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A Rusty Return to the Sit and Go Tables

Lockdown has seen a spike in poker traffic. As hard as I tried to focus on business, the tables tempted me. It has been a while since I fired up a screen full of Sit N Goes. Considering how long it has been since I last played with an ICM calculator, I have not been doing too badly.

There are regs (I’m at Stars), though they are surprisingly mechanical. It feels like those instant button min-raises are super-easy to pick off for a mid-game boost.

Reason for this quick blog post was an entertaining $15 game. A chip and a chair really came into its own.

Saving Money in Las Vegas – The 80 / 20 Rule

Get 80% of the Savings with 20% of the Effort on Your Next Las Vegas Trip

This post started out as an idea to help friends and family save some cash for an upcoming Las Vegas birthday trip.

The idea is this: List the ‘quick wins’ for saving money in Vegas, the 20% of effort which will bring 80% of results.

You won’t find ways to save a dollar or two here. No ‘tips’ to bring your own packed lunches - get a coffee for 45c less by walking a couple of miles, or even where to find the very best blackjack rules. All that is covered elsewhere.

What Has NOT Changed for Online Poker in 2020 (and what I’d like to see)

Had the rare chance to play several poker sessions over the holiday season. While everyone else is blogging their retrospectives for the decade and predictions for 2020, I thought of a different angle.

Here are my top 5 things which have definitely NOT changed for online poker over the last few years. These are followed by 3 things I'd like to see to restore the online game to it's former glory (though I'm not holding my breath)

Las Vegas Trip Report Halloween 2019

It took me a couple of days to recover enough to write this report. I have been going to bed at a normal time since returning. The problem starts with waking, bolt upright, at 4am… and the days go downhill from there.

No complaints mind. This might be the 8th or 9th Las Vegas trip for Planet Erika and myself – and it was superb.

This time I made notes as we went. Simple bullets on a pad. Nothing too eventful on the trip over. It was an early flight, so we stayed in a hotel in Gatwick. Certainly beats a 4am taxi.

Las Vegas Trip Report March 2019

While there are some definite drawbacks to working for yourself. When it comes to flexibility, it can’t be beaten. Planet Erika and I got fed up with the drab Hungarian Winter, and took a last minute vacation – to our favourite place, Las Vegas.

With only a weeks notice, there was no time for major planning. Luckily Mlife and Caesars came though with comped hotels… and an off-season flight offer from BA capped the deal.

Here are the trip highlights.

Vegas Trip Report November 18

Fresh back from Las Vegas trip number 6. Here is a quick-fire report, with slots, shows, hotel and restaurant highlights.

No poker this time. Same reason as always. I go with the intention of enjoying a game, then walk past the poker rooms… In contrast to the lively atmosphere elsewhere, these places are grim. Full of exactly the types of people I don’t want to waste precious vacation time sitting with. Sure, the lower limit games are +ev in terms of money. For me they are hugely minus ev in terms of enjoyment. Maybe next time!

First, some thoughts on hotels.