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Knockout Guide Released + Omaha Starting Hands Chart

Running at full steam in the Planet HQ this week. A couple of worthy updates to let you all know about. One is a guide and the other an excellent new addition to the (often neglected) Omaha Planet...First the guide, or eBook or whatever you want to call them. I did a 'Blueprint Special' on 90 Player SNGs at Full Tilt Poker.

Really pleased with the way it came out, the emphasis is on spotting the mistakes your opponents are making while chasing the knockout bounties... and then re-adjusting to profit from these errors. At the moment this will only be sent to members of the SNG Blueprint course - I set the mailing system to send this 10 days after the final part of the original course.

Not sure yet whether I will later release or publish this as a 'stand alone'. Here is an offer! I enjoy writing these guides and am already wondering what to do the next one on... if you have any ideas then drop me a comment or an e-mail... maybe your idea will be the next guide... Loads of people joining us on the Blueprint course at the moment... if you have not come across this yet then you can read the preview here!

Next Omaha. Specifically Pot-Limit Omaha and that elusive starting hand chart. A reader by the name of Anthony from Ashburn, VA. was good enough to put together a chart based on the strategy of Jeff Hwang (one of the big published names if you are new to Omaha). This is an excellent chart and covers many of the 'shapes' you will find in PLO starting hands along with advise on how to play them with percentage variation so as to avoid giving too much information. You can see the chart here: PLO Starting Hands Chart Thinking of Omaha Planet we are planning a revamp of this site... it is currently 3rd in the queue after the Bonus Network site and Cool Casinos Club.

GL at the tables, Mark

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