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What Is Double Holdem? My First Double Holdem Strategy Thoughts

Party Poker have introduced a new game – Double Holdem– and you know what? It is actually very good! In the name of service I had two sessions of he 6-max no-limit version yesterday (limit is also available). Here are my first impressions:Well, I should explain how it works a little first. Each player gets 3 hole cards, and after the flop you have to pick one ‘point card’ which goes with each of the others to make 2 possible starting hands… then you get all-in! Not quite that simple, though the low level games I played had some crazy players. Since PLO Rush is my ‘relaxation’ after a long day in the office I’m already familiar with draws being favorites over made hands… and for me it is the combo draws which have the edge in Double Holdem. In theory you could have a 10 outs to a straight and 9 to a flush at the same time (some overlaps, so be careful) – I need to get out my spreadsheets to check this though – so don’t quote me yet!

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There is also potential for additional timing tells. Since you have to choose your ‘point card’ before you act. I’m going to have to play some more to figure this one out, a quick choice is more likely to be a pair with no redraws, while a slow one might be a combo draw which needs some thought. As usual, the quick clicks are more likely to be real 'tells' since someone could be slow due to multitabling of multitasking. Another first impression is that there are plenty of point card errors being made. It feels natural to highlight your ace, though the ace in one of the hands still gives you the pair. For example the flop comes A-2-9 and you have 7-8-A… if you highlight the ace you have A-7 and A-8 to play, if you highlight the 8 you have A-8 and -7-8 giving extra backdoor straight possibilities… only a small error, however we all know that small margins are what big poker bankrolls are built on! Next step is to work out the odds and outs of common situations and have a look at pre-flop equity too. I also need to decide which of my sites to put the articles up on… there are many similarities to Omaha, so maybe this compliments Omaha Planet best – then again Killer Holdem is in need of an new angle. Ah well, will write some quality material first and then decide!

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