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Festival Mini-Review + A Week Of Writing Ahead

Happy to be back in the office after a break for an excellent Sziget Festival this past weekend. As much as I love live music, being away from the Planet HQ does cause me a little in the way of separation anxiety these days... well, let me just say I'm happy to be back and have some big plans for this week. First up though, it looks like today will be the day to hit the 1000 member mark for the '$16 / Hour SNG Blueprint Course"...... thats in just 4 weeks too - a big thanks to all who joined up, and an even bigger thanks to those who sent me positive feedback. There are some more reader questions, I'll do a post on those towards the end of this week.

Anyway, a mini-review of the Sziget Festival.

This is a yearly event on an island in the middle of the river Danube in Budapest... it attracts people from all over the world and has great line-ups of bands and lots of extra stuff going on too. I'm a little older than your average festival goer and will not camp out these days, though for me nothing beats great live music in a whole range of styles. Enjoyed: The Specials, Kasabian, Muse, The Cribs, Billy Talent and other random bands in many smaller stages... Glad to have seen: Public Image Limited and Iron Maiden, though enjoyed them mainly in a 'seeing the greats' way. Big shout for the beer prices (2 Euros a pint!) and nice curry too...

Right, back to online poker rooms! Well, I have neither played or checked the news in the last week or so, which was actually very positive. With my agenda of actions for this week I'll probably have to wait until the weekend for a game too. Here is whats in plan for this and many other sites on the Planet Network:  

- Knockouts Guide: I'm going to bring all my notes together and make another eBook this week, leave it for the weekend, and then proof-read and send out next week. This will cover knockout SNGs of all sizes and include strategy ideas. Plan is to send this to people on the Blueprint course as an extra - the reason: Taking this site to the next level is going to involve giving the best I have, freely and often... that is reason enough for me!

- PB Network: This is a site having a huge revamp and new design at the moment... I have a list of 30 articles to write for this site, which should be completed by the end of the week. Some research required too, since we cover networks I am not a regular player on and if there is one thing that really irritates me, it is vauge info which shows that the author did not really do any research.

- PB Klubs: I'm going to have a good review of the "PB Klub Network' this week, have some heatmap software installed to better understand how visitors are interacting with them. I think these sites should be doing better and plan on focusing people on a specific call to action. Thats about it, a million small things too including reviewing the Cardrunners SNG videos... with staff holidays upon us it is more prep for next week than updates.

As ever, good luck at those tables! Mark

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