some of the tables are short-stacked, allowing only 5x the big blind. These are entertaining games, where you get the chance to turn your 5 blinds into a monster stack in just minutes.

Fast Forward Poker Cash Games

You will find a fast-fold poker game, called Fast-Forward Poker, in No Limit Holdem and PLO format. These are in 6-max format. You go to a new hand (with others from the pool at your buy-in level) as soon as you fold. This makes fast-forward super-fast - with 100's of hands per hour possible. Blinds start at 2c / 5c for this format - going all the way up to $2 / $5. I love this format when time is more limited. They are great for a quick session, with no waiting around for others to complete their hands.You'll find them second on the left in the lobby.

Check out those juicy cash games for yourself now over at!

partypoker 2019 Review - Spotlight On Tournaments

There is no doubt that Party host some of the easiest poker tournaments online, with a cool $15,000,000 in guaranteed prizes every month. Tourneys are easy, right up to the mid-to-high stakes games - especially where there are satellite qualifiers for smaller bankroll players. While the list of games available is huge, especially during European evenings and at weekends, I sometimes get the feeling that there are only ever a few games starting around the same time which really suit my tastes... This is probably more due to the large number of variations and buy-ins which keep the recreational players happy at Party than anything they actually do wrong!

You will find standard NL limit holdem tournaments, speed games, speed rebuys (a very popular variation), knockouts (called 'Bounties'), pure-knockouts, satellite qualifiers and many sub-qualifiers. You will find buy-ins starting at cents (well, Party Points too!) and going up to the big buy-in Sunday $200k guaranteed or the quarterly 'Party Million' events. You will find events covering weeks of tournaments, as well as special promotions, you will get extra rewards for high volume of play via tournament leader boards - but best of all... you'll get to enjoy some of the easiest tournaments anywhere online!

The latest addition to the tournament schedule are the 'PowerFest' events and Power Series individual tournaments. These are longer events than at many other sites (lasting 3+ weeks) and feature a list of tournaments with big guaranteed prizes, along with qualifiers to get into the biggest of these. A lot of players are breaking through to the next level after a good run in these events - which are running regularly. 

Party are also hosting the biggest ever online poker tournament. This has a $20,000,000 guarantee. There are a ton of qualifiers for this game, starting at just 1c. With so many Live and online events in the schedule, I recommend keeping an eye on the 'Tournaments' tab for the latest news. 

Check the latest tournaments and events now over at!

partypoker 2019 Review - Spotlight On Sit N Goes

I have created a separate review for Party Poker Sit N Goes. For this page I'll quickly summarize what is on offer. Standard SNGs run through $1, $3, $6 and $11 and up - they are available in standard, speed and turbo formats, in NL Holdem or Omaha and in 2, 6 or 9 player format. I recommend you avoid the lowest buy-ins, as these charge a higher fee (proportionally) than at some other sites.

Varitation include the massively popular Double-or-Nothing games, Steps (win your way to step 6 for huge prizes!) and the innovative timed 'Hellkat' SNG tournaments. For more on these games check out my review of partypoker SNGs here.

The latest addition is SNG Jackpot games, These are lottery Sit N Goes. They are 3 handed with random jackpots and 'Hyper Turbo' structures. You can win up to 10000x your buy-in. These are also used for qualifiers - with tickets to big tournaments and events as prizes. Buy-ins range from just 25c all the way to $100.

partypoker 2019 Review - Software And Playability

With a few minor gripes set aside, the software client at partypoker is really very good. I like the navigation for the games, which is a series of simple choices across the top of the screen. I also like the fact that the cashier, support screens and all the other Party info is included in one place (from the left hand side menu). My gripes are the annoying pop-up which comes after you stop playing for 20 minutes or so - and the fact that your computer only needs to run low on memory for a few seconds for the cool animations to be switched off. 

The recent updates were more than just cosmetic though the new look is certainly fresher than the old green site. A small but very effective update is that you can group the tables in the lobby, so all tables of the same size and buy-in are hidden. You can then join the first available table from these groups with a single click. Player achievement badges are another addition. These tie into the general 'gamification' with the missions, and allow players to display their achievements at the tables. I recommend that readers keep these achievements to themselves, in poker you want to give as little information as possible to your opponents! 

Missions range from simply sitting in certain games to cashing 3 times in a row or taking down a tournament. These get progressively more challenging, and each time you complete one you will receive a token to enter a special weekly tournament, the amount of prize money in these tournaments is graded along with the difficulty of the challenges.

Party Review - Missions now at Party Poker

These really are small annoyances - this is one of the most user-friendly poker software setups you are going to find anywhere!

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partypoker 2019 Review - Bonuses, Incentives And Promotions

You'll find a lot of bonuses at Party Poker - I'll break this section down with the key info in different sections, starting with the new player welcome bonus.

As a new player you can claim $30 in Spins tournament tokens, for a tiny $20 deposit, simply use Party Poker Bonus Code SNGPLANET when you register your account to receive this.

You'll then get 20% to 40% cashback every Monday (this makes Mondays a great time to play, as all the fish get their money too!).

Ongoing incentives are the strong point for Party. You will receive many 'reload' bonuses, at various percentages from 50% of your deposit up to 200%. Instead of a standard points collection loyalty scheme, you will now have to complete 'challenges' to unlock prizes ranging from tournament entries to cash bonuses. These are fun and varied, and designed with the beginning / leisure market in mind rather than simply rewarding high volumes of play. It really does feel like Party Poker are being proactive in discouraging grinders from their tables, which should make the games softer than ever!

Promotions next, here I will give you a flavor of what is on offer. You will need to keep an eye on the Party Poker website for the latest deals, as these are changing every week. What you will find is a mix of tournament events (including qualifiers to the big live tournaments around the world) and 'challenges' which reward you for playing certain games or hitting certain points levels each week. Small stakes players are really well looked after in these promos, which can include the 'fee-free' periods for different games too. If you want an indication of how well new players are looked after then look no further than the $2000 Cash Booster freeroll in the list at the time of writing.

Grab your $30 in tokens now - and check out the latest missions - over at www,

partypoker 2019 Review - Summary And Planet Mark's Verdict

Lets face it - you do not get to stay in the top 5 poker sites through massive industry changes over 15 years without good reasons. Party Poker have managed their big brand name to perfection, looking after their regular players and attracting new players to the tables all the time, keeping the famously easy games as soft as ever.

For me it is the ongoing incentives and bonuses, together with the soft games, which are the key reason to play at this site. When the US finally open up again I would really not be surprised to see partypoker (deservedly) take back their number 1 spot.

I strongly recommend you check out the new look and soft games for yourself now - grab your $30 in tokens, and start earning up to 40% cashback with bonus code SNGPLANET - check out now!

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