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Quick General Update From The World Of Poker

Wanted to update readers on some significant happenings in the world of poker, without becoming just another one of the 1000’s of ‘clones’ re-writing each others poker news! So, I’ll summarize in one post all the recent happenings, and clear the way for a more cheerful ‘look-ahead’ post tomorrow focusing on events in May.

View From The Tables - Playing Poker Recreationally

Another 'View From The Tables' article as promised yesterday. This one is from Oliver from Germany. The article covers some important areas for many players who only play poker a few times a week, and want to maximize their profits and improve their games. I really enjoyed this article which puts a fresh perspective on some of the constraints faced every day in a bid to balance life and poker. I made only a very small number of edits, which is a credit to Oliver - since English is his second language. If you would like to contribute an article then let me know!