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$16 Per Hour Blueprint – Course Member Questions – Part #1

When I launched the SNG Blueprint course I promised to address any questions here on my blog – since answering e-mails individually was not really practical. Here is a selection of the questions received so far. If anyone has any more then you are welcome to shoot me a mail and I’ll do my best to answer as many as possible.Before I start a little admin. First, there have been a small number of people who seem to be missing part #2 of the course. If you have not received this a week after part #1 then drop me a mail and I’ll send you a copy: … the mystery is that Part #3 seems to be going out fine! 

Second, a big 'thanks' to everyone who took the time to send positive feedback. This is genuinely appreciated and makes a lot of the time (and it took a considerable amount of time!) spent creating the course worthwhile.  Third, If you have no idea what we are talking about then check out the Blueprint Preview Page for more info.  

Ok, here are the first batch of questions:

Your Course Focuses On Full-Tables, Can The Same Blueprint Be Used For 6-Max Games??  While there is nothing to stop readers using many of the same principals for short-handed SNG tournaments I would actually recommend sticking with the 9 or 10 player games while you build a bankroll.  Key here is the ability to multi-table effectively. In 6-max games the blind pressure is greater (blinds come around faster), plus with fewer opponents this means you’ll need to open up your hand ranges (play more hands) to stay ahead. Since people know you can open pots lighter, their ranges for calling or 3-betting go down… meaning you have more post-flop decisions to make. This is great for good hand readers and those skilled enough to extract thin value from marginal spots. When we are playing the ‘percentage game’ of getting to the bubble and benefiting from opponents mistakes this setup is not so ideal.  My advice is to stick with the full-ring games, build your bankroll and then give the short-handed games a shot at some later time.  

Some Of Your Hand Ranges Do Not Mention Suits – Could You Please Add?  Can not recall which ones these were, though I do have a note of it. Planning to collect together all these type of requests for another month or so and then go back through the course to correct things…. Really including this question just to let you all know that I appreciate any feedback on small stuff and big stuff alike that can be used to fine tune the course later on. Suits are more important in wider ranges, and especially in multi-way pots with deep stacks during the early game where your flush might just win you a mountain of chips. 

I Keep Getting My Money In Good – But Someone Always Sucks Out – Can You Help?  Actually had 3 separate queries along this line, I can genuinely sympathize with these members too. Having said that, the answer is already in the question. If you are getting your money in good then there is no problem for me to solve, or question for me to answer. None at all. The only missing ingredient is time… if you are getting your money in while favorite over and over again then you will win, it is only a matter of riding out any short-term variance. Members of the course who are serious about building a big bankroll from poker need to understand that the game can feel brutal at times. By disassociating yourself from the short-term and ensuring you are making ‘good’ decisions over and over you will find your bankroll will inevitably grow. 

I Do Not Think The $16 Turbos At Pokerstars Are F-n Beatable!!?  This one seemed to be more of a rant than a question – it actually amused me a little… the wonders of being anonymous on the internet, eh?  It is worth addressing though, since other readers may be silently wondering the same thing. I’ll start with one of my favorite quotes, from Henry Ford (the source of many great quotes).  “Whether You Believe You Can Or Can Not Do Something, You Are Probably Right”  SNGs are beatable up to a much higher level than the $16’s with a little discipline and focus. Sure, you will find lot of regulars there, playing 12 tables at a time… nothing stopping you from waiting 10 minutes until they fill up their screens before joining the games. There are many recreational players at this level and many opportunities for the experienced and patient player to incrementally build their bankroll. If you genuinely believe that these low level games are unbeatable then you really need to work on changing your mindset before you play another hand of poker… it is not a matter of ‘will I be able to beat them’ only a matter of 'when will my experience and bankroll permit me to beat them'. 

Enough FAQ for one week… I’ll do another one as soon as there are 4 or 5 more questions to answer.  Once again, if you are not already signed up to the Blueprint course then why not!!

Use this link to check out the Preview Page now!

GL at the tables, Mark

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