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Quick Planet Corp Update / Misc Post

Sending out the monthly newsletter a little early today, for two great reasons! Firstly, there are some articles which are a little time sensitive.

If you are one of the 100’s of people undertaking a Supernova Elite Chase this year then there is no time to lose in getting started. My article on getting to Supernova Elite via SNGs explains all… and the UB championship UBOC 6 is about to get started too.

It’s the second reason I like… the first attempt of running the Planet network on the road is about to begin! Today I fly to Thailand for a month of (mostly) island hopping. I have been three times before for long trips, this is my first time in 5 years though… too long really, as this is my favorite country (though there are many I like!). 

Anyway, the plan is to average 2 hours each day writing and uploading blog posts / articles and guides. I am really motivated to make this seamless for readers, to keep up with mails / admin and to keep my (large) portfolio of sites up to date and interesting while away… At the same time I want to relax, dive, drink Chang beers, eat fantastic food and enjoy the Thai hospitality… will be interesting to see how the balance works out!  If you would like to join our monthly newsletter, then simply grab your free copy of the $16 per hour SNG Blueprint course…

For more instant updates you are more than welcome to join our Facebook group too

GL at the tables, Mark

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