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My 30,000 Word Weekly Writing Challenge!

I guess the words for this blog post will have to count towards my latest challenge – 30k good quality words written this week… writing about a writing challenge, that’s kind of meta-writing, right?Anyway, after a refreshing few days off last week I decided that I needed some more content for various projects. I also remembered that the one thing that I really enjoy about this business is explaining things – in writing.

The challenge is big enough to be tough, yet not overwhelming (though some friends who do not write might think so!). I still have to create the pages on websites and do a wide range of other tasks – so 10 hour+ days 6 days this week will be required… its going to be fun, not a hardship at all. A lot of these words will be for my new JV, a training site in Russian – we need some guides and strategy content as the ‘backbone’ of the site to support the video content. I started this yesterday and will do 2 or 3 a day for this in English, then arrange to have them re-written (not translated!) in Russian. I want this content to be unique and high-quality, so started experimenting in different formats to the standard reviews and strategy pieces you will find online. Not 100% sure what to do with the English versions yet, will find them a home somewhere! I’m also making myself available for a couple of guest posts / articles if anyone would like some.

This will be for decent sites only, my criteria here is that it is a positive for my brand and brings traffic in its own right – if you have a site or blog which needs some content then let me know. The rest of these words will be split between the various sites on my network – with at least one a day for SNG Planet, some new game reviews for Cool Casinos Club and a refresh for some of the satellite sites out there too. I’ll also be focusing on satire for my new blog, Economical Truth – want to get to 100 entries for this before publicizing, its great fun writing on global finance and economics at the moment. If you want to keep up to date then the good old fashioned social media is your best bet. You can join my Facebook Group or you can follow me on Twitter – I will follow back, though am very intolerant of spam there, well everywhere really! Right, better stop writing about writing and crack on with creating some content…

GL at the tables, Mark

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