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Holiday Countdown + On Fire With Writing And Updates

In just over a week I’m leaving the cold and grey of Budapest to go on my winter holiday… going first to Thailand to visit my dad and his new wife, then on to Australia to catch my Brother. Should be an epic month, I’m particularly looking forward to brushing up my rusty diving skills in Thailand – then getting out to the Great Barrier Reef to use them to their full extent! Anyway, back to SNG Planet – and I have 30 odd updates and new pieces to tell you about…Seems no end to my motivation at the moment, no article is good enough not to warrant at least a brush up. No review complete until I have been though the site one more time and… well, even 9 months later there is still the odd Full Tilt advert lurking which needs to be replaced. -    A quick side note on the Polish and French versions of SNG Planet, these are embarrassingly out of date. They are in plan and I hope to get them both completely refreshed in the first half of this year… then and only then I will move onto the new language versions I’m itching to get created.

Updates: There are too many to list individually, so I’ll just summarize some of the bigger changes put in place this month – working backwards from my epic Sunday updating session today.

Poker Tournament FAQ: This is for readers who are completely new to poker tournaments, replacing a very scrappy sub-main of the same name. This is detailed (more than 2000 words) and I made an effort with the tone too – just because someone is new to tournaments does not make them dumb!!

PLO Tournament Strategy: A new one… the basics of approaching a PLO tournaments and the key differences from NL Holdem. This is aimed at beginning to intermediate players and covers topics including the close starting hand values and how pot-limit betting relates to the odds you give your opponents on a call.

Pro Poker Strategy Insights: Several of these needed a brush up, including Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth and Annette Obrestadt (parts 1 and 2). Ivey was completed a couple of weeks ago and Moorman / Sklansky are on my list for next week. You can find the list on the poker tournaments main page bottom left.

MTT Basics: I went through a bunch of the basics articles, increasing the font size (must do that for this blog soon too!) and refreshing the content / links. This includes Online Poker Tells, MTT Bankroll Management, Tournament Starting Hands, Suited Connectors and Final Table Strategy... again you can find the list on the tournament main page. Starting to see what I meant by ‘on fire’ now??!?

Reviews: I already completed the main sites new 2012 reviews, giving these a new format with a high level summary at the top and a ton of detail segmented into sections to cover different players tastes. You can see these all listed in my Poker Sites main page – check out Pokerstars 2012 Review to see the new format.

SNG Reviews: Only half way through these at the moment with the main sites covered. These are unique to SNG Planet and let you compare the SNG offerings at different sites in detailed review format. Think that’s a lot? Haha, think again, I have a new article on Limping in MTTs, refreshed Knockout Tournament Strategy guide, changes to the SNG Bonuses and Best Site for Poker Tournaments articles… and, as they say on the internet, much much more. Right, best stop blogging and get on with those updates!

GL at the tables, Mark

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