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New Member Of The Bonus Club Family + Satellites Update Underway

Hectic as ever here at Planet HQ, something about a new version of your main site in addition to all of the 100's of other tasks which makes it seem crazier than ever. Anyway, an announcement to start off with...

Thanks to the efforts of Planet Laszlo we now have our first Portuguese site up and running, this is part of the Poker Bonus Club brand which now covers 9 different countries and can be found here: Poker Bonus I will admit to a small mistake with this one, I booked a .pt domain before reading the small print... which said I had to be Portuguese registered to get it... ah well, lesson learned and only around $90 spent!

Here at SNG Planet the final tweaks to the styles etc for the new update are just about complete, which means we can start posting articles again. Added two today, an update to our FTOPS article for number 18 which starts next month - and one on qualifiers for the EPT London via Party Poker - I personally like their qualifying system with a mid-size sub-qualifier as between the lower donk-fests and the super-satellites themselves. Hungarian writers are still being trialed... oh and we have kicked off translation of the $16 per hour SNG Blueprint into Russian today too - will take this one language a month for the rest of the year until we have complete coverage. Going to give our facebook page a quick plug - would be great to see as many of you as possible join, I have decided to add articles which I personally enjoy there as well as those from my own sites and will ask some interactive questions once we reach 100 or so followers.

This page can be found here: SNG Planet Facebook

Gl at the tables, Mark

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