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WSOP Challenge 2013 - Fourth Installment

World Series Of PokerI’m not sure that I can really call this ‘Mark and Greg’s World Series Satellite Challenge’ any more… since Greg has been the only one in action for a 3rd week in a row. For new readers, the idea behind this challenge was to hit the online WSOP qualifiers at different sites and see who could get closest to winning a trip to Vegas and seat in the Main Event. There are now 4 posts (the original challenge + 3 updates) you will find links to them all at the bottom of this post.

Fortunately, Greg has been on a great run and given me plenty to write about this week, phew.

Now, by the time you read this I will be back in my native UK enjoying my sister’s wedding, meaning the chances of me playing any more poker games before the end of this month are close to zero. My proposal is this… first to graciously admit defeat in the challenge (and buy the beers!). Second, that the remaining bankroll (I used around $25 of my allotted $500) will be rolled over for future qualifiers… maybe to a game closer to home!

Greg’s Update On The World Series Satellites

Balance Remaining $350

Tokens / Tickets Remaining: $27 Step2

We left off last time with Greg just having won a seat in a $109 qualifier at PokerStars… here is the result of that game.

121 players started, with 17 seats to the $700 qualifier up for grabs and $200 to the 18th placed player. This was a turbo game, with 5 minute levels and just 1500 starting chips. Greg reported an easy field, seemingly having the intent to give away their chips! He won a seat, bursting the bubble with a pot-odds BVB call with J4 suited (love it!). The highlight of this game was knocking out a Hungarian Pro (Greg is also Hungarian, so a sweet KO!) ‘Slyders1’ who has some serious SCOOP form!

 WSOP 2013 Satellite - $109 - Slyders1 

This lead to the single biggest buy-in tournament Greg has played to date – the $700 Supersatellite.

This kicked off right away and had 101 players with 5 prize packages (Passport) guaranteed, with 6th to 9th paying $1400 and $555 for 10th. 3000 chips this time and a slow 15 minute clock on the blind levels.

Things started well, with a lot of stealing from overly tight opponents (thanks to some solid advice from our Russian colleague Vladimir!). Some nice laydowns and big pots later saw Greg progressing well… until an unfortunate turn of events with 43 remaining. After re-raising an early position raiser pre and getting the rest in on a ragged low flop with KK, Greg was momentarily delighted to see his opponent held Ace-King… unfortunately and Ace hit the turn, agony.

   WSOP 2013 Challenge At Pokerstars - $700 - Out   

I’m sure we have all been there with this one (probably on both sides!), still a painful way to end a great satellites run though. I have told Greg he should get right back into the action and see if he can repeat next weekend… he still has a Step 2 ticket in the bag, so you never know!

GL At The Tables, Mark

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