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MTOPS + Golden Sit n Goes Back

I grabbed my free entry for the Full Tilt ‘Mini Turbo Online Poker Series’ (MTOPS) main event over the weekend… It is worth $15, and the tournament has a prize pool of a cool $500k. Add to this a week of ‘Golden Sit N Goes’ over at PokerStars and I might not be getting as much writing done as usual this week! Here is how both existing and new players can grab a slice of the pie…

Full Tilt MTOPS – Running Now, Ticket Package Worth $25 Up For Grabs

For those not familiar with the latest tourney event, this is small buy-in turbo and Rush tournaments in a wide range of formats and games. Buy-ins start at just 60c and only the main event ($15) breaks the $6 mark. Prize pools are big in proportion to the buy-in, which will give lots of micro-stakes players the opportunity to break through.

The ticket package is really designed to get affiliates promoting Full Tilt, and you’ll need to use a special link to get the deal (I have one for you below).

What you’ll get is a bunch of 55c+5c and $1+10c tickets just for downloading the software client, which multiply into more if you use them up. On top of this, if you deposit $30+ between now and te 26th October (this one is open to existing players) you will get a Main Event entry worth $15 and even more tickets on top… This event is going to be crazy, with $500k gtd and a field packed with people who will have got the token and may or may not have the smallest clue about poker tournament strategy! I’m planning on taking a couple of chances early on, either 3x my stack in the first 4 or 5 levels and make a go of it… or bust!

free $25 MFTOPS Ticket

Alright, here is the magic link, if you end up beating me heads-up at the end of the main event… well, please remember who sent you over!

Full Tilt MTOPS $25 Free Offer Link

Golden Sit n Goes Are Back At PokerStars

Same company, other side of their brand… PokerStars ‘Carnival of Tournaments’ (is that name odd, or is it just me?) started yesterday. There are several parts to this – all of which should appeal to SNG Planet readers, though especially the Golden Sit n Goes.

-          Daily ‘Bigs’ have a massive increase in their prize pools… and I mean massive. $2,000,000 sound big enough? This is the increase in guarantees (up to 3x prize pools, same price) and there is another $100k in bubble prizes.

-          A $1,000,000 event with a $109 buy-in… I understand this is expensive for many readers, so you’ll be pleased to hear there are a ton of satellite qualifiers too.

-          Golden Sit n Goes: $500,000 randomly added the prize pool of Sit N Goes until the 19th. This system has been used before and worked out great, games are randomly selected as they start and have 2x, 3x or 5x the prize pool… now, how would that affect your bubble play? (hint: Math-wise no difference, you’ll be rooting for your hand to hold up 5x more though!).

For me the Golden SNGs are a brilliant idea, there will be one every 3 minutes on average, so if you play any sort of volume at all, then you have a great chance of hitting one.

If you are new to PokerStars, then you can jump into the Carnival right away. I genuinely appreciate readers using my PokerStars Marketing Code on registration, which is PSP3108 - find out more at

GL at the golden Sit N Go tables,


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