Lottery Sit n Goes Compared

A Detailed Comparison of Lottery Sit and Go Tournaments Including Jackpots, Structures and Key Differences

Lottery Sit N Goes overview

Lottery Sit N Goes have become the hottest thing in online poker. Since the original version of this article went up several more of the larger sites have introduced their own lottery jackpot Sit N Goes.

Not only do these games give you a shot at competing for a huge jackpot prize (100,000x your buy-in prize pools are out there), they are fast-paced and entertaining too – taking less than 8 minutes on average.

Just like the ‘fast fold’ boom of a few years ago, these games work great on your iPhones or Android smartphones. They provide a refreshing alternative to what can seem like the grind of regular sit n goes. Best of all, if you play smart and can stand some in-built variance, Lottery SNGs can be very profitable too!

I have switched around the layout of this article since the original was completed. First of all, below you’ll find a table which summarizes what games are available at the main sites. In addition to the original games on the iPoker Network and at PokerStars (Full Tilt are now merged with Stars, so those games are not included), you’ll find lottery SNG games at 888 Poker, Party Poker and for US players at the offshore America’s Cardroom Poker.

Below the table you’ll find more details on what is on offer at each of the sites in more detail and buy-in / prizes info.

I’m sure to be asked which is my favorite – and that is an easy pick. The 6-handed Spin and Gold games at GGPoker hit the lottery SNGs ‘sweet spot’ for me, with potential for 100,000x prize pools, timed games and the craziest opponents you’ll find. If you are already familiar with 1-table tournaments (especially with a little ICM knowledge) and push-fold ranges, you will be able to crush these games over and over.;

Better still, you get $100 in tokens with a minimum deposit when you join GG, which includes multiple free entries into Spin and Gold tournaments. See for more (or scroll down for the full info / explanation as to what makes these games so good).

► Best Lottery Sit N Goes
GG Poker
Blast Poker Small
Spin and Gold
  • Choice: Super-Soft 3 or 6-max Games
  • Win up to $2,000,000 (100,000x)
  • $100 Tickets Free with Welcome Bonus
Spin and Gold at GGPoker 
PokerStars Spin N Go Small
 Spin N Go Tournaments
  • $1,000,000 top prize (> 12,000x)
  • 8 Buy-in levels + Sunday Million Specials
  • Instant bonus (marketing code PSP3108)
Spin N Go tournaments
Party Poker
Party SNG Hero Small
Spins Jackpot SNGs
  • Choose SPINS or SPINS Ultra
  • Win up to $1 million (200k x)
  • Big List of Freeplay Tokens (code = SNGPLANET)
SNG Hero Tournaments Party Poker
ACR Poker
US Poker Players Jackpot Lottery SNG
Jackpot Poker 
  • Only US friendly Lottery SNGs
  • 3 handed > 2500x prizes buy-ins to $40
  • Special tournament token deal
ACR lottery jackpot games

Lottery Sit N Goes – How The Different Games Work

GGPoker Spin and Gold Tournaments

Spin and Gold WheelSpin and Gold are the newest lottery SNGs around. There are two excellent reasons to check them out:

  • Choice of 3-max and 6-max games with insurance and wide range of buy-ins.
  • GGPoker are attracting players from around the world, this site is chock-full of gamblers – making these games incredibly soft.

Buy-ins start at 25c with $5k max prizes at that level. They go all the way to $200. Highlights are the $1 3-max games, which have a $100,000 top prize. The $10 6-max hits $1,000,000. Starting stacks are 300 chips, with 2-minute blinds.

If you hit the bigger prizes, the money is spread between all the players. Stacks are boosted, and blind levels made longer – so it is more than just a crapshoot.

The choice of prize pool is determined by a wheel spin. This teases you regularly, a little too much really. The pointer looks like it is about to flick into a big slot, then jumps back at the last moment. Ratios of prize pools are shown, with the 2x games around 50% of the time.

Insurance is a unique option. This returns you stake every time you get a 2x prize pool.

GGPoker are offering free entry to Spin and Gold tournaments as part of their $100 in tickets / buy-ins deal for new players. These are spread over your first six days.

Check out these super-soft games now, and grab your $100 in tickets over at


888 Poker Lottery SNG Games – Blast Sit N Goes

Blast Poker Graphic888 are the most recent of the big sites to introduce a lottery jackpot games – though for me the wait was worthwhile.

Blast SNGs are different from most other sites, in that they are both 4-handed and timed. Most of the games last for 6 minutes only, before everyone is all-in until the prizes are distributed. Bigger prize pools last a little longer, and split the prize between 2 or even 3 players. This brings some strategy into play, as the tiered prizes mean that chips change value through the games. You’ll have to be quick with your decisions, as the shallow stacks and 2 minute blind levels keep the pressure on.

For me the best thing about 888 in general is that they cater to recreational / amateur type players rather than pro-grinders. Sure, you’ll find a few regulars in the Blast games, though compared with PokerStars (for example) this is a tiny number. You can read more about Blast Lottery Sit and Goes (including my strategy thoughts) in this article.

Buy-in levels: 10c, $1, $5, $15 and $30

Prizes: Anything up to 10,000x your buy-in ($300,000 top prize).

Notes: Bigger prizes split between more players, timed at 6 minutes for smallest prizes, 8+ for bigger prizes then everyone is all-in until the end. The smallest buy-ins have now moved to 2 minutes in total as a default, with longer times for 10x prizes and bigger.

888 Poker Deal: Brand new players get up to $88 free (no deposit or credit card needed, the bonus will depend on your country) to try out the real money games. You can still claim your 100% welcome bonus at any point down the line. Blast Lottery SNGs are the easiest games around – and a lot of fun too – check them out for yourself now at

Twister Sit N Go Tournaments on the iPoker Network

Twister SNGs were the first games in this new format. They are produced by PlayTech and available through iPoker Network sites such as Titan Poker and NetBet. These games are 3 handed, and give you the chance to win up to 1000x your buy-in each time. While the top prize is lower than at some other sites – the balance with this is that there are more of these fairly big prizes to go around.

When you log in you’ll see a wheel of fortune type wheel before you start your game. Once this starts you have 500 chips and 2 minute blind levels, with all of the prize money going to the winner each time. When the prize is 1000x the prizes are distributed to all 3 players, with 80% to the winner and 10% to each of the other two players. These games last 7 to 9 minutes each on average.

iPoker has the advantage of having a lot of ‘big brand’ members which are primarily sports betting and casino brands (think William Hill, Paddy Power and so on). This brings a lot of new players to the tables. The pattern is that they sign up to bet on the football, and find the poker games via the site. As you can imagine, inexperienced opponents can and do make for some crazy play, which you’ll find at all the different poker variations on this network.

iPoker Twister Jackpots

Buy-In Levels: €1, €2, €5 and €10

Prize Pools: Up to 1000x your buy-in (top prize $10,000)

Notes: Played in Euros, though you can deposit in Dollars or Pounds (+ several others), the games at Titan are all Euro based.

iPoker Deals: An easy recommendation for accessing those super-soft iPoker games including the Twister SNGs is NetBet Poker. This site has been around more than 10 years (used to be Poker770) and really look after their loyal players very well. You can get €20 free to enjoy the games (€10 as soon as you deposit, then €10 more after 7 days), on top of your 200% deposit bonus. I also strongly recommend keeping a close eye on the list of bonuses and promotions, which are the best on the network! Check out for yourself now!

Spin N Go Tournaments at PokerStars

I'm removing this part. I want nothing to do with this grinder-filled site, and recommend readers look elsewhere!


SPINS Tournaments at Party Poker

After experiementing and eventually dropping their bounty / jackpot combo games, partypoker have opted for the 3-handed idea used by the other major sites. What they do differently is give you a choice of fast (regular SPINs) and crazy-fast (Ultra-Spins).

The top prize is an amazing $1,000,000. Party Poker is big enough that this is won regularly. If you head to their 'SPINS' page under 'Poker Games', you will see the latest millionaire featured in the left-hand menu. There are a lot of different buy-ins to choose from. You can play for 25c with a max prize of 12.000x. As with the other sites, once you get into the bigger prizes, the runners up get a little something too. The top buy-in is $500. At this level, you'd better know the math behind push / fold ranges like the back of your hand. 

Party are just as fishy (easy to beat) as ever, and are starting to make a comeback in terms of the number of players.

Buy-In Levels: 25c, $1, $3, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $250, $500

Prizes: Up to 240,000x your buy-in.

Party Poker Deal: Grab tokens + cash game buy-ins worth $30 for a minimum deposit (more here) + plenty of tournament action with the new missions / challenges based reward system. Use bonus code SNGPLANET. Check out the latest missions (and their prizes) at now!


Jackpot Poker at America’s Cardroom (US Friendly)

There are three distinctive points to cover for the ‘Jackpot Poker’ SNG tournaments at America’s Cardroom. The first is that these are the only lottery Sit N Goes currently open to US players. ACR are part of the Winning Poker Network, based out in the Caribbean, and have been welcoming US players to their real money games for many years.

Second is that the upper prize bands (you can win up to 2500x your buy-in) are distributed among all 3 players in these games. This means that if you are lucky enough to get over 20x your buy-in as a prize, you will definitely not be going home empty handed. Third, Jackpot Poker is also used for satellite qualifiers into live poker tournaments, up to and including the World Series of Poker. Blind levels for all buy-ins are 3 minutes.

Buy-Ins: $2, $10, $25 and $40

Prizes: Between 2x and 2500x your buy-in, which makes the top prize $100,000

ACR Poker Deal: At the moment you’ll get a free scratch card every day for the first 20 days after you deposit (along with your 100% welcome bonus). This gives you between $2 and $6 in ‘tournament dollars’, which you can use for the Jackpot Poker games (or save towards bigger tournament buy-ins). This is a generous offer, and is running alongside a lot of other promotions and events. Check out for the latest!

Fish Party Lottery Sit N Goes at Red Kings Poker (MicroGaming Network - Now Closed!)

Fish Party Lottery SNGs MPNThere are two unique twists to the lottery Sit N Goes on the MicroGaming Poker Network (MPN). The first is the way that the prize pool is determined at the start of each game. This is via a spin on a slot machine. If you get 3 of the 'Fish Party' logos, you are playing for the maximum, which is at least 5000x your buy-in. Other prizes depend on which fish you line up. This is entertaining enough - though it is really no different to the wheels or sliding backgrounds at other sites. The second difference is more significant. The top prize starts at 5000x, though this is progressive. Every day it is not won, the amount goes up. At the time of writing this the jackpot for the €1 games was €38,000!

The format is 3 handed, with 500 chip starting stacks and 3 minute blind levels. This makes the MPN games a little slower than some others - though slow is relative here, these are still pretty fast games. The buy-ins are €1, €5, €10, €20 and €50. While it is a shame that there is a missing level between €1 and €5, the general softness of the games (especially compared to the Spin N Goes at PokerStars) does make up for this. 

MPN Poker Pick: With plenty of sports betting sites sharing the poker room on the MicroGaming Network, there are always soft games available. My pick is Red Kings Poker (a long time OnGame site, which joined the MPN after that network closed). Check out the latest jackpot amounts at now! 

Note: MSN Poker and Red Kings closed a couple of years ago, I still miss their Fish Party games!

Planet Mark’s Pick: A Clear Winner

Spin and Gold games at GG Poker get my vote for a combination of great reasons! These games are crazy-soft, and give you a choice of 3 or 6 max tables. The three handed games are perfect to let off steam and gamble for a huge prize. If you want to make a profit then a basic understanding of hand ranges and push-fold strategy is plenty enough to get you in the money for the 6-max games. With a $2 million top prize, plenty of action and buy-ins from just 25c, there are plenty of games to choose from. 

GG Poker give away $100 in tokens for a min $20 deposit. If you complete their 'honeymoon missions', you can add up to $300 on top. A great reason to check out the Spin and Gold tournaments at this exciting new poker site. 

Check out GG Poker now over at!


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