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What Actually Makes A Poker Room “Best”?

I have favorite poker sites, you probably do too… I go to thinking what proportion of our decisions on where we play is from ‘objective analysis’ and what proportion due to familiarity, loyalty to our first site or even peer pressure. Not going to recommend any specific room in this post – just wanted to see if I can make one or two readers have a think about it.

Are You Kicking The Can??

I read a lot of economics and global finance type blogs (when not updating the network of poker sites!). One phrase which seems to come up again and again is ‘Kicking The Can Down The Road’, referring to putting off the really difficult decisions to another day / month / year.  It struck me that this phrase can also apply to us online poker fans, not in terms of avoiding problems… more in avoiding those important steps required to take your game to the next level. After all its easier just to play, right? It is simple to blame your lack of progress on a few suckouts at critical times than it is to analyze your own game for leaks… it is easier to sigh and fire up another set of SNGs than it is to make sure you did not miss any +ev ICM situations.

79 Potential Poker Leaks

Had the idea for this post while mindlessly pushing the trolley (cart) around the supermarket yesterday... It is all very easy to say 'you need to plug leaks in your game', the problem here is that newer players in particular might not actually know what kind of thing they are looking for. I have come up with a list of 79 possible poker leaks below, some are broad and others more detailed - it would be great to see a few more added by readers!