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Farewell Full Tilt – Memories of a Fantastic Poker Site

Let’s get beyond the ‘merging player pools’ corporate speak shall we? Full Tilt is closing down, players have accounts at PokerStars anyway, and another interesting chapter in the evolution of online poker comes to an end. Of course, someone could buy the software… who knows!

I’m a little saddened, having played a lot of games there at one point. This is something of a tribute post – though as you will see not all of the memories were good.

In no particular order, here is what I’ll remember about Full Tilt.

Online Qualifiers for Live Poker Events April May June 2016

I just finished up refreshing the 2016 WSOP qualifiers section here at SNG Planet, and noticed that there are a lot of other live events with online qualifiers at the moment. Instead of making individual pages for each (which tend to go out of date quickly), here is a blog post which gives and overview. There are some real gems around Europe. These include the WPT Amsterdam, Unibet Open Malta and Grand Poker tour Thessalonikki. Over in the US there is the World Series and WPT500 too.

Planet Marks Poker Predictions for 2016

I’m optimistic about the online poker industry as a whole this year. This post outlines some thoughts on this. Really a collection of separate bits and pieces gained from being ‘immersed’ in the industry on a day to day basis. It will be out there in the public domain, so if I am completely off of the mark you all get to laugh at me in a year’s time.

Books I Enjoyed in 2015

This might have been a brutal year in terms of business (see this post (spoiler – we came out on top!)), though that did not stop me enjoying a lot of books. My philosophy on reading is very simple. There is a huge source of wisdom, entertainment and actionable ideas out there in the written form…and I see it as my mission to go out and hunt for the gems.

OnGame Becomes the NYX Network

... and Announces a New Online Tournament Event for Xmas!

I have always liked OnGame. This network were pioneers in many ways, with the first mobile poker client and back in the day the first Mac download too. For whatever reasons they never quite broke through to the volume of players needed to really thrive – though the software is still great, games still soft and innovations like the Fishmarket and Grand Series of Poker kept things fresh.

How a Poker Player Learned to Appreciate Online Casinos

A guest post today (the first one ever if I am not mistaken!) from Nick of Chasing Jack fame. I thought this covered the issues of cognitive dissonance that stops many poker fans from enjoying house-edge games very nicely. By pure coincidence (maybe!) I am pleased to announce that Sit N Go Planet has just started what will become extensive coverage of Real Money Casinos