World Series Of Poker Satellite Qualifiers 2016

The Most Comprehensive Guide To Online Satellites
To The WSOP 2016 Anywhere Online!

World Series Of Poker Online Qualifiers In 2016 - Las VegasWhat poker player does not dream of winning the World Series of Poker Main Event, going into the history books alongside greats like Hachem, Moneymaker and Hellmuth.

As we approach the 2016 series, there have never been more opportunities to qualify for the Main Event or a number of smaller 'side events' online. Instead of 'is there a way?' the new questions concern which are the easiest qualifiers, which offer best value for money – and what games are available for players in my country (especially for US based readers).

This guide will cut through the hype and competing offers and will show you the key choices, alongside unique comparisons and comprehensive reviews… and of course, I will give you my top picks too!

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World Series Of Poker Satellites 2016 – Information And Qualifiers Insight

This section answers common reader questions on qualifying for the WSOP 2016. I cover bankroll requirements, the different prize packages on offer, the different types of qualifier available and which games give you the best chance of landing that coveted prize package.

What Kind Of Bankroll Do I Need To Take A Shot At The World Series Qualifiers In 2016?

There are sub-qualifiers running at many sites, which means you can take a shot for just a couple of dollars. While $20 or $30 might give you a few tries in a bigger qualifiers, by starting with a little more money you do get to avoid the chaos of the lowest buy-in games. If you are serious about taking a shot then I’d set aside a couple of hundred, though if you have the cash available you can join the bigger qualifiers for between $215 and $700 and get a package on your very first game!

All Sites Offer 'Packages', Is There Much Difference Between Them?

Yes, the prize packages to Las Vegas 2016 differ substantially. These vary from buy-in only, which is $10,000, covering your main event buy-in and registration fee – through to $14k prizes. Some of the bigger packages include accommodation, money for flights and expenses and even social events or training from pro names before you get started. Make sure you read the terms and conditions for the package at the site you choose and make sure you know what is covered.

I should also note that there are 'specials' available at many sites which include side events, or even side-trips (for example to the Grand Canyon). I have collected the information on World Series side events in 2016 in this article.

What Kinds Of Satellite Qualifier Are Available?

Most sites offer you multi-table tournament qualifiers, usually in a variety of formats including rebuys, freezeouts and turbo speed variations. You will be able to qualify for the qualifiers too, with preliminary rounds starting from just a couple of dollars. Alternatives include SNGs, via Steps or Double Shootouts (two SNG tables, where the winners of the first play a second 'final' table). There are also some extreme variations including Hyper Turbos and Super-Turbos at some sites – you’ll need to know your all-in / fold math (or run well!) to win in those games!

You can find strategy guides for these different qualifiers on my Poker Satellites Main Page.

What Are The Dates For The 2016 World Series?

The 2016 Series starts on May 27th, with the Main Event (which has 3 'Day 1's' starting on the 5th of July). There are a total of 68 events, including many in the $1000 to $2500 range.

Come On Mark – What Site Do You Consider To Be Best For Qualifiers??

Not all the qualifiers are out just yet, so I have to reserve judgment for 2016 for the moment. Last year 888 Poker stood out for me with some of the easiest games anywhere and very generous packages – I am expecting great things from this site again, though will wait for Titan and Red Kings in particular to release their qualifiers before making the final choice!

For US readers ACR have already got qualifiers underway. Again based on last year I have high hopes of BetOnline Poker for 2016 – as soon as the schedule is released I'll come back and let you know!

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