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New Sunday Major – And A Round Up Of The Old Ones Post-FTP!

Time for a quick round-up of the Sunday Majors. I was planning on news of the new one Stars just introduced (the Sunday Cubed) – then thought that with all the changes lately it would not hurt to take a closer look at what is happening with the big Sunday tournaments in general, including times and buy-ins etc… and what our choices are without the Brawl, Mulligan and $750k Gtd on Full Tilt.

How To Get To Next Year’s Main Event – Make $12k, Slowly!

Woke up this morning thinking about an article I wrote a couple of years ago. It contained either 5 or 10 ways to get to next years WSOP main event… by focusing on making $1k a month for the next year. Well, I can not find it – and Google has no idea what I am looking for either. So, here we go again!

5 Ways To Spot Regulars In SNG Poker Games

Here is a post I have been meaning to write for some time. Many guides and articles (including mine!) will tell you that avoiding regulars, also called ‘regs’, at the poker tables is a good thing. After all, why play the solid and (possibly) winning multi-tablers when there are so many tables with novice / occasional or just plain bad players at them! So, here we go with 5 ways to spot regulars in different sized SNG poker games.