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Halloween Cliche Post: 9 Scary Things You Do To Yourself At The Poker Tables!

Alright, it’s a cliché… though with Halloween everywhere around it is a great opportunity to remind you all of some scary habits which cost you money at the tables.

Of course, not everyone makes all of these scary mistakes. The way I look at things, you only need to correct one of them – and this post will have been a success.

Planet Corp Update October 2015

I’m going to give this post the theme of ‘wrong’… as in, things I got wrong. This year has been a rough one so far. Partly the industry, partly some decisions I made along the way. If you have not come across a Planet Corp Update before, this is the quarterly (approx.) post where I take you behind the scenes here at Planet HQ – and talk about the business side past, present and future.

The State of Double or Nothing Sit N Goes

Around 4 years ago, Double or Nothing Sit N Goes were causing quite a stir. These games were the latest idea, and recreational players were flocking to them. The quicker format and unique strategy (almost never call on the bubble, especially when there is a small stack around) was fresh and entertaining… Well, that was 4 years ago – and a lot has changed since then…

Online Poker Games in Euros

Red Kings (the best site on the OnGame Network) have made the move over to Euros. They are the 3rd poker site / network to do this (see below), and I do not think they will be the last.

With many of the bigger / publicly owned sites not having allowed players from the US for almost a decade (since the UIGEA in 2006), the use of USD as poker’s base currency was getting overdue for a change.

The immediate effects for Red Kings is to put the bonuses up a little.

5 Solid Reasons I No Longer Play at PokerStars (and recommend that you don’t either)

For years PokerStars has been the single biggest poker site. I have been recommending international readers to check out their games for as long as I can remember. In mid-2015 I stepped back and took another look at my reasoning. The conclusion is clear, PokerStars is not the best place to play for recreational players, it is certainly not the best place for new players and – unless you really need super high volume to eek out that profit – I no longer even believe it is the best place for semi-pros either.

Big Shift in 2015 US Poker Network Numbers

If there is one thing we can be sure of with the US offshore poker scene, it is that things will keep changing. The biggest change as we hit the middle of 2015 is that former leading network Merge has slipped down into 4th place – with the Chico Network the main beneficiary. This post shows you the rankings, and also gives a quick update of the latest news from each network.