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Five Sure Fire Signs That It is YOU Who is a Donk! LOL Donkaments

By Matthew "Yorkshire Pudding" Pitt

Hello? Is anyone here? Good. Then let’s begin. Hands up everyone who has ever banged their fists on the table in frustration as they are outdrawn and lose to some seemingly ridiculous two pair hand. Keep those hands up if you continually blame others for your lack of results. I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but you are probably a bigger donk than those players you are calling a donk.

For Crying Out Loud, Take a Shot Will You! LOL Donkaments

By Matthew "Yorkshire Pudding" Pitt

In many forms of life, poker included, you often have to speculate in order to accumulate. Putting it in simple poker terms for you fine people out there, you have to take the occasional shot at the big time if you want to make some serious money from this crazy game.

MTOPS + Golden Sit n Goes Back

I grabbed my free entry for the Full Tilt ‘Mini Turbo Online Poker Series’ (MTOPS) main event over the weekend… It is worth $15, and the tournament has a prize pool of a cool $500k. Add to this a week of ‘Golden Sit N Goes’ over at PokerStars and I might not be getting as much writing done as usual this week! Here is how both existing and new players can grab a slice of the pie…

Play Less - Profit More - A View From The Felt

By Rich 'Drarr' Hunt

(Quick note from Mark: I'm very pleased to be welcoming back one of the original writers here at SNG Planet today in the form of Rich 'Drarr' Hunt. Enjoy this alternative perspective on whether the quest for volume, volume and more volume might not be in your best interest after all! I'm looking forward to regular input from Rich, who has been involved in the game as a player, coach and writer for many years!).

Online Poker Festivals, A Love-Hate Relationship - LOL Donkaments

By Matthew 'Yorkshire Pudding' Pitt

It sometimes feels like a month does not go by without a major online poker tournament festival taking place. Acronyms such as SCOOP, TCOOP, WCOOP, FTOPS, MiniFTOPS and MTOPS seem to dominate online poker sites’ offerings to tournament players. I’ve getting FEDUP of seeing them.