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Retiring the Blueprint + Other Changes

I played a few sessions of (lower limit) SNGs this weekend. For the first time in a while… I’m happy to report that they are still beatable. Though at some sites (Stars!) the number of regulars in the games are getting out of hand.

That brings me to the $16 Per Hour Sit N Go Blueprint. It will be retired at the end of June.

More than 30,000 people have downloaded this course over the last 5 years. I genuinely believe I helped many of those to plug leaks and build their bankrolls in the one-table games.

As a basis, the advice there still works fine. These days, your edge in SNGs is way more focused on putting the regulars on ranges – more mathematical than ever. I’ll keep the content, putting the 4 parts up as articles instead. It will have the condition that it is a foundation – more than a solution – in 2018.

Other Site Changes

You might have seen the new header graphic and logo. These are just part of some shifts here at SNG Planet. I'll admit the site has been neglected, at least compared to the old schedule of a few new pages every week. New areas are taking my time. Who knew that the fitness niche would be so enjoyable!

Language Pages: It is just too much trouble to update all 6 languages. So, I’m stopping. The Russian, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish and Polish pages will not disappear. Instead I’m going through each one and removing stuff that it time-sensitive. The evergreen strategy basics will remain.

Casino and Slots: Before I hear the poker purists shout ‘but those are minus ev games!’ in unison… well, I know. They are also a lot of fun. Let’s be honest, paying a few cents on the dollar for a shot at a big win would make 80%+ of poker players (the ones that subsidise the grinders) better off.

New Sections at SNG PlanetI have two themes in the casino sections.

Online Casinos: Which are the reputable brands, which give fair bonus deals, and which work for US players. This section can be found here

Slots: There are some amazing games out there at the moment. These have really moved up a level since the days of lining up 3 bars or melons. I have broken this section down by software provider, with highlights / reviews of the best games. There is also a section on slot bonuses / free spins. This section is still in development. You can find the progress so far via this link.

These changes are already underway. I’m putting up new pages all the time and hope to have finished this task by the end of July.

Thanks to everyone that downloaded the Blueprint, and supported my site by joining poker sites through my links over the years.

I’m looking forward to a new, fresh outlook for this site – and hope that you’ll enjoy the new content.

GL at the tables,



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