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Mixed Bag Monday

All sorts of things on my list of things to do this week, and I thought I’d start off by getting some of them down in a blog post! This includes news of some new articles (as usual), a new way of approaching my to-do list and some news about WCOOP satellites, which are a great way to give your bankroll a boost whether you are playing in the events themselves or not. I’ll start with my to-do list.Now, I have always been organized in that way. A 5-year plan breaks down into years, which break down into months and weeks… all the way down to a list of things to do on a daily basis. My trick with this list was always to make it just a little bit of a challenge, something worth feeling good about finishing, without being too overwhelming.

I’m allowed one exception per day, one task can be moved forward… if it is any more than one due to those pesky unknown unknowns – then I actually get annoyed with myself. In all those years in corporate management roles I never drove anybody as hard as I drive myself now… funny old world! New for a month or so was something inspired by one of Erika’s many courses, which are generally a little bit on the esoteric side for my tastes.

Anyway, somehow the idea of doing 5 things a day which move you towards your ultimate goal seemed like a good one (it came from a gentleman called Jack Canfield I believe). It is not that much different to before, my ‘to-dos’ were all leading me down the path of a master plan to earn a certain figure by the end of this year. What is different is that having 5 things instead of 15 or 20 smaller ones does focus the mind on those goals. Instead of ‘write 3 great articles for project ABC’ and ‘Contact Fred to sort out issue X’ I now have “move project ABC along by completing 3 articles, sorting out X with Fred + some other things…’. I can only do 5 each day, and each must bring me closer to an ultimate goal – so I’m focusing on that end goal from the moment I start working, instead of just focusing on the tasks.

More in the details than the work done – I’m going to try it for a month and see it makes a difference. New Articles I’m putting a lot up at the moment, many of these are in Russian and Hungarian (note to self, need to get those other language versions higher up the priority list!). Here is a good one in English I just put up today: How Does ICM Work Once The Bubble Bursts? It has a lot of information on what to think about when you are in the money in a standard 9 or 10 handed SNG too. Many more in my list this week, I have been putting a new game review up at **sold casino site**  each day too – starting to get fat n happy with articles over there, still work to be done though. Finally on this subject, I wrote / bought a lot of great material this month - I'm thinking that next month should be even bigger and better... will expand on this one later. WCOOP Satellites Week With the World Championship Of Online Poker (WCOOP) just a week away, Pokerstars have gone satellites crazy.

There are 100’s running, including nightly supersatellites with big guarantees (up to 1000 seats in some cases). Now, even if you are not planning on playing the events yourself, it is worth getting over to Stars and playing some of these games. The key reason is that the WCOOP attracts a lot of recreational / fun type players who are hoping for a big score (and why not, I’d do exactly the same in their shoes!). Many of them find their way into the satellites – making the games super-soft. Whether you choose to play the events, or unregister and take the tournament dollars for a lot of smaller tournaments is up to you! If you are new to the WCOOP then this is the biggest and best online tournament championship of the year and it rightly gets a lot of players excited.

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GL at the tables, Mark

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