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My Collapsed Lung

A change from the usual gambling content today, instead I’ll share my story of the last 11 days. This tale involves a collapsed lung, intensive care, ham rolls, being attached to hospital beds by various machines and ultimately surgery. I am writing it partly for self-therapy, partly as somewhere to point people with too many pesky questions and partly just for the sake of the story itself. If you are here for the poker then hold steady, I’m back in action and will have some fresh content for you very soon.

Poker Strategy: Too Much Too Soon?

With so much information on poker strategy available these days, I got to thinking about whether many players are even taking the time to build the foundations of their game anymore. This reminded me of a time (quite a few years ago now!) when I first took up the bass guitar, and some misguided advice from a well-intentioned musician friend…

WSOP Challenge 2013 - Fourth Installment

I’m not sure that I can really call this ‘Mark and Greg’s World Series Satellite Challenge’ any more… since Greg has been the only one in action for a 3rd week in a row. For new readers, the idea behind this challenge was to hit the online WSOP qualifiers at different sites and see who could get closest to winning a trip to Vegas and seat in the Main Event. There are now 4 posts (the original challenge + 3 updates) you will find links to them all at the bottom of this post.

iGaming Supershow Wrap

Something confuses me about the Dutch. Now, I love the country and have spent a lot of time there over the years… great people, top hospitality and easy to get around and all that… My issue is with the music – specifically the tunes played in bars and restaurants in major cities.