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Motivation, Intelligence, Reliability and Poker

Still on vacation while writing this… this post was inspired by a conversation with a software development manager on a live-aboard dive boat on the great barrier reef. We discussed ideal employees, with a corporate slant, with the conclusion that smart, motivated and reliable people were the best… though in real life you usually have to settle for any 2 of these qualities. This got me thinking about whether this same idea could be related to online poker.

The Poker Tables Beginners See Vs The Poker Tables Grinders See

This post is aimed at those readers who are newer to online poker. It is meant as a wake-up call that the game might not be what you think it is… Not in any sinister or corrupt way, as what I am about to show you is completely legal and tailored to be approved by each poker site’s guidelines. However if you do not know just how much of an edge semi-pro ‘grinders’ have over you, then you need to take some notice.

Where Do SNGs Stop And MTTs Start?

Here is a question which comes up a lot… what is the difference between Multi-Table SNGs and MTTs? Where is the dividing line when it comes to strategy? Is a 180 SNG at Pokerstars more like a SNG or and MTT in play? Like everything in poker, the answer is, ‘It depends!’ – so this post will have a look into these questions and figure out what it depends on.

Stop Showing Those Hands!

Light hearted, yet deadly serious – the new healthy blog post type from Planet Mark. Well, ok, that’s a little over the top… I did have a serious message for those readers who are relatively new to poker here. This might be better asked as a question: What are you trying to achieve when you show me your hand in a poker game?

A Mixed Bag Of Thoughts On Full Tilt Poker’s Return

There is a buzz online at the moment as people start to become aware that the return of Full Tilt Poker is imminent. It could be as soon as next month… and hopefully before the 1 year anniversary of Black Friday in April! This post is a collection of my thoughts on various themes relating to this return. Covering: Whether players will flock back, Whether Full Tilt will continue rakeback, US Players getting their money back from the DoJ and what could a year of improving the software have in store for us.

Biggest iPoker Sign-Up Bonus Yet!

Nothing keeps the winter chills away better than having a new exclusive offer for SNG Planet readers… I have actually been waiting to announce this one, and now the 1st of Feb is here… this new biggest iPoker Sign-Up Bonus yet at Titan Poker an be unleashed! This is a Jackpot SNG token + $20 free cash + 200% matched bonus for new depositors.

Holiday Countdown + On Fire With Writing And Updates

In just over a week I’m leaving the cold and grey of Budapest to go on my winter holiday… going first to Thailand to visit my dad and his new wife, then on to Australia to catch my Brother. Should be an epic month, I’m particularly looking forward to brushing up my rusty diving skills in Thailand – then getting out to the Great Barrier Reef to use them to their full extent! Anyway, back to SNG Planet – and I have 30 odd updates and new pieces to tell you about…

Lets Hear It For Recreational Players!

I’m going to climb my soap-box, and shout the virtues of recreational poker players today. It is about time that someone did. I have nothing against ‘grinders and pros’ (or of course beginners). It is just that the ‘recreationals’ make up a big chunk of players online, and contribute a lot to the poker economy without ever being heard – and, well, I’m in a shouting mood.