Best Site For Double Or Nothing SNGs

Double or Nothing Sit N Goes Are Now Available On All The Major Poker Sites
This Detailed Comparison Will Show You Where To Find The Most Profitable Double-Up Sit And Go Games

There Are Big Differences In the Rake (Fees) And Average Skill Level Of Your Opponents Across Different Sites – This Guide Will Help You Find The Very Best Site For Double-Up Sit And Goes!

Over the past few years, Double Or Nothing Sit N Goes have gone from a new game to an established part of the line-up at the major online poker sites. In fact there are now variations on this theme in terms of table sizes, games offered and speed of the blind increases.

Before you jump in, you need to be aware that high-fees are a killer in these games. Since they are over quickly, and your profit is limited to double your buy-in, you will naturally get through a ton of games. What can seem like a small difference, say 20c per game, can quickly add up to $20, then $200 and so on… that’s real money that could have been in your pocket (well, your poker bankroll at least!

In addition, there are big differences in the average skill levels of your opponents at different sites. Some are home to hordes of small stakes ‘pro grinders’, while other sites have a more recreational / amateur feel. Once again, the effect of this is exaggerated for Double-up SNGs – since a couple of ‘fish’ at the bubble is all it takes to make sure everyone else safely makes the money.

The chart below shows you the fees for DoN Sit N Goes across the main sites. This is for the ‘Standard’ speed 10-handed games. You will often find Turbo and short-handed games have lower fees than this. Please note that PokerStars have Fifty50 Sit N Goes instead of standard double / nothing games – these pay half of the prize pool according to your chipstack when there are 5 players remaining.

Double Or Nothing and Fifty50 Rakes 
SNG Limits Titan Poker (€) Party Poker 888 Poker RedKings (€) Intertops Poker US Double Or Nothing PokerStars 50/50
$1 14c 15c 9c 20c 10c 11c
$2 28c 20c - - - -
$3 - - 20c 30c 21c 20c
$5 45c 30c 30c 50c 32c 32c
$10 90c 90c 57c €1 58c 69c
$20 €1.8c $1.8c 90c €2 85c -
$30 €2.7c - - €3 - $1.37c
$50 €4.5c $2.5c - €4 - $2.75c
$100 €6 $5 - €8 - $4.14c
$200 - - - €15 - $6.95c


- Party have 85c+15c, $2.62+38c, $5.50+50c, $31+$2, $51.50+$2.50, $102.50+$5.50 games
- 888 offer $2.50+25c games
- Intertops have $14.15+85c game

- PokerStars run Fifty50 games, with half the prize pool based on chip counts. Their games are rounded up, so $1.39+11c, $3.30+20c, $6.68+32c, $14.31+ 69c, $28.63+$1.37c, $57.25+$2.75c, $95.86 + $4.14 and $193.05+$6.95c

Best Site For Double Or Nothing Sit N Goes – Key Take-Away Info From The Chart

You should avoid any game where the fee is more than 10% of the buy-in. This is simply too high to maintain a profitable edge in the long run. Fortunately, it is mostly the lowest stakes games who have 15% to 20% fees. 888 Poker and Lock Poker both have 10% at the lowest level.

Fees for mid-stakes games are fairly uniform through the sites. Note that the 2 US-friendly sites included here both have lower fees. PokerStars Fifty50 games are particularly good value, with the 85c being the rake proportion of their $15 buy-in games (so, $14.15c + 85c).

Party Poker caught me by surprise for the higher end of the buy-ins, their $31+$2, $51.50+$2.50 and $105.50+$5.50 games are the cheapest at these levels. Again Carbon and Lock are good value, and PokerStars also have proportionally low fees (and are also more likely to see the higher buy-in games kicking off regularly!).

Best Double-Up Sit And Goes – My Picks Based On Rake, Fish And Rewards

Well, those are the cold hard facts – now to add in my opinion on balancing these rewards with the ‘toughness’ of opponents you will meet in the games. After all, the lower fee is not much use if you are sat in a game with 9 ‘grinders’ who know the math like the back of their hands…

The table below shows the reasons behind my picks for different categories of player. If you are still not sure, my advice is to follow the fish and make some easy profits while you try the different options!

Best Site For Double-Or-Nothing SNGs
US Poker Players
  • Very Soft Games, Cross Over Traffic from Sportsbook
  • 200% Match (Max $1K) + Excellent Promotions
  • Double-ups + Winner Take All + More
BetOnline Poker
Easy Poker Games
  • Soft Games Due To Cross Over From The 888 Casino Brand
  • 100% Matched Bonus Up To $400 + $88 Free Bonus (Terms Apply)
  • Softest Double-Or-Nothing Games Anywhere
888 Poker
Poker Grinders
  • Biggest Poker Site, Awesome Software + Huge Game Selection
  • 100% Welcome Match For 3 Deposits, Marketing Code = PSP3108
  • Fifty50 Games Are Perfect For Grinding

Best Double Or Nothing Sit And Go Tournament Site – My Picks In Detail (US Pick Below)

#1 888 Poker - In The Sweet Spot Between Volume and Soft Games

888 Poker Double or Nothing SNGsOne of ironies of online poker is that the sites with the softest games used to lack the volume of players to run Double or Nothing Sit N Goes often enough to make them worth seeking out.

For me, 888 are the site which hits the sweet spot between having enough games (they are now the 2nd largest poker site online) and them being soft / recreational in nature. Sure, you'll find a couple of grinders here - though on the whole 888 has a far more recreational vibe - especially when you compare it with the grinder-infested games at PokerStars. This is not exclusively for the Double-ups, all of the Sit N Goes are soft. The cross-over traffic from the larger casino and growing sorts betting parts of the site help to keep the games profitable too.

You can get $88 free bonus to try out the games (new accounts only, one per household, no deposit or credit card info needed). This starts with $8 in tokens (tournament and cash games) and then adds up to 10 more $8 installments as you collect points. You can still claim your 100% welcome bonus at any point down the line if you like what you see. 

I recommend 888 for DoN fans - and recommend you check out the profitable games while they last! See for yourself now!

#2 – Titan Poker - The Huge iPoker Network

Titan Double upsWhen you choose somewhere to play, traffic crossing over from sports betting brands (think William Hill, Betfair, Bet365 and so on) is what you'll want to see. The iPoker Network is a pool of players from the biggest sports betting brands, who are pooled together on a common back end with software created by PlayTech. This allows for a lot of games (including Double-ups) and keeps the tables soft with plenty of first time and recreational type players popping over to enjoy the poker. 

Titan, the biggest poker brand on this network have 3 things going for them when it comes to Double-or-Nothings. First there is enough volume available, you'll find a game at your buy-in without too much delay. Second the games are profitable for anyone who knows a little about strategy adjustments (there are plenty of inexperienced or just plain crazy players at the tables). Third, Titan offer players a solid package of rewards. This includes a 200% welcome bonus, tournament entries, their 'Titan Treasures' scheme, VIP club and (the best is last!) $20 extra free on top of your first deposit with bonus code SNGPLANET. This extra cash is placed direct to your player account within 48 hours (usually sooner). 

If you like the idea of taking advantage of those inexperienced sports bettors and building a big bankroll from the double ups, then check out Titan Poker for yourself now at - I also recommend you check out the 'Twister' games instead. 

#3 – BetOnline Poker - Super-Soft Double-ups for US Players!

US friendly site with double or nothing Sit N GoesBetOnline are primarily a sportsbetting site, though their poker room has been booming since they joined the Chico Network. There are plenty of casual players at the tables, which keeps the games very soft.

Double or Nothings are primarily at the lower buy-in levels (even the $11 games can take a while to fill, though the $5.50c games ar faster). You can choose from 6 or 10 player formats at a variety of speeds. These sit alongside standard and turbo SNGs, and some 4-handed winner takes all games too, which can make a refreshing change up. 

For me this site are the best option for US players at the moment, and with the recent growth in the Chico Network, things can only get better. Check out and see those soft double-or-nothing SNGs for youself now!

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