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SNG Planet New Version Ready

** Quick Edit - Issues with non-US version signup for the new course at the moment, bear with us! ** Our new look is here, warts n all. After a lot of hard work we are finally ready with the new-look SNG Planet. Here is quick run-down of the big changes... while we try and work out exactly why that mystery black square is sitting behind the header on the homepage!

- New Design, we have gone dark blue this time. Not only that, we have introduced more graphics into the design in general. Simplified the layouts of the main pages and put several new navigation features in place such as drop down choices in the menus under the header graphic. Lots still to do on this front, though the main look is in place now.

 - New Course, yes, we raise a glass today and say farewell to 'A Comedy Of Errors', this eBook was sent more than 10,000 times and had some great feedback. While the points about opponents are still valid, poker has moved on - so I challenged myself to come up with a more detailed replacement. This is called the '$16 / Hour SNG Blueprint', it is a 4-part course, and will teach beginning poker players how to make $16 (or more) per hour within 30 days... initial feedback has been great, and I'm looking forward to getting the views of more readers. There is a US and Non-US version (using different sites / structures etc) so make sure you get the right one.  

- New Sub-Mains, especially with the SNGs, the list of articles got huge. We have thus broken out some of the key areas such as Bankroll Management, Multi-Table SNGs and Bubble play and made individual pages for them with the key articles and areas.  

- Overflows: We already broke a number of SNG articles into an overflow - these are not 2nd tier articles, it is just there were to many on closely related subjects. Today we added an Overflow for the MTTs articles too, though looking at the Poker Tournaments main page we could probably do with breaking out even more of these articles!  

- Web 2.0 (yeah, yeah cliche!), We have a facebook page and twitter to follow and you can also follow the RSS of this blog. Not only are these great ways to keep in touch with new updates, they are your opportunity to give us feedback on what you like and what you would like to see more of too. We'd appreciate it if you helped get our facebook page started with a 'like' using the button on our homepage - thanks!

Anyway, lots of work still to do - this is really just the start. Next we will go through the key articles and brush them up... then it will be time for some of the other languages. We will start with Russian and take it from there (big job if you think about the new course as well as site changes for 6 more languages, ah well). Would love to hear your feeback on the site changes!

GL at the tables, Mark

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