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Online Poker Games in Euros

Red Kings (the best site on the OnGame Network) have made the move over to Euros. They are the 3rd poker site / network to do this (see below), and I do not think they will be the last.

With many of the bigger / publicly owned sites not having allowed players from the US for almost a decade (since the UIGEA in 2006), the use of USD as poker’s base currency was getting overdue for a change.

The immediate effects for Red Kings is to put the bonuses up a little.

Here is the comparison (along with my bonus code, just in case you need it!)

SNG250 – 100% match to €250 (was $250, which = €220 at todays rates)

SNG500 – 100% match to €500 (was $500, which = €440)

SNG1000 – 100% match to €1000 (was €1000, = €880)

Promotions to Go with the Dollar to Euro Switch

Tournament guarantees are also up by the same small proportion. Though for most of us the more interesting part of this switch are the promos which go with it.

What I like about the ‘Broadway Suit Club’ concept is that the bonuses are instant, in-play and do not rely on collecting 100’s of points. You’ll get a €5 instant bonus any time you are dealt Ace-King suited or Queen-Jack suited (minimum buy in 20NL).

This promo is running right now.

Red Kings Ongoing Promo

For new players at Red Kings, suited cards in the form of 2 red kings always had a good result. The first time you are dealt the king of hearts and diamonds together in a real money cash game you get an extra €300 bonus. This goes up to €500 if you lose the hand at showdown. You can play the hand softly to try and lose, though you can’t tell your opponents you have the hand as this could be considered as conclusion. I should also give the excellent Fishmarket a mention here, as well as the online / live tournament series 'Grand Series of Poker'. 

List of Online Poker Sites Working with Euros

OnGame are only the latest site to switch over. The first to make the move was the iPoker Network, which is now fully Euro denominated. This network is the (pooled) back end of many of the big US and European sportsbooks, and does contain a lot of amateur / first time players. You can find out more on this page

Next is the stand alone Unibet Poker. This site made a huge change by moving to a mobile and recreational player model (very effective one too!) and leaving the MicroGaming Network. See the results at

PokerStars should get a mention too, they are mostly still in dollars, though do have some cash game tables and SNGs in Euros.

Red Kings have been on my favourites list for many years. I recommend you check them out, using bonus code SNG250, 500 or 1000 for that first deposit match. The games may be in Euros, though you can still deposit in a huge range of currencies and start enjoying those famously good OnGame tables – check out for yourself now!

poker sites with games in Euros

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