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A Few SNG Themed Links

Got a few links to share today. Should do more posts like this really, after all it is too easy to live within your own little website bubble. All of these are SNG themed, including a mobile tool created by a reader and 2 interesting 2+2 threads which I had lurking in my bookmarks.

A Big Head Start This Week With My Updated Fish-o-Meter

Yesterday morning I got fed up with waiting. In a way I ‘caught myself’ procrastinating, and over a long period of time. It started with black-Friday, then waiting to see if Full Tilt would return… and last waiting to see whether Carbon (Merge) would start allowing new US sign-ups again. In the end it all came to a head on a Sunday morning – and I spent all day updating my ‘Fish-O-Meter’ widget with the fishiest poker sites as of *now!*.

Short Week + My First Ever Bad Beat Story Post!

I’m going to break my 5-year long ‘no bad beat story’ blogging policy today with an amusing anecdote. I actually managed to lose a big pot with quad-aces against a straight flush!! It was in 8-game on Stars… The Stud hi-lo round (not my favorite game) with AA-A to start a 4-handed pot (down to 3 handed by 5th where I held AA-AQA) … both of my opponents seemed to be going low, well, they were in fact going low.

Mixed Bag Monday

All sorts of things on my list of things to do this week, and I thought I’d start off by getting some of them down in a blog post! This includes news of some new articles (as usual), a new way of approaching my to-do list and some news about WCOOP satellites, which are a great way to give your bankroll a boost whether you are playing in the events themselves or not. I’ll start with my to-do list.

Titan Introduce Steps + Writing Challenge Update

Having a funny old day, struggled with motivation until the early evening and now motoring away writing at 1000 words and hour… This post is to let you know about the new Steps Sit N Goes at Titan (+remind you of my free jackpot SNGs token offer for August) and to update on my 30k writing challenge – though words about the challenge will not count towards the total!

10 Memorable Festival Moments

Just getting back to work after a great time at the Sziget festival last week… I have been going to music festivals for a long time now… around 24 years since my first one alone and plenty before that as a kid being dragged around by parents! Had the idea yesterday to pull together 10 memorable moments from past festivals... so here goes...

Beating 80% Of Poker Opponents By Not Doing ‘Stupid Shit’

Having a day off from the music festival in town today and in the mood for some blogging. I will attempt to join up a short playing anecdote with a little inspiration from a non-poker blog which I randomly came across following links from Hacker News… and then tie both into a light hearted look into not doing stupid shit for poker players.