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Where Do SNGs Stop And MTTs Start?

Here is a question which comes up a lot… what is the difference between Multi-Table SNGs and MTTs? Where is the dividing line when it comes to strategy? Is a 180 SNG at Pokerstars more like a SNG or and MTT in play? Like everything in poker, the answer is, ‘It depends!’ – so this post will have a look into these questions and figure out what it depends on.I’ll start with some definitions of those pesky acronyms… SNG: This stands for Sit and Go tournament. Using the broad definition, this could be of any size ranging from 2 players to 100’s. The key factor here is that these tournaments do not have a scheduled starting time, and that they start as soon as the required number of people join. The number of players is therefore fixed in advance. STT: This is for ‘Single Table Tournament’ and is what most people really mean when they are referring to a SNG! These games could be of any size up to 10 handed, though usually refer to 6 or 9 handed games. MTT: This acronym stands for Multi-Table Tournament, it refers to those online poker tournaments which have a scheduled start time. The key difference with SNGs is that MTT games run whether there are 10 or 10,000 players (some have minimums and capped fields). You will find a huge section on MTT Strategy here at SNG Planet.

Bigger SNGs and Smaller MTTs – How Similar Are They?

For me, the separator comes at 90 Player SNG Games. At this point you are playing a mini-poker tournament, rather than a distinctive game. Sure, 1-table, 2-table and 5-table games have their different stages and strategy considerations. In fact all can be very profitable for those who choose to specialize. When you hit 90 players you can not afford to nit it up with the plan of letting your superior push / fold skills make you a profit. You need to play the different stages, identify and exploit the weakness of your opponents and be fully aware of how the stack size dynamic changes decisions throughout the game. When you hit the last 2 tables in a 90 you’ll need to play short-handed, be bubble aware – and you’ll need to spot and adapt to final table considerations, such as spotting who is going for 1st and who is trying to climb the payouts. At 180 players the SNGs are 100% small tournaments. These are a great way of building both your experience and your poker bankroll. After a few late finishes in these games you will be far better prepared for that big money final table when it comes along too!

SNGs and MTTs – Conclusion And Next Steps

The real distinction is with the fixed starting time for MTTs vs start when enough players join for SNGs. The bigger sit n go tournaments do play more like mini-tournaments, and this can be to your advantage in terms of gaining experience on a smaller scale before going for the bigger tournaments! If you have not yet discovered the Pokerstars 180 SNGs then I strongly recommend these games as a great place to grow your bankroll and experience at the same time. New players can claim up to 3 welcome bonuses, up to $600 total. Use Pokerstars Marketing Code PSP3108 when you register your account – click now to take advantage of those 180 SNGs at!


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