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A Milestone + Week Ahead

I love a milestone, you see, running poker websites full time is kind of, well, ongoing.... so a nice milestone or two gives you a chance to sit back and enjoy for a moment. We passed 2000 readers for the '$16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint' course over the weekend. Positive feedback continues to appear in my mailbox too, and with the current rates of new readers I'm hopefull we can beat 3000 by xmas...A couple of highlights for the week ahead to share with you.

 - We have the Romanian SNG Planet up to the latest version. This actually highlighted to me that we need a few more articles in RO - these are being written at the moment and will be added soon (maybe not this week, so I'll call this the 'week and a half ahead).

- Omaha Planet, I have a treat in store for PLO8 fans, an article by Cardrunners coach ' CampfireWest' who has just released a book on advanced PLO8 play. Will announce here when this one is up and also send out a newsletter to readers of this site. If you fancy trying PLO I have an eBook guide on the subject which is aimed at NL Holdem players making the transition to the Omaha tables... it is called 'Tune In, Bet Pot, Cash Out' (though I'm not sure what Omaha really has to do with Timothy Leary)... grab it at

- English SNG Planet articles, this week I'm having a big 'tidy up' session on the English articles, have done 50 or so already, updating reviews a little, sorting out old screen shots, changing information where things have moved on... hopefully worthwhile to keep the articles fresh, only around 200 to go! - Anna and Laszlo are working on the Bonus Network site still, hoping to relaunch this one next week - so will not go into any details here.

Finally, another plug for our Facebook group - come on over and join us, when there are updates to the planet sites you'll be the first to know, and I also post interesting articles on rival sites there too, as long as they add value to readers.

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GL at the tables, Mark

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