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Quicky Planet Corp Update

Just finished a re-writing marathon over at Omaha Planet, it has taken a solid week of focused 12 hour days… the good news is that it has been worth it. The site just needs some final technical tweaks – which will happen tomorrow – and then it can go up…The sense of urgency was brought on by some imminent organizational changes here at Planet HQ… in fact the changes include the fact that there will no longer be a ‘Planet HQ’ as such, instead the site(s) will be coordinated by me alone with the help of writers in the different languages. I’ll say a little more on this matter when things have settled into the new routine. While I am genuinely saddened to be breaking up the core team here of Anna, Laszlo and myself…

I am seeing the transition as a positive one and fully expect the quality of the network of sites to continue to improve. The main effect of the change will be a short term drop in the number of new projects, though hopefully this will be balanced by acquisitions rather than building new sites from scratch. So, I’ll announce tomorrow or Monday when we have the new Omaha Planet up – looking forward to showing this to you! Next week we are planning an upgrade of the Fish-o-Meter here at SNG Planet. At the moment it is a bit of an info-overload on the widget homepage. We will also freshen up some of the ugly 120*60 banners which appear after you do a search. Also in the plan is an upgrade of Rakeback Planet, this one is another in my ‘very much neglected’ category. It has grown fairly large in terms of pages over time, though is not really well organized… I never liked the header either (other than the chip) so that will go. Also planning on featuring some new rooms there for both US and Non-US players. That’s all for the moment… seems like a short post compared to the intensity of work going on – that’s what happens when you bury your head in freshening up PLO articles for a week!

GL at the tables, Mark

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