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Short Week + My First Ever Bad Beat Story Post!

I’m going to break my 5-year long ‘no bad beat story’ blogging policy today with an amusing anecdote. I actually managed to lose a big pot with quad-aces against a straight flush!! It was in 8-game on Stars… The Stud hi-lo round (not my favorite game) with AA-A to start a 4-handed pot (down to 3 handed by 5th where I held AA-AQA) … both of my opponents seemed to be going low, well, they were in fact going low.When the ‘You Lost Muck’ button appeared at the end of the hand it was a little surprising to be sure! My opponent had 3-4-5-6-7 clubs, and it would not be a good story if it were not made on the river…

I actually laughed, sat stunned for a few seconds, then simply switched off the games and went to play my other favorite evening game – which is creating top 10’s of youtube music videos. I’m still working on my top 10 moments from ‘Later With Joolz Holland’ and have now started my ‘Top 10 Glastonbury Moments’.

Happy with myself for not tilting / getting angry or anything like that… it made a nice story if nothing else!

Short Week. I’m flying to the UK tomorrow afternoon – just for a week. My smallest sister is having her engagement party and I’ll catch up with a lot of the family there. Originally this trip was to look for houses ahead of relocation, this plan was put on hold after the effects of Black Friday / Full Tilt on my business. I’m now reassessing, still hope to move on sooner rather than later – just want to be sure I am going to the right place and for the right reasons. I have been working over the weekend and will make sure I’m double productive today to make up for the lost time. The break will be welcome though…

Site Updates #1 - Speed Poker. Anyone missing Rush Poker? I know that I was... there is now an alternative out there (at least for non-US readers). This is called Speed Poker and works on the same pooled player principle. It is still in the early stages, which as I wrote in my review, is an opportunity for early adopters to get good before it takes off! A really nice simple interface too – read my Review Of Terminal Poker for more on this one.

Site Updates #2 - 45 Player SNGs Found my old article was out of date, being wholly based on Full Tilt. I decided to scrap it and start again, and ended up writing a 2,000+ word epic. Feel there is some really good stuff in this article for my core audience of beginner / intermediate players – you can read it here. That’s all for the moment, I have been working on the details of my plan for December to make a larger amount of money than ever. Again I am not sharing financials in public, however this will be a big challenge involving growing existing revenue streams and introducing a bunch of new ones too. I’m very determined not to miss my target though, and will share more on this when I have the luxury of more time to write a post on it.

GL at the tables, Mark

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